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The New Optimism

By Glenn T, published on Feb 17, 2008

I’ve about had my fill, lately, of talk of positive energy, positive environments, and the damned Secret. It’s not that I don’t think these things are good ideas, they clearly are, it’s that my friends seem to think I need them so badly. Okay, I’m no Mister Sunshine, I know that. But I’ve always been of the mind that being both marginally intelligent and observant requires that you see a lot of bad, both present and on its way. People tell me that I need to see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. That’s all fine and good if half... (more)

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Why I Hate Hayden Christensen...

By Glenn T, published on Feb 17, 2008

I have on three separate occasions in the past week, been invited to go to the movies, and (as a result of recent events) had the time to spare. And on each of these three occasions I did not end up going to said movies, because there was literally nothing to see. Now I could wax poetic on why I would never ever go see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Definitely, Maybe, or Hannah Montana in 3D – but I suppose that anyone who knows me (or at least knows me to the extent they’ve either read my previous pieces or skimmed my intentionally Spartan profile) will understand that the... (more)

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What a throw!

By Glenn T, published on Dec 24, 2007

There are very few perfect moments in a normal life. To be certain, there are very few perfect moments even in an extraordinary life. Storybook moments, where things happen just as they are supposed to, can often elude us. Good doesn’t always triumph over evil, the good guy doesn’t always get the girl, and sometimes the princess is just kissing a frog. As we grow older, we become accustomed to the ordinary, the near-miss, and the unjust result, and storybook moments become just that, the stuff of children’s stories. And yet, once in a while, without warning, one of these startling moments... (more)

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The Reckoning

By Glenn T, published on Nov 8, 2007

I recognize, that from time to time, I am prone to bouts of hyperbole. Despite what you may think, I am keenly aware of my flair for the dramatic -- especially in my reflective prose. But if you will forgive the excesses of my writing past, please indulge me this piece. Fans of the just and right often have little to cheer over. Those who stand on principle often go wanting, as the vast majority of outcomes in our lives are the result of all-too-real social and fiscal economics. After all, we are the society which bore the primacy of the free market -- we can hardly expect the goodness... (more)

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The L.A. Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

By Glenn T, published on Oct 7, 2007

Los Angeles is a city of contradiction: a city of opposing sides which are simultaneously good and evil, a city whose most beautiful pieces are its ugliest parts, and a city where the messy business of fulfilling dreams leaves the constant and sobering residue of broken ones. It is, at times, an easy city to hate. L.A.’s most exclusive and alluring social circles shout the praises of outrageous wealth and excess, and the whimsy of spending easily earned dollars solely for spending’s sake. And steps away, L.A.’s darkest corners teem with the brutal realities of racial tension, inescapable... (more)

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Irish Eyes are Crying

By Glenn T, published on Sep 22, 2007

I have two favorite college football teams: Navy and whoever is playing Notre Dame. I am a "homer" in the truest sense of the word which is to say that if Navy were playing against a team composed entirely of Nobel Peace Prize winners, I'd be trying to come up an appropriate taunt that rhymed with "Mandela". Now, I know that our natural rival, the team that should be the target of my most intense ire, is Army.

It is the most natural rivalry in sports, Army vs. Navy : and for four years, I lived and breathed "Beat Army". But graduation, and five years of service taught me that the... (more)

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Ok, I get it... he's rich

By Glenn T, published on Sep 18, 2007

Guys are simple. We're visual. We're limbic. We're open about it. When we see a pretty girl, we will likely stare too long. Tight jeans, short skirts and hoochie tops (yes, we know what those are) will get our attention. The right perfume will keep us from focusing. When someone asks us what we like in a woman, we'll respond with a physical description so complete that a police artist could come up with a composite. (I've tried this three separate times and now have a funny little collage of Pamela Anderson sketches to show for it.) It's only when we get that disapproving stare that we make... (more)

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Licensing Stupidity... Such as...

By Glenn T, published on Sep 10, 2007

Unless you're in no way connected to an internet outlet of any significance (which your very reading of this evinces otherwise) you'vee seen that fateful 48 seconds of the Miss Teen USA pageant during which Miss Teen South Carolina (Lauren Caitlin Upton), as perhaps the most appropriate ambassador her state has ever put forward, rambled the most incoherent, mind-numbingly stupid answer to a question that I can ever recall. Even adjusting for nervousness, age, education level and general American intellectual malaise this stands out as an example to the world of just exactly what sort of young... (more)

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Nothin' But a Good Time

By Glenn T, published on Aug 24, 2007

Each of us (except maybe Clay Aiken) at some point in our lives, comes across rock & roll. Of course, it's not always traditional rock & roll, maybe for you it was blues, punk, (or in Clay's case, Barry Manilow's "Copacabana"), but whatever it was, it was that first sweet moment of rebellion, when the music you're listening to makes all the sense in the world to you, but your parents and teachers listen to it with a look on their face not unlike they're listening to African throat warbling played both backwards and too loud. (Incidentally, if that's your type of music, I intend no... (more)

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A Simple Night

By Glenn T, published on Aug 15, 2007

There are a great many wonderful cognitive changes that one undergoes in their early thirties - which is not to say that people at other ages aren't also making internal discoveries and realizations, but it seems that a great deal of the sharp editorial and most eloquently shared bits of internal reflection come from my particular age group. And while I lament the increased recovery and healing times my body now requires, and the new, marginal reliability of my most often used ligaments and joints, I cannot imagine a better time, mentally. The tremendous perspective of having completed youth... (more)

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