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Do You Know Me ?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 18, 2016

Can you lay beside me

Holding my shaking essence

In your giving arms?...

I have breathed in too much bitterness

Seen, felt, burning anger and hurt

Questioned why this is....

I am frightened, wondering

What I might exhale

Into this unknown emptiness ....

Let the silence embrace us

And maybe we can hear

What is cloaked in the shadows....

My heart cries out

To be heard and understood

By someone besides myself....

Copyright © 2012 Barbara MacDonald



Musings Of A Poet

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jan 3, 2016

I have grown weary of the shallowness of life

Feeling instead on such a deep level, that I question

Does anyone else inhale LIFE

Searching always for a higher place

A place blessed by empathy and compassion

Relinquishing bitterness and judgement

Instead, embracing another 's imperfect humanity

Holding them with understanding and forgiveness.

I exist in my own self-created world

Given birth to with many tears and joys

In equal measure, this has been my life

Lessons bestowed through fire and grace.

The triviality... (more)

Tags: love, life, compassion, ego, understanding, higher purpose

Unspoken Words

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 3, 2015

Please be quiet

and listen to the words

I can not say out loud....

Feel the emotions which I hide

inside my numbed heart

A wall of protection...

Leave your opinions

to your perfect self

As I will never be perfection...

Any words I had are

buried now inside

My shattered heart....

Time is slowly covering

the scars of bitterness

Which fell from your lips...

Each day I return

breathing in grace

Redemption bestowed...

I have been haunted

by things you will never fathom

... (more)

Tags: life, anger, Forgiveness, compassion, understanding, bitterness, unspoken

Everything Happens For A Reason

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 12, 2015

Most of us have heard the phrase "everything happens for a reason", and surely I do believe that ,but there are times I just do not want to hear that or am I able to focus . I'm just plain annoyed, angry, frustrated or whatever and really am not in the mood to hear those words, thanks But there is a little something when added to the phrase I find much more helpful. " Everything happens for a reason and it serves me."

Let's take anger as an example.

One day I was feeling particularly out of sorts and really angry about something and all of a sudden that... (more)

Tags: life, truth, reasons, decisions, patience


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 23, 2015

Our lives are echoes of familiar places in time

Held tightly in our memories and captured in our hearts

All of our desires and longings played over and over

In different places and other bodies

Bringing with them the shining sun

The stars to sparkle in it's heavenly light....

The angels bending low to hear our sighs of wonder

Our weeping in anguish, tears of unknown descent

Perhaps the lost dreams playing, wetting our cheeks

While giving hope to others.

The birth of possibilities beyond

Any earthly limitations....

... (more)

Tags: life, questions, sorrow, joy, purpose, answers, echoes, seasons in time

Longings Of Yesterdays

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 5, 2015

I have tombstones in my heart

Places where those I once held in reality

Now live in sacred memories

I visit them often, talk with them, hold them

Remind them of bygone days of joy and pain....

No one passes through life

Without the longings for days gone by

Memories painted on an open heart

Cherished beyond earthly limitations.

Weaved within a tapestry of thoughts and dreams.....

Today I transpose what is reality

Instead returning to a humble time

Flesh and bones no longer haunting me

Resting in the serenity... (more)

Tags: love, memories, grace, loss, treasures

An Unfinished Story

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 18, 2015

I am an unfinished story

Each chapter filled with

Characters playing their perfect part

Dancing inside this reality...

Love, joy, sorrow, pain, strength, grace

Each tattooed upon my soul

Becoming the ink I write with

The colors in many hues...

Many chapters are too long

The hope in me refusing

To let go even though I know

To hold on was a continuation of illusion...

Some chapters are enduring

A prayer to bring with them

The grace and beauty they

Hold in a sacred vessel of intuition....

... (more)

Tags: life, heart, compassion, story, chapters, empathy, purpose, understanding

*****Please Smile *****

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 10, 2015

I hear the silence in you

That place where you are hiding

Your suffering held tightly inside

But I know, I see, I hear, I feel

Because, you are now a part

Of my very own heart...SO

When you breathe I feel you

Holding you gently in my thoughts

Longing to replace

What once hurt you

With an abundance of compassion

Erasing any sorrow

That ever touched your heart

I ask for nothing in return

As in giving I am

Abundantly blessed ...

Longing for nothing more

Than seeing your smile.....

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Tags: smile, compassion, empathy, understanding, sun

Gods Nectar

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Sep 3, 2015

Wrapped in tranquility within this sacred cocoon

Do not touch this silk I am hiding in, or I may perish

Transforming through the manifestation of grace

Leaving behind all unwelcome aversions

Watch as I slowly weave a tapestry

Each thread bestowed with acknowledged endeavor

Life's lessons transporting me through any fear

Secured by the love and benevolence given to me undeserved

Watch as I transmute in essence

Giving birth to life's purest gift

Carrying this love forward to no longer struggle

Holding only what blesses... (more)


You Are Your Greatest Teacher

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 27, 2015

For many on a spiritual path this saying implies that a teacher will show up in the flesh, ready to teach us all we need to know. In fact many of us may be so ready that we mistake some other student who think they are teachers, for the teacher we long to have. If we allow this to happen, we can end up following the wrong people, down the wrong path, learning very little. This is what happened in the extreme in The Jonestown Massacre . On November 18, 1978, this tragedy was to some extent done willingly, making the mass suicide all the more disturbing.

A teacher, a true teacher ,... (more)

Tags: learning, life, wisdom, growing, teaching

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