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Drug Activist Disappearance

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 3, 2012

Drugs have caused nations, countries, cities and personal tolls for the effects that drugs have caused within our society. It is the most horrific for the families that loose young adults to this childsplay drugs that seem to be utilised to rid people of pain within their own lives.

To move a life of turmoil to a living life like you or me. Drugs for many families have affected the activist's to disarray. A disappearance in the world you are put on a missing persons list. How many of these people have seen too much, even a drug user will know where, who, how, what can be bought and... (more)

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The Won'da of Being Down Unda!

By The Savvy Passenger, published on Oct 11, 2011

...highest per capita income and a stable, relaxed lifestyle.

The majority of its 22 million plus population is settled on the eastern coastline of the country, from Cairns to the north off the Coral Sea, down the coastline of the Gold Coast through Brisbane, around New South Wales past Sydney to Melbourne (Aussies pronounce it ‘Mel-bun’) and Adelaide to the south off the Great Australian Bight (that’s the name of the waterway between Australia and Antarctica).

Much like the United States, the capital of Australia (Canberra) is not the most populated city in the country. ... (more)

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Death and Corruption in the Lucky Country

By bazzabear, published on Jun 26, 2011

If there is an afterlife Juanita Nielsen will know that 35 years after her gruesome murder I’m still campaigning to expose the hired thugs of the Sydney Establishment who plotted her death, to see justice done, perhaps to bring peace to her tortured soul.

She may be aware, even though our association was journalistic and fleeting, that in all those years few days have passed when I haven’t thought of her. I hope she knows of the half a million or so words I’ve written about her death, of the demands for a judicial inquiry into it and of the questions all this has prompted in the... (more)

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