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Going Beyond the Basics:10 Exciting Tricks to Teach Your Dog

By LindaJennesy, published on Dec 16, 2013

When it comes to tricks, everybody loves it when their dog performs. It's cute to entertain guests with your dog's latest trick of shaking hands or playing dead when yell "bang" really loud, however, there are a lot of other interesting tricks that you can teach your dog besides just the basics. Below, we have provided you with some of our personal favorites:

Sing "Who Let the Dogs Out" with you - this is a fun and simple trick you can teach your dog. We suggest having him or her bark four times when the lyrics "who, who, who, who" come on after the chorus. Encourage your dog to bark... (more)

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Saving Money Tips

By Ely North, published on Apr 17, 2013


I’m drowning in bills. Every month they come in tsunami-sized waves: mortgage, car payment, phone, cable, electric, water, and credit cards. If I don’t find a way to spend less money, I’m going to have to get another job just to keep my head above water. Do you have any tips for saving money?


Over-Billed Billy


Dear Over-Billed Billy,

Of course I can help you save money! It’s easy: downsize and simplify. Take a long, honest look at your life and determine to do away with everything superfluous. If... (more)

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Grammar enhances communication, and why we hate it

By darinlhammond, published on Nov 10, 2012

As a teacher of college English at Idaho State University, my students moan and groan when I mention the topics of grammar and usage. The reflexes of fear, dread, and disgust are guttural and instinctual. The students instantly hate me.

I feel the intense collective downer that I release upon the classroom environment, and I always regret having mentioned the words at all in the classroom. The collective classroom mind slams shut.But, I understand the repulsion they feel. Grammar and usage are matters that we are always told we screw up. Teachers often broach the topic as they would... (more)

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Power verbs dazzle search engines and empower SEO

By darinlhammond, published on Oct 12, 2012

School Time VerbsThese words made my eyes roll into the back of my skull in public education: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, etc. In fact, they still numb my mind, and as an English professor I avoid them as much as possible. They turn language into a perverse form of mathematics. Grammar turns students off.In school we get so caught up in identifying subjects and verbs that we forget the language, the beauty and power of unique sentences. Worksheet after worksheet in school made mundane work of language.

Verbs Defined, BoringTechnically, the definition of verbs makes them... (more)

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Uncovering Foreign Affairs & their Aftermath

By Maylin Gonzalez, published on Sep 29, 2011

To many, Foreign Affairs mean a global stance on politics or even war, perhaps even the american magazine. To others, like myself, is a way of viewing affairs in a different, rather more common way: Cheating. This subject is more taboo than, let us say: Female Genital Mutilation (for those of you who don't know what that is; i welcome you to Wikipedia!) Anyways, the ultimate expectation is mutual monogamy, meaning 'not fucking around with others while fucking me'. Simple to many and so very hard for others... tisk tisk tisk. You can call it anything you want; foreign affair, cheating, fling,... (more)

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I Don't Have a Tip For You

By Michael R. Gauthier, published on May 11, 2007

...No qualms from me on that. But that is because that's how those types of businesses have been set up. Waiters, waitresses, bartenders -  they all make below the minimum wage because their income is determined by the service they give and customer satisfaction- hence, they live off our tips. To my knowledge, this is not the case of the Subway artist. Sure, I often receive some coinage after paying for a venti latte at The Coffee Bean, but that change is mine. It is what I earned. Walking the line of sounding like a Capitalist pig, I have an agreement with my employer to make a... (more)

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