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Tales From A Floating World

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 9, 2011

...They are already saying that Kearney Street could be gone by fall. I just hope they get Henry’s Hunan out of there in time. This town would really be a lost cause without the Henry’s Special.

Jennifer’s Mom got word she had to move a couple of days ago, from her co-op in Lower Manhattan. She thought it would be better to move her Mom Upstate somewhere, but her Mom was having none of that. She was all, “I was born in Manhattan, and I’m gonna die in Manhattan. So just shut up and find me something Uptown.” Her Mom was like that – totally New Yawk. Jennifer finally... (more)

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By taking off the mask, published on Sep 14, 2010

I Lost myself in the city

looked under every garbage bin

but my courage


and smile

seemed to have been misplaced

I asked the man at the counter

if he's seen them

but he just shook his head and shrugged

I searched in the eyes of a child

but she just cried

I even asked the birds

but they flew away

so I walked aimlessly

looking franticly

trying not to cry

hugging myself

trying not to be afraid

but it seems I lost myself

somewhere in the city today

I... (more)

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Graphic Novel Review: DMZ – On the ground

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Feb 21, 2010

... is New York City, where neither side can gain an advantage, and so it has become a demilitarised zone (DMZ). The main protagonist of the piece is a photojournalist intern, Mathew “Matty” Roth, who is stranded in the DMZ after his news crew are killed in an attack shortly after arriving in Manhattan by helicopter. Having lived on the United States side of the sundered country, Roth finds himself completely unprepared for life in the DMZ and the struggles that ordinary people face just to survive on a day-today basis. The concept is a very interesting one. It throws up themes of... (more)

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How Many Interns Did Letterman Screw?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 5, 2009

...still scum!

The whole affair began when Letterman said he had received a package from an individual who claimed to have information on his flings with female employees and threatened to go to the press unless Letterman handed over $2 million.

Letterman contacted the Manhattan District Attorney's office, who launched an investigation.

Investigators advised Letterman to mail a phony $2 million check to the individual, which led to the extortionist's arrest on Thursday. Police have identified Robert Halderman, 51, an Emmy Award-winning producer, as a... (more)

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President Under Pressure

By JJFCPA, published on Sep 11, 2009

...Iran was getting close to having a weapon capability within a year. The Russians were quick to announce their position by rejecting stronger sanctions against Iran. Obama's hope for a reset for relations with Russia are not going in the direction he had hoped.

Robert Morgenthau, the Manhattan District Attorney, disclosed in a speech in D.C. this week of evidence his department has that Venezuela and Iran continue to build a web of collaboration that extends from their financial institutions to military cooperation. He described newly constructed plants in isolated areas of... (more)

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Mi Vida Loca In Brooklyn

By Ava Marie, published on Aug 13, 2009

When I first decided to move to New York, I told everyone I’d be living in the hip, trendy, East Village area of Manhattan. Naturally, why wouldn’t I want to live there? After all, I had visited for two weeks and spent most of my free time sipping lattes at the quaint cafes, trying new cuisines at the French restaurants, shopping in the over-priced boutiques and took in as much Jazz as I could stomach while I got myself acquainted with what I thought would be my new neighborhood. Of course, since when does life ever go as we plan? After searching for apartments through Craigslist,... (more)

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It's Never Too Late To Write Your First Novel

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 27, 2009

...partnership with real-life post-war Italian Prime Minister, Alcide DeGasperi.

Speer is currently working on his third novel, CIA Fables, to be published late this year, via traditional distribution channels, thus completing his Fables Trilogy.

Charlie Speer was born in Manhattan in 1936, graduated from M.I.T. in 1957 (Business and Engineering), and completed his Naval service in Naples, Italy in 1961. He then lived in Milan for the next decade while completing his family and working as a management consultant (and part-time CIA spy?) during the industrial... (more)

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Pressing The Reset Button On Our Missile Defense

By Amo, published on Mar 10, 2009

... for America, so it should come as no surprise that he’s now willing to trade off our national security for what he considers a “greater good”.

However, before President Obama trades off our security, perhaps he should take a walk down to 120 Liberty Street, in lower Manhattan and reacquaint himself once again, to what took place in 2001, on a beautiful sunny September morn.

Imagine if you will any leader in the world willing to trade off its countries defenses for an obscure promise from former adversaries and hostel regimes?

It would be... (more)

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The Watchmen Movie- Voyeurs Rejoice!

By VeroniqueChevalier, published on Mar 8, 2009

...addicted to as well). Don't get me wrong, there were things to love about "The Watchmen", especially for my male neighbors in West Hollywood. Yes, boys and boys, (and a few of you girls too), there was actual weenie on display, albeit tinted blue, and glimpsed only occasionally. The Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman character (Billy Crudup), (who is reminiscent of an azure version of the Oscar™ statue with a bindi), whose superhero incarnation was created via an accident in an atomic research lab, was granted the ability to flap freely in public with his privates. This is surely a... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Mar 8, 2009

...Justice, Captain Metropolis, Silhouette and Dollar Bill are called superheroes they actually have no real superpowers. They’re ordinary men and women who put on masks and go out to fight crime. It isn’t until the 1950’s that the world gets its first real superbeing: Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup) who, like a lot of DC and Marvel characters gains superpowers due to a scientific accident. Ironically, its Dr. Manhattan’s creation that intensifies the Cold War between The United States and Russia. The Russians are kinda spooked that America has a... (more)

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