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Celebrate Yourself

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 18, 2013

...trying to shoot positive energy into the world can reap many beneficial rewards.

Other people’s opinions and influence can make or break our success, if you allow it. And I’m not only referring to our financial lives. They can determine the outcomes of our marriages, careers, and friendships. The trick, I’ve learned, through lots of trial-and-error is to walk away from those who aren’t of genuine quality. It isn’t always easy to do, especially if the ones you’re saying “goodbye” to you’ve known a long time, are related to, even happen to love. Many bend over... (more)

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Live Long And Prosper, Indeed!

By Risa Peris, published on May 14, 2009

I always considered space to be the only frontier and not the last. For this reason, I gleefully soaked up every space or alien TV show (rather than Westerns) that shot its cathode rays across the living room. I was born in the mid-70's, which put me in the middle of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine and Voyager would come later but by the time they splashed across my TV screen I was mind deep in the X-Files.

I was always excited by the star hopping, planet busting, warp speed pushing and incredible manipulation of time fare that Star Trek offered up. Star... (more)

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