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Black Tuesday the celebration of poverty

By Credo, published on Apr 21, 2007

Although your experience is far different that others and even if you can't completely comprehend their condition we must never jump to conclusions by appearing self righteous or overtly opinionated. That is the loving facts of it all, but the loving truth is quite a different matter. To be truthful (with love in mind) one must examine the facts while tempering the presentation of those facts modestly, and we can't honestly do this if we are to take the word of the news intermediaries concerning the facts, we must investigate the facts for ourselves. Once your research has reached its pinnacle... (more)

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Among The Ruins of Our Constitution Lies Liberty

By Credo, published on Apr 19, 2007

There is a thin line between love and hate, truth and dishonesty, justice and injustice. Frequently that line is merged between the textures of both sides and neither side is served, neither side prevails. Considering the choices that we assume to make during election time I often wonder if we have a choice at all. Perhaps the Democrats and the Republicans are no longer two parties, perhaps they have emerged as one conglomeration of textures with no opposing agendas to consider. While our government contemplates the New World Order agenda they do so unopposed, Democrats and Republicans seem to... (more)


Campus Shootings Stimulates Debates

By Credo, published on Apr 19, 2007

The campus shooting in the Virginia Tech University has once again raised questions about gun control. A number of US citizens are especially taking issue with the views of Kiwis in this debate and some are strongly justifying their "right to bear arms." A gunman opened fire Monday, killing 32 people in what is known as the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history. Although this massacre ended when the gunman committed suicide the tragedy had just begun for the victim’s families and loved ones who now have to struggle with the knowledge that they may never see their friend, son, or daughter... (more)

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The Mysteries of the Income Tax

By Credo, published on Apr 17, 2007

It is a time of awaking and a time to truly understand the laws of the land. In the background of the new laws instigated by the war on terror hides the old laws of the income tax as it relates to Americans. It is because of this enlightenment age, a wave of clarity that is sort by literally millions of Americans that have spawned unprecedented revelations, leaving us asking thousands of questions about the validity of the IRS its practices and the subterfuge of the income tax subculture. Who is actually subject to the income tax? Although citizens are called to perform and serve as jurors... (more)

Tags: 16th amendment, income tax, people v boxer, the us constitution

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