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Have you ever been a bad bad mummy?

By JennyT, published on Aug 27, 2013

...of those things.

In the middle of the morning, when not a creature was stirring not even a mouse (no it was Winter..Santa comes in Summer) a cold and very tired mummy (PLEASE) keep that in mind as you read further, tip-toed into her baby's room to give her some mummy hugs & cough medicine as she was coughing very badly.

It was dark so I left the light on from the passageway as to not disturb her sleep too much, then carefully poured out the 10ml of cough medicine I had sitting on her bedside table.

"Cough Cough" then louder "Arggghhhh Mum" her beautiful little... (more)

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The Ministry of Fear

By Anastasia , published on Feb 19, 2013

I wrote recently about the atrocious case of Stafford Hospital, a place where hundreds of patients are now thought to have died needlessly as a result of mismanagement, negligence and incompetence. Mismanagement, negligence and incompetence seem to have become the three wicked fairies haunting the state-funded British National Health Service. The scandal caused by their malevolent magic is now all but impossible to disguise.

The attempt has been made, though. The rot here goes high; it goes high as Sir David Nicholson, the former communist who is now Chief Executive of the National... (more)

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I'm No Expert...But

By DKIdea, published on Nov 12, 2012

I’m no expert...but I’d like to give a voice to the millions of people suffering and dying from cancer. I’m no expert, but I’m very familiar with cancer as it has taken away my mother, my aunt (her sister), many cousins and threatens to do even more. Cancer being what it is isn’t the issue I want to give voice to...but cancer being what it’s not: eradicated.

To be logically fair, there are so many types of cancer effecting so many different people that it may never be fully eradicated...but I’m a firm believer that more can be done to combat it and that the key to more successful treatments... (more)

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Health for Profit

By DKIdea, published on Nov 11, 2012

...but they were good and gone by the time I showed up on the scene. I heard about a time when doctors cured and treated ailments because they took an oath to do so...not because it was profitable. I’m not saying doctors shouldn’t get paid...I think they should, and quite well. I just think medicine shouldn’t be an industry that sacrifices health for money.

Take cancer for example. Where is the profitability in offering a cure? Once cancer is gone, all the money and funding for research is gone as well. Millions will be out of a job from those that make the chemicals for chemo to ... (more)

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Worm Found Live in an Eye

By Anastasia , published on Jul 1, 2012

...left her horrified – “It just kept moving and jumping; it was scary for a bit.” Scary is not the word!

The unidentified worm has now been sent a microbiology lab for further tests. There are two possible suspects, the toxocara worm, also known as the dog round worm, and the African eye worm. The report on this story in the Mumbai Mirror concludes with some sensible advice: wash your hands before eating, eat only properly cooked food, drink boiled water…and take de-worming medicine every six months. They should have added that it’s wise to keep your eye on your eye.


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My Life And Fibromyalgia

By Betty B., published on Dec 2, 2011

...I cope by holding onto Jesus, He is the only one who can an will wipe away all my tears someday. Dealing With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia comes with alot of other things, like irrital bowel syndrome and depression, I was diagnosed with dysthemia, a clinical depression. There is a medicine for this call lyrica which doesn't work for me, it makes me gain weight fast. I see a chiropractor that seems to help me alot to stay aligned. The pain gets so bad at time that I have to stay in bed alot. I'm still getting treated for this as the doctor go about trying something else for... (more)

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Let's Blame It All On The Poor

By Paul Wylie, published on Mar 14, 2011

Once more in the heat of a national budget crisis brought on by Wall Street bankers, one that may determine if we survive as a nation, the right wingers and those full of hatred for everyone that do not think as they do, once again attempt to turn the poor into an issue. Once more screaming about massive waste and abuses by the people who are on either Medicaid, TANF, Food Stamps, or any of the other alphabet soup of programs designed to help those less fortunate.

So called 'think tank' publications exhort the wisdom of massive cutbacks to all entitlement programs, without also imparting... (more)

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Buying Steroids Online

By john_arnolds, published on Sep 26, 2009 was not shipped by registered mail. HUH?!

Well, several emails later and I was able to understand everything. With international mail registered packages need to have declaration of contents included. In many countries steroids are legal so one would think no problem, just declare medicine. Well, the customs do read the declaration so those would be checked immediately. A, I was thinking, why not lie? Supposedly, if one lies on the declaration it can be considered a criminal offense. Basically, as I understand, the only way to keep themselves and their customers out of trouble... (more)

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A Little Piece Of Quiet

By Glenn T, published on Aug 17, 2009

...she would no doubt view the task as Herculean and require a commensurate sum of money. I wasn't ready to forgo a nice weekend in Vegas just to get a little nap. Drug Money. I then wondered if I could offer to buy the child a glass of juice which would perhaps have some night time cold medicine mixed into it. Or perhaps speak to the mother about the extreme hazards of airborne allergens on airplanes with regard to children and just happen to have a double dose of Children's Benadryl handy. Of course, I then realized this would only really help me next time (mental note to add to... (more)

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"Fee" Health Care

By Glenn T, published on Aug 3, 2009

As the debate over Universal Health Care or Socialized Medicine (or whatever name you’re currently using to refer to the federal government taking over health care) continues, we seem lost for a decent example of how and whether or not it will work. As European versions seem too far removed, we are constantly being told to take a good, hard look at our national neighbors to the North as anecdotal evidence. But, if Shania Twain, Keanu Reeves and Pamela Anderson are any example of our looking to Canada for informative analogs (of cowgirls, surfers or lifeguards, respectively), perhaps we ought... (more)

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