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Breath of Coals

By D. Sager, published on Nov 3, 2012

"Heroes are made in the hour of defeat. Success is, therefore, well described as a series of glorious defeats." – Mahatma Gandhi

Breath of coals consumes the compliantly relented peace of multitudes

Leaping from dream to purpose and defiling with hungered presence

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your hate"

A leprous char to remain in the abandon of slanderous consumption

The takers of hope are meant to be, giving life to survivor's dreams

- "Come my enemy, give life to me by your violence"

Cherished visions have no meaning unless colored... (more)

Tags: hate, violence, hope, dream, success, birth, abandon, adversity, enemy, coals, blackened, breath, consumption, defile, leprous, slanderous, survivor

Misty Is Her Way

By D. Sager, published on Oct 14, 2012

I felt light traces of her fingertips, leaving a trail of pleasure long after they found other parts of my landscape to wander. My breathing slows, mind numbs, and a creeping satisfaction, like morning mist rolling down the hillside, fills every low place of my mind. The lows of sadness, footprints of giants pocketing my memory, cupped every delicate drop of her. These lined with the nature and nurture of excruciating experience, crushed me like shells on the shore, the pounding driving me into smaller and smaller pieces. Ah, but the mist of her touch, brought healing in the haze. The troubles... (more)

Tags: moon, night, soldier, soul, lies, scars, nature, prayer, light, drama, deceit, eyes, bruise, beast, gash, maim, nature of the beast, slimy, sweat

Guile's Subtle Creature

By D. Sager, published on Sep 5, 2012

Free me from guile's subtle creature of passions hateful exile The allies to my rescue will come quick as the dawn and just as sure Wrest me from the chained facade of my minds deceitful succubus Burdened with feigned troubles provoked like mist from the crashing waves

What guards me from the charms of a women not so innocent Fear and Pain lead me away from this captor with the demise of dreams Teach me my dear brothers of your wisdom gleaned from eagles sight Deliver me from the lies and deceit that hate has born on its wings

First written in Opinions Of Eye



Harmony Of Red

By D. Sager, published on Aug 17, 2012

I hear the harmony of red, the sound coloring

the morning and evening blanket of night.

Tactile hallucinations of reality, melody of tints

bringing peace to spinning clouds.

Expressions of earths fiery embers, born in my soul,

songs of red seas to greet the blackened sky.

Eyes of primal mystery, songs of the black forest,

red visions of night reflected in searching eyes.

A harmonious melody, red repossesses

the land of my aching soul.

Be still now swirling colors of misty confusion

Red brings rest in her arms....

... (more)


Victim of Love

By D. Sager, published on Jul 4, 2012

Speak to me of love's glories and I'll show you the teeth of this wild thing. Love is used as a lever to control people and deliver them to the slaughter. I think of the lonely woman, in love with her man. He beats her, cusses her, rapes her, and demeans her at every turn, yet, because of love, she stays with him. I think of mean and nefarious men who hold a woman captive and force her compliance by threatening her family. Her love for her family is the means by which they control her. Men are not exempt from this cruel trick of nature. I've seen a man destroy his family, his career, and ultimately... (more)

Tags: love, relationships, rape, abuse, victim, control, broken, threat, serial killer, aberrations, compliance, killer, logic, molester, slaughter, threatening, treacherous, useless

The Addiction Of Belonging -

By D. Sager, published on Jun 25, 2012

There are purveyors of affection and belonging that ply their wares on the corner of our mind and emotions. Like the dealers who sell the illicit and addictive substances, they, with great subtlety, offer tidbits of friendship that draw the lonely, hurting, or naive soul into their game. Society today generates many deformities of social maturity. Single parent families, domestic abuse, molestation, and apathetic parenting leave many souls thirsty for belonging, for approval, and for a sense of family. It is imperative to note that, though this “drug” of approval is not of an illegal sort,... (more)


Watching Porn

By D. Sager, published on Jun 19, 2012

It started when I was little, so little that my body scarcely knew what to do. Though guilt inflicted itself on me by nature and nurture, still I found solace in the pictures, a sense of peace and pleasure. The assuaging of my guilt, an advantage, as others commit that which intrigues me. The sordid interactions of the players on film and paper exempted me from the game of life. Watching removed me from the elements of rejection and worthlessness, instilling a pleasure that gave me sweet relief from the pain of this torturous childhood that cursed me.

The acts depicted were a reminder... (more)

Tags: sex, porn, power, watch, pictures, control, innocent, solace, climax, curse, freak, perverse, sexually, viewing, vile, vivid

Dichotomy of a Tic

By D. Sager, published on Jun 6, 2012

There are people in life, wandering around my perimeters. They are parasites, drawing from me like a tic. Working my way through the jungles of the game, they latch on. Suckers, filling themselves with my blood. I let some hang on, knowing they are there, keeping an eye on them; I'm in control. The tic is bold, so consumed with satiating its desire, knowing not that its life is in my hands, nor does it care. One day, I will have enough and will squash the tic, making a blood stain on my leg, smiling with gratification of my exercise of power over it. It's funny to watch little creatures... (more)

Tags: water, rain, game, desire, blood, hunger, symbiosis, stream, thirst, wander, errant, gifted, parasites, perimeters, scared, sucker, thirsty, wares


By D. Sager, published on May 30, 2012

Disturbed within,

troubled are the waters of deep dark sin.

Without a tale does not tell,

that crawling underneath all is not well.

Froth and thick mire,

disguise the water and lay straights dire.

Lift my head Spirit on High,

knowledge of the forbidden bring great sighs.

Wrapped irony and ruse,

dark times bring a soul's purple bruise.

Who can see the through,

all the pains and sins that shadows knew.

Disturbed again,

troubled thoughts are quiet atrocities within.

First written in


Tags: atrocities, pain, water, irony, sin, spirit, gray, ruse, shadow, dark, disguise, bruise, crawl, dire, disturbed, froth, mire, purple, straights, tale

End of Night

By D. Sager, published on May 11, 2012

Again the Succubus calls, answered by my willing compliance. I grab her by the hand, leading me further down the cluttered path, not to peace. Taking the fake offerings, momentary escapes that are void of relief, at the end of night. Grabbing any Savior, please speak kind to me, sooth my ache and dark thirst. There are no companions in this empty pursuit, I barely make it out alive, who will follow me in my destruction? Holding the works of addiction, I set up a fix that never satisfies, only to do it again and again before the end of night. Many will lead me there, then abandon my desperate... (more)


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