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4 Facts about Web Designing Every B2B site Should Know About

By Caroline Murphy, published on Oct 10, 2015

When an average visitor visits a website, they form opinion about it within 50 milliseconds – that is, 0.05 seconds. That’s all it takes for the visitor to decide whether to continue or abandon the website.

Therefore it is essential to have good web design, as a recent report also established that 75% of users make judgments on a company based on their website’s design.

It is also important to note that 85% of people consult the internet before making purchases, whether online or in real life. So it is only sensible to offer the best first impression for your website... (more)

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3 Unprecedented Benefits of a Responsive Design for SEO

By Caroline Murphy, published on Sep 18, 2015

After setting the bar in 2012, responsive web design filled the gap that was required to merge the cross platform browsing. It wasted no time in becoming the central framework for modern websites, and the users just loved it.

What makes responsive web design so different and widely acceptable over other mobile solutions like dynamically served mobile websites or even against the standalone mobile website? Well, a number of pros and the least number of cons, that’s what.

But can the responsive design stand strong against the power hunger requirements of search engine optimization?... (more)

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3 Common Web Design Myths: Busted!

By Caroline Murphy, published on Aug 27, 2015

Especially the content we come across on the internet, we swear we read it and it is true.

Since the internet is a cesspool of knowledge, we tend to believe each and everything which could possibly make logical sense in our heads. If we notice more people following or believing a certain fact, we too give in and start believing based on the evidence we can gather online.

And soon enough, we all follow it and implement it in our lives. The one who starts it becomes the ‘trendsetter’, and over the years various versions of the original facts are retold, held up for speculation until... (more)

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5 Simple Ways to Spruce up Font for Your Website

By Caroline Murphy, published on Aug 20, 2015

The one we see is the one we love the most, at least most of the web designers.

But there is a sea of typefaces out there and each of them is certainly not suitable for a website; one needs to pick the right typeface to subtly engage the reader.

To have an effective font for your website, you need to understand the essential importance of good typography. It should have a clean, clear and authoritative requirement, which not every font will be qualified for. Even after choosing the font, following the rules of typography is vital.

Below we shed some... (more)

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5 Important Tips for a SEO Friendly Web Design

By Caroline Murphy, published on Aug 19, 2015



5 Best Blogging Tips You Will Get All Year

By Caroline Murphy, published on Aug 17, 2015

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it basically means how you optimize the site for the search engine to make it find you quicker. Search engine traffic makes up majority of the online traffic. Without getting into the statistics of it, Google is used by almost 75% of the world’s online population. That’s a big number to start with, so you really can’t afford to miss out on the millions of potential viewers.

If the traffic management is done right, you can use it to increase the visitor count thus boosting your online presence. You can look up the many SEO services... (more)

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