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Building a Successful Online Brand in 3 Steps

By Trent456, published on Dec 17, 2019

When you picture a brand, what comes to your mind? Perhaps it’s the iconic logo, or it might even be the director or CEO who is often on advertisements? Whatever you see, building a brand isn’t an easy job. However, it used to be a lot more difficult than it is now with the availability of marketing and online resources. Building a successful brand online can happen in as little as 3 steps. The likes of expert digital marketing agencies can save you time if you don’t think there is enough hours in the day but you still have to understand why you’re building an online presence that will stay...

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The Tech Of Earthquake For Your Business

By Editor, published on Dec 10, 2019

In November 2018, powerful earthquakes dramatically affected businesses and infrastructure in Alaska. The pair of shocks, respectively in the magnitude of 7.0 and 5.7, also cut down power supply in a large area, making it utterly impossible for local businesses to carry on as if nothing had happened.

Earthquakes are a destructive force that knocks everything in their tracks. For businesses, the effect can be devastating. Aside from not being able to deliver to your customers on time, the issue affects your processes and survival at a deeper level. More importantly, while in some cases,...

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Gen Z Your Business To The Next Level

By Editor, published on Dec 9, 2019

Picture Credit: CC0 License

Every manager has different criteria when it comes to employment, but many implement a need for experience, which typically comes with age. However, while experienced, older team members are undoubtedly beneficial in their way, younger generations also have a lot to bring to the table. While they may not have years of experience behind them, millennials and gen zers do still bring plenty of business benefits to the table, and not least because they demand lower pay points.

With millennials already accounting for 50% of the US workforce,...

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Should You Refinance Your Student Loans?

By Editor, published on Dec 9, 2019

Student loans are a very convenient way to study and get qualifications. However, throughout your study, you may have to take out multiple loans. Refinancing or consolidating your loans is an excellent way to keep track of all of them.

However, refinancing your loans isn’t a decision you should make lightly. This is especially true because the process is irreversible. While some individuals will benefit from the process, others are better off without it. In this post, we’ll discuss some points you should consider before deciding to refinance your loans with organizations like Elfi....

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How good is Java for a mobile platform?

By softtechblog, published on Dec 6, 2019

Java is considered a favorite for the development of a host of products, including mobile applications. The mobile app developers prefer to use Java for the development of the application as Java is not just popular, but also relatively easy to use. But, most importantly, it is considered perfect for the development of mobile apps. Hence, a lot of businesses are developing their mobile applications using Java. The demand of the Java programmers who know how to develop mobile apps has increased significantly as well. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that Java regarded as one of the best...

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Event Planning Items: Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Things

By Kaushal Shah, published on Dec 6, 2019

Events, their planning, organization, and execution are all very complicated endeavors. There are a gazillion details that go into putting together high quality events, such as badges, name tags, entry passes, permits, communication with attendees — we could, honestly, go on and on if we were to start listing down all the elements and factors that go into the creation of a successful event. Now, it is all well and good till someone forgets something, and then, more often than not, it is all downhill from there.

See, that’s the thing about humans — no matter how experienced one may...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Bidding at Exotic Car Auctions

By Denis Lilleus, published on Dec 6, 2019

Exotic car auctions can be a tricky maze where even the best of bidders often find themselves in unconquerable dilemmas. Though there is no dearth of luxury car auctions in USA, finding the gem you always wanted, and that too without having to invest a fortune, requires a keen eye and some thorough groundwork. If you have been planning to participate in exotic car auctions, this blog post is for you. Read on as we discuss some of the common mistakes to avoid when participating in exotic car auctions.

Jumping the Gun

The sight of your favourite cars lined up one after another...

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Renk’s sale: social capital at risk

By Monica Talender, published on Dec 6, 2019

In Volkswagen’s new strategy, there is no space for outliers. Along with a commitment to electric technology, the group is following another mantra: if it’s not cars, we’re not interested. Showing how seriously it means to follow through with this notion, Volkswagen put the renowned transmissions specialist, Renk, up for sale. Despite labour force resistance, and the strong possibility of negative effects for the Bavarian business, Volkswagen is in talks with Rheinmetall, the defence industry goliath. This could spell the end for Renk’s multi-sector ambitions, which until now have been garnering...

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How Can People Work Healthier?

By Editor, published on Dec 5, 2019

With the recent emphasis and increased awareness of psychological and physiological health, we must talk about this issue about workplaces. Many of us spend most of our hours in the office apart from our home. Hence, the environment we work in must be good for our psychological and physiological health – something we overlook the most.

Think about it, if you are not mentally and physically healthy, will you be able to work in the right manner? Or if your workers are not healthy, will they be able to bring in revenues for you that they would have otherwise?

Now that you have...

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Why You Should Try Before You Buy

By Editor, published on Dec 3, 2019

With what seems like an ever-growing number of products on the market, it has become harder for consumers to choose, or ‘make the right choice.’ Whether it’s goods in stores or services, selecting the right option requires some research to make an informed decision.

However, there is another way. Many services and products are now offering samples, free trials, or preliminary consultations, at no cost to the prospective buyer. There isn’t enough time available to seek out and try everything on offer, but sometimes taking up a free opportunity can provide what is needed.


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