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Life before the U.S Military Operations in Iraq

By Credo, published on Oct 8, 2007

There were no sanctions against Iraq by the United States prior to the Desert Storm mission. In fact America and Iraq maintained a cooperative business like foreign policy as America gave and sold weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein during his country's crisis with neighboring countries.

During that time Saddam Hussein was a valid asset and stood among many of the cooperative allies of the American government and he was supportive of the business establishments, he also had many welcomed visits from Donald Rumsfelt and purchased many weapons from the government via Mr. Rumsfelt.

... (more)

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Halle is Berry Happy

By Credo, published on Oct 4, 2007

The Academy Award®-winning actress Halle Berry has a joyful announcement! Halle's found love with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry and she recently announced that, at 41, she's pregnant! On her revisit to "The Oprah Show" she showed her little tummy bulge while making the announcement of her expected baby. This was to be Halle Berry's first interview as a "mommy to be!" Halle says she and Gabriel, who is 10 years her junior, had been trying for some time to have a baby. "I'm sort of superstitious, so I saved all of the negative tests in a drawer," she says. "Don't ask! I don't know why, but I did.... (more)

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Computer Repair Problems and Solutions

By Credo, published on Sep 24, 2007

This is the presentation, history and documentation of various problems and solutions encountered during technical practices for the express purpose of creating a reference manual for future repairs. Although I have encountered many previous problems and solutions during my many years of tech experiences I am only documenting this manual starting from my experience in the year 2007. It is my hope that this information may perhaps assist other striving technicians. I started this manual seeking to publish it one day and for your input I decided to share this small portion of the manuscript with... (more)

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God Vs, Evolution

By Credo, published on Sep 21, 2007

If the sun doesn’t ascend in the morning will it make any difference to the many pessimists that hordes our lives and drink our wine? Should we not be afraid of the dark even though we realize that light will eventually seek its demise and destroy the pampered darkness mythology? And of course shall we let fear (that free roaming criminal) take charge of our decisions as we ourselves wander through the obscurity of time and fate. To rationalize the philosophy behind life itself, destiny, God and fate always seem to leave many unanswered questions. In contrast should we not ask these socio philosophical... (more)

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Why I Must See To the Obliteration of My Chocolate Sushi Bar

By Credo, published on Sep 2, 2007

Today was a typical morning for me and I rolled out of bed with great expectation and with supreme enthusiasm only to discover that my chocolate sushi bar had been raided by my nieces and nephews last night (all the delicious candy was gone).

As a chocolate lover I was sort of bereaved and stood beside myself with grief as the constant urge for my synthetic high took over my senses, I really wanted to chastise them for being so inconsiderate but I just decided to change the location of my stash the next time they are over to spend the night.

I recognize this was a big deal to... (more)

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The Silent Crisis: The Rising Costs of Health Care

By Credo, published on Sep 1, 2007

If we could but imagine ourselves twenty years from now or even forty years during our retirement and golden years, how our living conditions will more than likely be we would probably sleep in a very uncomfortable and un-peaceful rest for the rest of our lives. Now I know that sounds grim but perhaps if you could anticipate your financial forecast as it relates to health care you may see the emanate crisis which is developing on a more broader scale throughout this country as the issues of healthcare dramatically rises with the cost of its effects on our lives as citizens. The terrible facts... (more)

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Does Cultural Expectations Powers The Ways Of A Beautiful Woman

By Credo, published on Aug 10, 2007

Can anyone count the ways of a beautiful women, or is it something seen in her seductive eyes? It is a kind of beauty that can’t be adequately expressed nor replicated by this world. Although I have contemplated this exquisiteness many times I have not been able to explain it to myself. I have seen it in the eyes of my mother the day I was born, and again in the eyes of my bride on our wedding day, and now I see it in the eyes of my daughter as she lay playing in her crib (it’s a splendid phenomenon, a rare and precious thing). What’s even more wondrous about this unending beauty is that... (more)

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Small Favors And Big Lies Makes For Human Tragedies

By Credo, published on Aug 7, 2007

Water is too scarce to use for bathing, and drought has created dust bowls. The problem is compounded by AIDS and treatable diseases -- such as diarrhea, pneumonia and tuberculosis and these problems lead the poor into inhumane solutions causing them to sell off their children to save the lives of other members of their families, thus creating modern slavery in the modern world. "While the world's attention is currently gripped by events in other regions, Africa is in crisis with thousands of people dying silently each day, " Experts warn that the current stocks located in the countries... (more)

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BrooWaha Colleagues Debate

By Credo, published on Aug 4, 2007

Perhaps I am an unusual sort of guy; I enjoy a good civil debate, tempered with levelheaded rules of course. The first rule is to debate your point of view using evidence through researched material. But the main rule is to always keep it civil as the debate can become dislodged from the purpose of its intent (purpose of a debate is to seek out the truth through adamant research on the part of both debating competitors).

The point here is to debate with knowledge as your choice of weapons and with mutual respect for the opposition and his or her counterviews. It is without a doubt that... (more)

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Terrorism, the Endless War

By Credo, published on Aug 3, 2007

In this day and age, it is a very critical period in human evolution. The eyes of the third world like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, (along with many more governments and innocent civilians who have been tortured, maimed and killed as a result of the American foreign policy) continue to examine, consider, and analyze American political history. And as they examine this country’s internal guiding principles, such goals as freedom, democracy, capitalism, or the bylaws of the Constitution they have fail to see where these goals of American beliefs are in line with American actions and policies... (more)

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