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Advantages of switching to the QROPS system

By donnagroom, published on Apr 9, 2019

With the help of QROPS you can transfer your UK pension funds overseas and secure an exemption from the UK tax regime, but there are important issues to consider before doing so.

Although there are numerous advantages of switching to the QROPS system, there are certain issues that you must keep in mind before transferring your pension funds to overseas pension schemes.

Getting A QROPS Adviser

When you are calculating your retirement income you may have to take various factors into consideration such as the charges levied by different QROPS providers. Since... (more)

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10 Ways To Ruin Any Rug

By donnagroom, published on Sep 5, 2018

Whether you have bought an inexpensive rug or something more upscale like a Persian rug, you will want it to look as good as possible for as long as possible. On occasions, during busy periods I help out at Persian Modern Rugs, an upmarket carpet warehouse in London, and we would always give the following advice to rug purchasers to help them maintain the rug in pristine condition. These are what NOT to do tips – avoid the following at all costs unless you want to ruin your rug!

!. Using your rug in the wrong area of your house will ruin it. For instance, if you... (more)

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