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The Green Mile

By Credo, published on Dec 5, 2013

...and rebirth, to walk with Christ is to be healed, reborn, rejuvenated and in harmony with God the Father.


Throughout the story, Stephen King introduces a complete gallery of explosively interesting characters who build the everyday life of this blockbuster movie and cell block prison to create a cloistered atmosphere between the prisoners and the guards. The most outstanding characters are, (main actors named later) without a doubt, the loathsome Percy Wetmore (a young guard who abuses his power over the prisoners and benefits from the support or... (more)

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Feeling Good

By Rahul, published on Jun 16, 2013

Past events reel before me, often placing a smile on my face. Time and again some memories surface from the cranial depths and become the part of my present, creating an even more wonderful and cherishing new memory. Living life to me is like seeing a good movie in an old cine theater, laughing, crying and letting all my emotions fly into the hall's quarter darkness, unintentionally memorizing the best scenes and dialogues and now and then looking back at the projector room with curiosity, wondering "How the hell does that thing works". It feels good when I can see life through this window... (more)

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Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

By Ely North, published on Jan 16, 2013 the next round of a bowling tournament, has his car utterly destroyed, and watches a friend die. Though the chaos and turmoil of the world threaten to upset his peaceful existence, “The Dude abides,” solves the mystery, and comes out clean on the other side.

After viewing this movie, The Dude vaulted into my pantheon of personal heroes. I wanted to be him. I desired his relaxed lifestyle; I needed the freedom that comes from having no cares or responsibilities. I began emulating The Dude in every way. I quit my job and instead worked to keep myself perpetually drunk ... (more)

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Business duo, how to do it

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 12, 2012

...we thought, a tourist centre for Sydney. Instead we uncovered where most people would not dare to go. With out theory of working on going forward and putting together what is behind us we would never discover the real reason why this business had been closed for so long.

I needed a movie set, with lovely ladies. It was a business strategy to be able to put how a positive work environment works. It didn't matter who we had to work with. Well, it was prostitutes, the work environment was prostitutes and for many people within the business world would have shone away.

... (more)

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Watch Out! Hollywood I am Coming

By Uttam Gill, published on May 15, 2012

When the wind is going to sing, dust will surely dance. Well, right now, as I comprehend, my spirit in its intense mood, swirling me up. I am awakening to my dreams.

Watch out; I am on a flight… from boots to wings. Common people are common and those who made their names were also very common. They attained celebrity because someone picked them up, with their spark and packaged the brilliance with awesome strokes of cinematic direction.

You all must be wondering that what I am into. Well, today, my ancient sense of lost tenderness has returned and makes me cry, as a toddler to... (more)

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Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Mar 7, 2010

In typical Tim Burton style, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (3D) dips its toe into borderline madness. But that’s to be expected from a film based on the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. And “based” is the correct term. Anyone who has read the classic will recognise the characters and the settings, but the story itself, whilst anchored in the book, diverges and follows its own path. The more astute viewer may notice that Wonderland is a darker place than you might think, and that some of the famous scenes, The Mad Hatter’s tea party for instance, have a more solemn and... (more)

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Food Inc. DVD Releases Today

By Anne Coleman, published on Nov 2, 2009

...of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment. Food, Inc. reveals surprising and often shocking truths about what we eat, how it’s produced and who we have become as a nation.

Special Features

Deleted Scenes Celebrity Public Service Announcements  Resources  ABC News Nightline  “You Are What You Eat”: Food With Integrity  "The Amazing Food Detective" and "Snacktown Smackdown": Stay Active and Eat Health

For more information about the movie, including a the trailer, visit the official Food, Inc. site at


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Interview With Rolf Hitzer, Author Of

By Novel Noise, published on Oct 13, 2009

 I was fortunate enough to get Rolf to agree to an interview as part of his virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion.  This is what he had to say:

What is the latest book or movie that made you cry?

Men of Honor, starring Cuba Gooding JR.

What fictional character is most like you?

I’m told, Tim the Toolman Taylor.

What is the greatest album ever?

Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd.

Ok, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?

Hands down, Lord of the Rings.

What is your... (more)

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The World According To Garp

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 30, 2009 the utterly mundane. Indulge me for a minute, okay? I promise I’ll be brief as I explain.

I recently got an email from a reader of my reviews who had read the reviews I wrote on “The Whole Wide World” and “Barton Fink”. Since those were movies about writers she asked me what I thought of THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP which is also a movie about a writer. I hadn’t seen the movie in years, I emailed back. I wasn’t even sure it was on DVD for me to Netflix.

But something happened to our DirecTV and we went... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Sep 26, 2009

...and Elizabeth Banks

Screenplay by John Brancanto and Michael Ferris

So we’re on our way to the theater to catch an early evening showing of SURROGATES and my wife Patricia mentions that the few reviews she’s heard or read about the movie aren’t particularly flattering. I smugly reply that Bruce Willis has had a pretty good track record with science fiction movies. Even though I didn’t like “Armageddon” it was a huge box office hit. “Twelve Monkeys” and the incredibly entertaining... (more)

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