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Not Voting Sucks!

By Lumiere, published on Nov 4, 2008

Stumbling out of bed with one eye open at 5:30 am in the morning to cast my vote at the polling station is not convenient, but I still smirk at my hope for a new President anda brighterfuture for America. My motivation to cast my voteis not only because I am a minority who knows voting is a privilege but that Election Day always has me feelinga bit sentimental about an American tradition somepeople take for granted. Several people over thepast fewmonthshave complained to meabout the state of our countries affairs butthey have reluctantly decided not to vote in this presidential election.They... (more)

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Picking A President: Issues Candidates Are Ignoring

By Lumiere, published on Oct 10, 2008

Some people will go to the polls and vote a straight party ticket. I like variety, andknowing that although my Presidential Vote, is subject to the electoral college, my Vice Presidential Vote is based on majority rule whether Democrat or Republican. If I am not satisfied with Palin or Biden, I can write in someone elses name on my ballot. The Democratic versus Republican race wears on me after a while because neither party represents the needs of myself, my family or the needs of the'average citizen.'They are simply two parties, of the same greedy coinfighting over Corporate funds and our... (more)

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Lessons From La Piranha Bonita

By Lumiere, published on Oct 5, 2008

Her silver Mercedes SUV was always immaculate, without one physical blemish, much like herself. Layla was the kind of woman who turned heads, she was quite striking in appearence,she had theface of aangel, light green eyes, an athletic body,legs for days and creamy olive skin that shimmered beneath her silk business suit. Edges of an aqua blue lace top peaked from underneath her jacket, along with her love of diamond jewelry and Prada shoes. Naturally, she emanated the energy of someone very confident in their personal power. The crew at the Center nicnamed her the "la piranha bonita."And theywere... (more)


Enforcing Martial Law In America

By Lumiere, published on Sep 27, 2008

 " The American people are not getting the full story about the role and scope of military contractors in Iraq.  Under current law, Congress can’t even get a straight answer from the Pentagon about how many contractors are operating inside of Iraq, and yet the American taxpayer is expected to foot the bill.  According to some estimates, there are as many as a 100,000 military contractors operating inside Iraq. Forty cents of every Dollar goes to private military contractors, 1001 were killed in Iraq but we don't really know because their numbers aren't counted. "   Illionis state Represenative... (more)

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Church In A Bar, Sermons On Gay Civil Rights

By Lumiere, published on Sep 18, 2008

Beer and a Bible...who would have ever thought it would be possible right? Only in NYC can you go into a bar to get your worship and your prayer on. Being the curious cat I am, we just had to go at least check it out. Jay Bakker is the pastor of Revolution NYC, the infamous son of Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker.

Being from Texas, I am quite familiar with the fact his parents were the brains and creators behind the 700 Club, Trinity Broadcast Network and PTL ministries. I am also quiet ashamed to say their family businesses were stolen from them by greedy wolves in sheeps clothing.... over... (more)

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The American Red Cross Urgently Needs Help

By Lumiere, published on Sep 16, 2008

Houston, Texas is my hometown. I grew up playing on the sandy beaches of Galveston andriding my bike acrossthe Seawall. What I miss mostabout Texas isthepeople, they are genuinely kind hearted, warm, friendly, and always greet you with a smile. If you are in need,Texans will quicklylend you a helping hand even if they have to stop everything they are doing just to do so. Whether it be fixinga flat tire, sending our own firemen and rescue workers up North during 911 or opening up the shelters of our entire State to help another State like Louisiana through a rough time, natural disaster or tragedy-... (more)


Honor The Departed By Helping The Living

By Lumiere, published on Sep 12, 2008

When my grandmother passed away of breast cancer, I was fifteen and a freshman in highschool. My mother immediately suggested we join the 'Race for A Cure' to raise funds for breast cancer by walking a5 mile run / walk marathon in her honor. Mile after mile we walked together and reminisced about 'happy memories' of my fathers mother and her zanny sense of humor.We discussedhow my grandparents became a couple, they had been classmates throughout their childhood and intheirsenior year of highschool, my grandfather was drafted to serve in War War 2. He had always had a crush on my grandmother... (more)

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America, The Future Third Reich?

By Lumiere, published on Sep 5, 2008

"i am always amazed at their certaintyabout the past how it could have beendifferent could have been turned aroundwith what ease they transport themselvesto another timeplace taking the comfortconfidence of an after dinner drink"

Irena Klepfisz

Several years ago a Museum was in need of help for creating and promoting a memorial for the 1.5 million children who perished during the Holocaust. I was asked at the time to creatively consult for the museum. While standing in the bookstore waiting to meet with the Curator, my curiosity was captured by a book titled I Never... (more)

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Hurricanes And Human Decency

By Lumiere, published on Sep 1, 2008

In America, we are obsessed with title, social status and material possessions, forever trying to keep up with the Trumps. Collecting as many, houses, cars and toys as possible. We somehow think that having money, power, a business title, fancy cars, houses and technology will make us immune to mother nature, but it is we who are humbled in the face of a natural disaster. When a Southern Category 3 Hurricane rolls through town, the rising flood waters cause you and everyone in the area to act quickly and prepare for the 175mph winds, winds so powerful it chips the paint off of houses. You race... (more)

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America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

By Lumiere, published on Aug 22, 2008

In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, Britain is under a socialist totalitarian regime the continuously invokes and creates a perpetual war. Not unlike how our U.S. Attorney General is requesting to declare a new global war. In the context of the story, theperpetual war is used as a pretext for subjecting the people to mass surveillance, similar to the new RFID chips for tracking humansand invasive police searches.During the process, thepolice state destroys not only literal freedom or expression of speech but also literal freedom of thought.When a government excercises repressive... (more)

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