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Terrorist Wait List

By mattjosh, published on Feb 23, 2007

I'm attempting to check in at the Los Angeles International Airport, at an electronic self check-in kiosk with Alaska Airlines. After having to start over a couple of times because of the conspiracy launched upon me by Travelocity and my printer to cut off the last and most important third of my confirmation e-mail, I finally find my flight on the system and swipe my passport. But then, as I think it's all over, instead of printing out a boarding pass, the screen reveals a message in big, red letters: "WE'RE SORRY, BUT WE ARE UNABLE TO CHECK YOU IN AT THIS TIME BECAUSE YOU ARE A TERRORIST."... (more)

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Graceful Offenses: Knowing One's Place in the Workplace

By mattjosh, published on Feb 7, 2007

Having lunch with a coworker is a fine way to expand upon a functional working relationship, possibly even bridging one into a full blown friendship. Inevitably, people expose more of themselves when outside the workplace, even if only on a lunch break. This can be interesting, and even exciting, to learn about the disparate backgrounds that produced these people beside whom you now find yourself sitting. But where is the line? When does a coworker become a friend, and why is it so hard to abort those attempted friendships that go horribly awry? Most of these people are folks you never would... (more)

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East Mates West in Central Pasadena

By mattjosh, published on Jan 29, 2007

The cleverly named Thaitalian restaurant is a fascinating new fusion endeavor in Old Pasadena. On Colorado Blvd, just East of Fair Oaks, you'll find a sparkling little orange and green patio at the front of the self described "cooking duet" of, yes, Thai and Italian food. At precisely noon on a Friday, the modest dining room was just about full, but not crowded, with about 12 of their approximately 15 tables occupied, plus the bar, where a very impressive wine cooler was erected against the back wall. My party of 3 was seated within a minute of entering, and our drink order taken immediately... (more)

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In Desperate Move, Pfizer Uses Sex To Sell Drugs

By mattjosh, published on Jan 24, 2007

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical behemoth behind such name brand medications as Lipitor, Zoloft, and Viagra is facing hard times ahead as the patents on these popular pills progressively peter out over the next few years. Zoloft, a common anti-depressant, has expired already, and Lipitor, which has brought in nearly $13 billion last year year alone, making it the best-selling drug ever, is set to lose its patent in 2011. In an effort to brace itself for these losses, Pfizer is eliminating 10,000 jobs, about 10% of their workforce, both here and abroad, over the next two years. Additionally, they... (more)

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O Chrome, Thou Art Sick!

By mattjosh, published on Jan 22, 2007

I just recently bought a used car. Being a conscientious, and maybe even paranoid, consumer, I thoroughly checked under the hood for dryness on the various belts and hoses, took detailed notes when the seller informed me of the repair history, and listened attentively for strange noises as I test drove it on a variety of roads. I even gave the tires a good kick, just to be sure. There were four things I did not check. Four pillars upon which the entire car's utility rests. But what could possibly be wrong with the wheels? My otherwise immaculate 1998 Nissan Maxima (you know, the white one... (more)


Movie Review: Pan's Labyrinth

By mattjosh, published on Jan 10, 2007

Going into this movie, I had no idea how much of the director's work I had already seen. His name is Guillermo del Toro and, in his relatively sparse career, he has made several notable films including Mimic, The Devil's Backbone, Blade II, and Hellboy. Clearly, "notable" does not always mean "good," but such a memorable CV is impressive nonetheless. In fact, those are the only films he has made in the past 10 years and I'm willing to bet you've all heard of at least three of them. Not a bad feat for a foreign-born-and-raised director who was virtually unknown before then. Whether or not you've... (more)

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Winter Warmth May Cook Icewine Crop

By mattjosh, published on Jan 4, 2007

Canadian law states that grapes must be harvested and pressed at temperatures of less than -8C to be considered icewine, with similar standards in the States. This hard freeze results in a more concentrated juice, which then results in a sweet, golden elixir served with desert. Typically icewine regions in North America see these temperatures around Christmas. The trouble is that if the grapes hang for too long on the vine, they begin to shrink and rot. So far, it seems only Jost Vineyards of Nova Scotia, one winery of dozens afflicted by the unseasonal warmth, has seen temperatures cold... (more)


Sirens Ease LA into Yet Another New Year

By mattjosh, published on Jan 3, 2007

A few nights ago, Los Angeles heralded in a New Year in typical urban fashion. I’m sure there were side-street fireworks in some neighborhoods. I’m sure that there was at least one champagne flute broken by an errant chunk of cork-based shrapnel. I’m even sure that someone shared that special midnight kiss with a complete stranger (if you’re reading this, Girl-in-the-black-dress, write me?). But for me, it wasn’t a new year until several hours after the ball had dropped on our pre-recorded, PST-friendly Times Square footage. Not until my twenty-minute drive home crossed the paths... (more)

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