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So far from God; so close to the United States

By Anastasia , published on Jan 17, 2013

Are you American? Then you must be concerned about war. Oh, not some distant conflict, not Afghanistan. No, the war you must be concerned about – surely you must? – is the war on your southern border. Yes, it’s the war in Mexico, that unacknowledged Vietnam.

The war on terror (what a disaster that has been) is bad enough; the war on drugs has been even worse. It’s the sheer savagery of the Mexican conflict that disgusts me, the mutilations and the murderous sadism. Do you know how many people have died in the drugs war? The official estimate to date is 50,000 but those who know... (more)

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The Last Three Weeks

By Anastasia , published on Dec 2, 2012

...They have no ends or ends, if I can put it like that.

I admire the Maya. I’ve been to Tikal in Guatemala, looking out over the forest canopy, punctuated here and there by those marvellous and mysterious pyramids. Who could not admire their civilization after seeing that? A lot of people think that the Maya disappeared into the mists of time, that they had their own unrecorded apocalypse. But they did not. They are still with us, communities in southern Mexico and Guatemala. For them 2012 is a boom without a boom. What a party they are anticipating on 21 December!


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The Arizona Debacle

By Amo, published on May 9, 2010

...for whatever political gain is achieved irregardless of the consequences, and the American people, who simply realize that Arizona could very well be their own city or town under siege by foreign invaders!

The irony to this incredibly ridicules situation, is to simply take a look at Mexico’s own stringent immigration laws that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

In the country legally; Have the means to sustain themselves economically; Not destined to be burdens on society; Of economic and social benefit to society; Of good character and have no criminal... (more)

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La Familia Moral values

By manny osborne, published on Oct 24, 2009

...they run drug-rehabilitations centers, helping addicts to recover and then forcing them to work for the group. The Juarez Cartel started to burn out the drug-rehab centers in Juarez city as an effort to keep the control of the city.

La Familia operates methamphetamine superlabs in Mexico that produce up to 100 pounds of the drug in eight hours, and have presence in the United States from coast to coast with arrests announced thursday in 38 cities of more than 300 people tell us how deep the cartel is in our country.

La Familia is the fastest-growing cartel is a religious ... (more)

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The Aztlan Project - Investigating The Swine Flu Conspiracy

By J.N. PAQUET, published on Oct 11, 2009

Jean-Baptiste Duprés was a French Investigative Journalist working in Mexico when the outbreak of the Swine Flu virus began in the country. On 25th April 2009, he decided to give up his then work on a high-level drug mexican cartel to start an investigation on the new deadly virus.

Through that investigation that led him into what was to be the most unbelievable conspiracy one could have imagined, Duprés travelled to different places in Mexico and other cities in the world. And after taking some risks, he eventually discovered what really lies beneath the official... (more)

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Drug Prohibition Is Financing Terrorist Activities

By Dr. Steve, published on Sep 26, 2009

... the title of an opinion piece in the February 23, 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal written by three ex-Latin American Presidents: Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the President of Brazil form 1995-2003, Cesar Gaviria, the President of Colombia from 1990-1994 and Ernesto Zedillo, the President of Mexico from 1994 -2000. The article states, “Violence and the organized crime associated with the narcotics trade remain critical problems in our countries,” and they add that “Today, we are further than ever from the goal of eradicating drugs.”They then state that “The revision of the... (more)

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Buying Steroids Online

By john_arnolds, published on Sep 26, 2009 larger items actually pass customs. I guess if I had a package seized I’d be really angry, but I guess it would be my fault as well, as I’ve paid someone to send those items to me. Unfortunately it’s a take it or leave it situation and one has to be a bit lucky for everything to go smoothly every time.

The bottom line is, I still believe buying steroids online is the best option for most people (the ones living too far from Mexico anyways). But you do need to keep in mind that ordering steroids to the states is not the same thing as buying your everyday item from Amazon.


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Mi Vida Loca In Brooklyn

By Ava Marie, published on Aug 13, 2009

...well with my coffee, made in my $12 coffee maker. My neighbors could cook an incredible pot of pinto beans and they’d always offer me a plate, with rice sur le côté, any chance they got. My Guatemalan neighbor, who used to make dentures and porcelain teeth for Dentists in Mexico, gladly offered to glue my crown in for me one afternoon when it suddenly came out as a result of too many Starburst fruit chews.When the neighbors threw back-yard parties to celebrate a 5-year olds birthday, it would last until 5 AM and my room mate and I (the token white blondies) were always ... (more)

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Jobs Available: The Aliens Are Leaving

By baynurse, published on Jul 27, 2009

...but hey who needs it, now that the Mexicans are gone, we can all go back to talking just one language.

So much has changed in this SUV, Megabyte, one for all and all for me, economy. Now I talk to my neighbors and friends who are going back to their families and hometowns in Mexico, to live a life of comfort and abundance. Their homes have been built with the money they send weekly to their devoted wives and eager, growing children, who have worked hard to build their homes, and work their land to supply their food and economy.

These undocumented workers have... (more)

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June Contributor Of The Month - Morgana

By Digidave, published on Jun 25, 2009 the military for the educational and housing benefits. I served at the tail end of the horrific Viet Nam War. Got to travel the world for 'free' with my military id.I went to all of the United States, Paris, London, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Rome, Toledo, Milan, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and even managed one trip to Havana. I received an Honorable Discharge with a Medical rating. I moved to Northern California where I proceeded to obtain several California State University system degrees starting with my GI Bill and then scholarships. I fell in love, married ... (more)

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