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The World of Tomorrow

By DKIdea, published on May 7, 2014

...wonder about it. What type of technology will emerge? How long will we allow degradation through government? What kind of world are we leaving our children? Better yet, what kind of children are we giving the world to?

I think that’s the most important question about the future. Parenting today is shaping the world of tomorrow so we have to ask ourselves, what kind of parents are we? Everything about the future is connected to our children. They will be the ones to invent the merging technology. They will be the ones to chart the course of our government. They will be the... (more)

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Let Me Guess: Daddy Dressed Her

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 18, 2014

When a writing prompt asked what was the weirdest thing about my health, the question stumped me until I realized that my good health is weird; I mean, I had nine kids but I am tiny with the best good cholesterol my doctor has ever seen and such low blood pressure that if it was any lower I would drop dead. not one but three doctors have repeated the same words. This good health is a pure gift.

My husband and I halfheartedly followed natural family planning but I am a rare case; I have conceived 5 DAYS before ovulation. As my wonderful doctor once said,

“Ah yes, there was a woman... (more)

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The Flu While Flying Solo

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 3, 2014

This new format was suggested by a writing, soul sister, from the other side of Ontario, who I met online. She writes at thegirls. I have use this format before and I REALLY like it because it is easy to cut out all flub words and concentrate on the core action and emotion.


I could feel my body relax

As I curled up

In my favourite chair.

1 through 4

Were all tucked in

Hubby had gone out


At last.

Smiling to myself

I began to read

Savouring the words,

Enjoying the


But,... (more)

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By Lumiere, published on Jan 3, 2014

Cash in on my DNA Lottery,

offspring of my legacy

let me give you a Fortune 500 Company before making you an Apprentice

let me give you the Gold before training you with an Olympian

let me give you Power before you are mature enough to handle Responsibility

because my arrogance deems it so,

makes me look like an amazing parent in the eyes of the world

boosting my ego beyond materialistic, self absorbed insecurity

disrespectfully skipping the process of learning from accomplished mentors

who have more experience in one pinky then... (more)

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Bonding Before Birth

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 8, 2013

Prenatal babies have personalities before they are born. As any mother can tell you, some babies move around energetically both in and out of the womb, while other infants are physically passive. Some infants are night owls both in and out of the womb and others actually sleep well at night.

Nurses will point out to new parents that their newborn quickly turns towards the voices of their mother, father, siblings and even grandparents. So that means that an unborn child hears what is happening and remembers what he has heard while he was still in the womb. These memories are conscious... (more)

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No Longer Marginalized

By melanie jean juneau, published on Aug 26, 2013

For all its draw backs, online social networking connects isolated people with other like minded individuals. In my case, l felt marginalized by my parenting approach.Then I discovered the phrase "baby whisperers" as well as another blog, both which give credibility to my mothering methods. “Attachment parenting” is described on a warm, informative and professional looking yet engaging and down-to earth blog. The editor has actually asked me to become a staff writer. Looks like I have found kindred spirits and even more new friends.

When I first stumbled upon Catholic Attachment Parenting... (more)

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Top Ten Tips For Parents

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jun 18, 2013

As a mother of nine kids, people often ask me, “How on earth did you manage without any help? “

1.Focus on the joy of parenting, not on everything we are giving up to raise a family

2.Mothers, remember, we have one of the most important jobs in the world because we forming the next generation

3.Accidents and plans fall apart every day, so laugh because laughter cuts through anxiety, anger and frustration, bringing us back to reality

4. Praise works; berating usually backfires. Give good behaviour lots of attention because children WANT our attention and will do... (more)

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Parenting Advice

By Ely North, published on May 8, 2013

...I’m only trying to raise her properly, set appropriate boundaries and teach her how to be responsible. I don’t deserve this kind of abuse! How can I unbitchify my daughter?


Miserable Mom


Dear Miserable Mom,

Oh, the joys of parenting! Devoting all your time and resources to raising up a young lady who then treats you like an old retarded dog who’s always in her way. I’m scheduling a vasectomy for tomorrow.

I think what your daughter needs is a lesson on perspective. Show her just how lucky she is to have... (more)

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Survival Quotes

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 8, 2013


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What to Say About Things Like This

By evidentlyblog, published on Dec 14, 2012

One of the biggest challenges as a parent is to have to explain this chaotic world to an unspoiled mind. To find a way to put words to things that defy reason but are important to understand. My daughter is too young to know about what happened today in Connecticut but this is the world she inhabits and the world she will need to be able to navigate. I think about what I would say to her if she were a few years older.

Any normal human would feel empathy for the victims' families and as a fellow parent even more so. But to have an intimate understanding of how piercing the loss those... (more)

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