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Never Knew

By Rahul, published on May 18, 2013

...meant,till I broke it.

Never knew I hated silence,till you chose it.

Never knew how I felt,till I lost you.

Never knew what winning was,till I failed.

Never knew what hope meant,till I lost it.

Never knew the mild breeze,

till life knocked the breath out of me.

Never knew the beauty of sunshine,

till the rain came by.

Never knew how easy it is to advice,

till I tried to follow.

Never knew how strong I am,

till I fought back.

Life is one lesson, you won’t learn,

till you live the fullest.


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Taking Time To Take The Time

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 16, 2013

...We can't find the time to just "find the time" anymore. I found, for myself, I almost have to "schedule" myself some time to be able to just stop doing anything else. It's not that my life is that busy, it's the fact that I generally don't make time for myself for some reason. As y'all know, I live in southeast Texas, so our weather is already warmed up into the mid 80s already at mid April. As you can see by the picture I took this weekend, where I live is greened up and already looking like summer. I like this view, I come here on occasion to watch the catfish, the turtles, the snakes,... (more)

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Walking down the path of life!

By Betty B., published on Mar 12, 2012

Walking down the path of life I have fallen in a lot of strife I feel you near,so close to hear how am I gonna make it without your touch.

Walking down the path of life your so close in the sun and in the tree's how can I call out when stuff piles high in life?

Walking down the path of life so much sorrow now,I need Your voice so much darkness has swallowed me up.

Walking down the path of life why am I so far from the light?

Take me now Lord, take me now,

Walking down the path of life seeking you in all this pain taking it one step at a time calling out... (more)

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The Seashore

By Betty B., published on Mar 1, 2012

I'm walking down the sandy beach Lord, hoping to hear your voice in me, the world is crazy outside here today, I'm praying you lead me right to your way.

As I walk I pray your here, wanting to feel your touch so true, its hard at times and more pain is near, I'm praying you keep me so safe and sound.

I see the beauty inside my soul, I hear the sounds as I walk the shore, why does my life always seem so poor, I look at others and their world seems so new, why do they act so violent toward you.

I know your touch and how it can change them, why do we all have such a time rearranging... (more)

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By Betty B., published on Mar 1, 2012

When the deep dark wind of pain starts folding in around me you take hold of my hands and wrap them in love.

It seems that this way of darkness unfolds right before my eyes it's your love that keeps me alive

So precious is the thought that unwinds of the way things use to be when you found me the first time

You shelter me in Thy Grace Your hands touch my face

Your ways are true when we meet one day in the world anew the shadows will fade and you'll make me new

Oh how I long for the time when I see you coming in the sky your heart in mine the darkness leaves... (more)

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Butterfly Love!

By Betty B., published on Feb 25, 2012

Do you ever watch the butterfly?

The beauty in its colors.

The love in its movements

its just like no other.

The butterfly is my favorite

of the bugs and the flowers

the love it shows is like Gods hand

its touch is soft and full of grace

so gentle in its movements like the Lamb.

So as you walk in the spring

watch the butterfly as it lands

see how it moves and let it stand

on the flowers God made for us and it,

take it slow and never skip.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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His Touch

By Betty B., published on Jan 1, 2012

When I think about your touch, I long to feel it so much, Your calmness is so important, The way You bestow your Love.

When I think about your touch, I long to have Your Love in me more and more to have You restore, I long to hear your voice within me, and to have your hand hold mine, and we never come untwined.

Lord,to know You more is what I want, how can I feel Your loving touch that means so much.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


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I used to be better than that.

By Betty B., published on Dec 27, 2011

How often have we heard that we used to be better than we are now. Years ago my kids and I spent a lot of time at the Ausauble River. We used to live in Grayling Michigan. I really use to enjoy my children when they were little. I know I should of done more with them during after school projects but my life seemed to be too busy. So my kids and I spent a lot of time together as we walked the raod called Wakely Bridge Road. I would get my blanket and book and lay in the grass and read and enjoy the sunshine. I think about those days so much sometimes I want cry to bring them back to me.... (more)

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When You Whisper

By Betty B., published on Dec 15, 2011

When you whisper to me In my heart I see The love you hold so deep within Keeps me standing so strong and true The true meaning of Love is deep within you.

I long to hear your voice each day To get me through these battles I face I know your there so deep within The trials they try to bind

Each time I try to hide But then you whisper deep in my heart You let me know you won't depart.

So Lord, when I hear your whisper Keep me close so I don't stray, I'm tired of running to no dismay,

Hold me close so I can tell Your love in me so deep within Helps me always to call... (more)

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After The Storm

By Betty B., published on Dec 3, 2011

After the storm life seems fresh our Lord took us out of that mess

After the storm the sun shines through

Our Lord made us brand new

After the storm we walk in His light

things seem so bright

After the storm people know His love has touched us

His love is new

After the storm we look at the sky

We praise Him for all He does He keeps us in line

After the storm life is nice

He is the one whom gives us advice!

Written by:©Betty Bolden 8-11-04

All poems are copyright!©


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