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Anonymous Surfing or How to Stay Invisible on the Internet

By Editor, published on Apr 16, 2019

While the Internet is a virtually endless source of entertainment and information, it’s hard not to wonder how safe it is. In the end, you always have to pay for convenience, right? You are absolutely correct, and in this case, the price is your privacy. It is here that the anonymous surfing comes into play - an idea by which you can use the Internet without disclosing your personal data and preventing them from being tracked by the government, advertisers and other bodies.

The good news is that this idea is quite possible to turn into reality. But before we start thinking about... (more)


6 Easy Ways to Become Social Media Famous

By Editor, published on Apr 13, 2019

Thankfully, things are pretty easier today, especially when it comes to becoming a celebrity and having a huge fan following. You no more need to have a record deal to emerge as a successful musician. No, you are neither required to be a successful cricketer, or an athlete, or an actor or actress to enjoy stardom.

So, what is the secret recipe of becoming a social media star? Well, all you need is an active presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and you definitely stand a chance to become famous with millions of fans.

1. Be original... (more)


Get healthier with these 3 Lifehacks

By Editor, published on Apr 11, 2019

If you observe the humans as a species, there is one thing that greatly helped us to survive all until today. That is movement. It secured our food, it built out shelters and fed our curiosity for distant places. It is a pretty important thing isn't it? Why do we reverse the natural and evolution process by moving insufficiently? And why do we move with difficulties and even pain?

Couch generation

Yes, the couch is the first reason for possible problems. When we say couch, we don't mean you should throw your couch through the window. Couch is a metaphor for a sedentary... (more)


How To Configure Session Replay In Marketing Automation

By Editor, published on Apr 10, 2019

But, the problem is merely implementing the top-notch, latest tools won’t help you because most of them provide general solutions only. You need to find out personalized solutions to find out the actual causes of high bounce rates and low conversion rates.

Website speed is undoubtedly a crucial factor but making your prospects to click the checkout buttons needs further efforts. It’s practically impossible to ask every single visitor about their experiences on your site or app.

So, what is the solution?

Session replays

These real-time recordings... (more)


Boost Business Revenue with An Email Automation Funnel

By Editor, published on Apr 10, 2019

If your contacts are just aimlessly moving around your marketing database, then you have to think about it. The remedy is that you must create an email automation funnel. As a result, you could grab some great opportunities in terms of engaging and nurturing your existing customers.

What are the requirements of an Email Automation Funnel?

An interesting fact is that companies that make use of marketing automation for nurturing their leads get a 451% enhancement in qualified leads.

However, email automation is not only used for the purpose of lead nurturing... (more)


What Is The Difference Between A/B Testing And CRO?

By Editor, published on Apr 9, 2019

A/B testing is also known as bucket testing or split testing. In this method, two webpage variations are compared with each other in order to understand which variant will give a better performance. In this method, users are shown more than one variant at a random scale and the performance is determined through statistical analysis. A test like this in which a direct comparison is made lets you focus on the changes that need to be made. This method also removes any kind of guesswork away from website optimization. There is a relatively less requirement of traffic required for the purpose... (more)


How to Create Personalized User Experience with Marketing Automation?

By Editor, published on Apr 9, 2019

Due to the advancements of tools and technology, the concept of marketing has been literally transformed. Basic ads, printing banners, and advanced techniques have influenced today’s contemporary world.

What is the main goal of your business? You need to draw the attention of more and more customers for improving your sales margin. However, nowadays, advertisers mostly rely on personalization strategies as well as data analytics.

A point to remember here is that marketing techniques to retain existing customers is more affordable than searching for new ones.

... (more)


Fun ways to spice up your love life

By Editor, published on Apr 9, 2019

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Whether you’ve been dating or married for some time, or simply want to try something a little risky and new, changing things up in the bedroom (and beyond) is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Even if it really doesn’t work out and you simply end up in tears of laughter, giving it a go is half the fun! Here we take a look at a few ideas to help you spice up your love life and fan those romantic flames.

Bring the romance back

If you’ve been living together... (more)


How You Can Choose The Right Surgeon For You

By Editor, published on Apr 8, 2019

Surgery is often one of the most complicated, as well as stressful, things that you may have to go through. Because of that, everyone wants to make sure that they're in good hands when they have to go under the knife. Because of that, many people may want to put some research into different surgeons in their area, but may not know where to start. Aside from your local practitioner or medical professional, there are a few different ways to find a good surgeon from reliable sources.

The Internet

While the Internet shouldn't be treated as the be-all and end-all of finding out about... (more)


Social media strategies for small brands

By Editor, published on Apr 8, 2019

Are you a small brand that is looking to make waves on social media? You can still have a major impact on the platform, even if it does not stand out when compared to bigger brands with better clout. You can achieve your desired levels of success on the internet if you carefully manage your social media activity.

The avenue continues to be very popular with upcoming businesses because it offers cost-friendly marketing options that allow these brands to engage with potential clients without spending a big portion of their resources. Aside from being better priced for... (more)


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