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OKC fans pull for Dallas without knowing it?

By BusinessLife, published on May 23, 2011 be cheering for whom.

That's because the t-shirts worn by almost every fan at the game were blue.

But the color wasn't just any blue. From TV screens at local sports bars to homes all across the U.S., the blue t-shirts that read, "Thunder Pride" actually matched the blue basketball jerseys worn by the opposing team, the Dallas Mavericks.

Typically, during the semi-finals, those who attend the game often receive free items such as rally towels or, in this case t-shirts to fill the visual scene with nothing but home team colors.

This continues to be a... (more)

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NCAA: Charlie Sheen screwed up 2011 Tournament Picks

By SanityCheck2, published on Mar 16, 2011

...Drug use, his patronization of hookers and his penchant for partying with porn stars wasn’t the envy of heterosexual males the world over, the NCAA publicly announced that Sheen “in all probability” was behind the simply abysmal tournament selections made by the NCAA 2011 Men’s basketball Tournament Selection Committee. Reeling from the well deserved criticism and in what many believe is the closest thing the NCAA is ever going to offer as an explanation, Sheen’s involvement was leaked to the media by an unnamed NCAA gopher (probably the Athletic Director at a state college) ... (more)

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Don't Get Crazy People

By Deborah Horton, published on Jan 7, 2011

The Heat and Magic have amassed 7 game win streaks and people are going off the deep end. They are the greatest ever. Their teams can't lose. No one can stop these teams. Don't get crazy people.

The Heat took a long time to gel and finally start trying to play like a team, but the 7 game win streak says more about what they are not than what they are. They have beaten 2 top tier teams - well 1 top tier team and 1 team that appears top tier but it's really not. The Lakers and the Knicks. The Lakers are a top tier team but have struggled of late and the Heat got them on the down... (more)

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Turning Up The Heat

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 9, 2010

Just a week or so ago, a lot of the sports media talking heads were putting the Heat on ice and had Coach Spoelstra shipped off to Siberia. What a difference a week makes, or at least 5 games.

The Heat have won their last 5 games and are seemingly on a roll. They are now 5th in the Eastern Conference and have a record of 14 and 8. They are 4 and 1 in their division. Over their last 10 games they are 6 and 4. It all sounds like things are moving in the right direction, but in reality the team still has flaws.

Let's look at who they have played the last few games - They won... (more)

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Notes From A Knick Fan

By OcieClelland, published on Nov 14, 2010

Okay, so we are about three weeks into the NBA’s regular season and as of the time I posted this blog, New York City’s most beloved basketball team, the Knicks are 3-6. I can’t speak for everyone in New York City, but I am already wondering, are we headed for another disastrous season? Well, in all honesty, it’s too early to tell. Nine games are not nearly enough to base a whole season on. It does, however tell me a little something. As a fan of the New York Knicks for as long as I can remember, I am seeing some things that are definitely repeating themselves. Let me be honest. I have... (more)

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In the NBA Less is More

By Jared Boggs, published on Nov 9, 2010

The other night I had the unfortunate experience of watching a Minnesota Timberwolves games. Needless to say it was a gut wrenching experience. I'm sure the T-Wolves front office will tell you that they are in rebuilding mode and are slowly developing a young core of players into a contending team. While that is great PR spin for the fans, the truth of the matter is Minnesota is a bad team that will continue to be a bad team for several years and the league would be better off without them.

The current NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at the end of this season and rumors... (more)

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NBA Season So Far

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 8, 2010

...Mo off the injury list. The Celtics are quite possibly the best all around team in the game. They can do it all. Scoring, defense, and oh yes, the assists. Rajon Rondo has been ridiculous so far this season with assists and the Celtics are on fire. They are playing championship caliber basketball and we are only 7 games in. The Magic keep on doing their thing with Howard leading the way. They just go about their business without the hype. The Magic have one superstar and then a lot of contributing players who do their part every night. It takes a team to win in basketball.... (more)

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Commercial Success?

By Jared Boggs, published on Oct 27, 2010

... go on with their career. James does neither of those. Instead he told Cleveland to get over it. Instead he retweeted hateful messages he received in order to show us how difficult his life has been since taking his talents to South Beach.

For a guy making millions of dollars to play basketball in Miami, its difficult to have sympathy for him. What we want to see is the best basketball player in the world act humble. How hard is it to apologize to all the Cleveland fans who were loyal to you for all those years and say you wish you had handled your departure from the Cavs with a... (more)

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Why Cleveland Can't Just Move On

By Jack Bates, published on Aug 17, 2010

...Ohio should move on" completely captures the "outsider" view of the "LeBrondyssey" of this summer's NBA free agncy. The author titles the article,"LeBron is gone, Ohio should move on" , but ends with, "I learned a hard lesson years ago in the employment world — and let's not forget that basketball is about business and that James is employed by it — business is business. It's not personal." That is where she has mixed up two distinctly different issues, like oil and vinigar. She did a good job mixing in the middle but in the end, just like oil and vinigar mix, the issues separate.... (more)

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LeBron is gone, Ohio should move on

By Katherine Cobb, published on Aug 8, 2010

... kicked things off with a statement that told fans, "You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal" and "You have given so much and deserve so much more."

Do they really? Why do they deserve more? Didn't Cavaliers fans, of their own free will, show up and see some really great basketball these past seven years? Weren't they more than compensated for the price of their ticket to see a real basketball superstar, a guy who was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2003-04, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2008-09 and 2009-10, and has been both All-NBA and an All-Star every season since ... (more)

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