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Pearl GTL (Qatar) : an Industrial Masterpiece.

By HenryK, published on Aug 1, 2012

...from the gigantic North field, which is thought to contain 900 trillion. A 19-billion dollar investment and up to 52 000 construction workers were necessary to reach such a high-level of performance. Construction was decided upon, when the volume of the field was appraised. The presence of natural gas was detected in the 1970s, but it was 15 years and as many appraisal drills later, that the field was revealed to contain 10 % of the world's known resources. Only Russia and Iran have larger resources, and Qatar therefore intends to use the exploitation as leverage to develop its booming... (more)

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'Gasland' Exposes Evil of Natural Gas Drilling

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 11, 2011 cleaner than some of the water tested in "Gasland." If this is the consequence of energy independence than no thanks. What I wished the film did at the end was make the case for other forms of renewable energy that don't endanger the rivers, humans and wildlife like drilling for natural gas does. Imagine all the needless suffering that could be averted if we just invested more in solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and biofuels.We are making the same mistakes we made when we went crazy drilling for oil and mining for coal. I hope "Gasland" wins an Oscar so more people see how... (more)

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Marcellus to Get Frack Job: Climax Awaited

By Tom Lewis, published on Dec 17, 2009

...of Exxon, is close.

A frack job (sorry about the headline, but I have to get you to read this stuff somehow) involves injecting water, sand, and an unknown number of unknown chemicals (more on this later), under tremendous pressure, into a bed of shale deep underground that contains natural gas. The explosive impact fractures the shale, opens up new passageways and lets gas that is unavailable to ordinary drilling methods flow to the well. Because of this technique, estimates of America's gas reserves have increased by over one-third in the past two years.

According to all... (more)

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