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How Laminating Films Can Keep You Away From Diseases

By Cosmo films Ltd, published on Dec 21, 2015

Such type of packing is highly in use by the producers because of its varied advantages. The advantages are laminating packaging is flexible in the sense that it can be used in tune to the requirements of the clients and the product, it keeps the products safe and away from pollution and dirt, it preserves product’s flavor and aura and also maintains the hygiene of the product thus keeping the consumers away from any sort of disease.

Laminating films can keep us away from diseases:

It protects the product against bacteria: Laminating films acts as an excellent barrier against bacteria,... (more)

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Simple Things Every Production Company Needs to Succeed.

By Cosmo films Ltd, published on Apr 21, 2015

The level of success is measures by parameters like acceptance of the product by the end users, profit increase, increase in sales level and in built ability to withstand the competition using robust work force.

Simple things that every production company needs to carve a niche for itself in the market involve:

Labeling of the product: This is a key characteristic of a good product. A nicely labeled product is often accepted by the customers instantly. A good label is one that has all the information in it that any consumer will search for before purchasing the product. It must... (more)

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Application of Oriented Polypropylene Films (OPP)

By Cosmo films Ltd, published on Jan 5, 2015

They have clear surface and have strong resistance towards abrasions and chemicals. The material is scratch resistant & has a substantial acid resistance. The manufacturing of these films engage polypropylene polymer melt long-drawn-out from a machine in particular conditioned temperature & speed setting, and they are concurrently stepped into longitudinal slanting on the stretch, eventually to have appropriate cooling or required heat behavior to get its final shape in the form of a film.

BOPP Film can be characterized as ordinary Bopp films, heat sealing Bopp films, Bopp pearl... (more)

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Major Applications of Synthetic Paper

By Cosmo films Ltd, published on Sep 14, 2014

Synthetic paper has been manufactured using a synthetic resin that was derived from petroleum as the primary material whose characteristics match up to that of a plastic film and the appearance matches to a regular paper. The two attributes of a synthetic paper are:

1.They are tough

2.They have an ability to support high quality printing.

Any application that desires a long term durability, use the synthetic paper as they are chemical, water, tear resistant and also much more durable than paper that gives an ease during printing. Nowadays, there is a wide range of synthetic... (more)

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