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1st Hbrfest's Poster Competition

By HBRFEST, published on Mar 17, 2014

1st Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival's 2014 Film Poster Competition

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is excited to announce it’s ever Film Poster Competition!

HBRFEST is honor to invite you to be part of this amazing contest! HBRFEST producers are looking for people to submit ideas for the 6th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival. The HBRFEST producers will choose one winner and the winning poster will be displayed at the festival website, in all marketing materials and also sold at the screenings. In addition, audience members and online voters will have a chance... (more)

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The Racial Face of Film

By DKIdea, published on Feb 20, 2014

...seems to be a hot button issue with many fans and I’ve not seen anyone anywhere really lay the cards on the table and express what the beef is all about.

Now, I’m familiar with those hardcore fans that want complete authenticity when it comes to converting comics to film, and wish Hollywood would do a better job of attaining it when casting decisions are made for certain characters. I’m one of them…sometimes. However, because I’ve also not seen a single character come to the silver screen unaltered in any way from the original material, I’ve become accustomed to looking... (more)

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Nicolas Cage’s Wife Changed His Views of Hollywood

By Earn, published on Oct 28, 2013

At 49, Nicolas Cage has enjoyed a pretty successful career in Hollywood, both as an actor and a producer. But he’s now pointing a finger at the industry for discriminating against a certain breed of actors. And his accusations stem from none other than Cage’s young wife, 39-year-old Alice Kim.

Cage recently wrapped up his latest film, Outcast, for which most of the crew was Chinese. When doing an interview to promote the film, Cage slammed Hollywood for not offering viable lead roles for male actors of Asian descent. “I hope that we will see more Chinese actors in American... (more)

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Come and discover Brazilian cinema!

By HBRFEST, published on Jul 15, 2013

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (HBRFEST) has announced its 2013 film lineup today. The program showcases the best and most recent selection of Brazilian films, many of which have screened in world prestigious film festivals like Berlin, Rotterdam and Locarno, a special retrospective screening, industry seminars, networking parties and a competition awards ceremony. A diverse mix of 23 feature films and shorts will be screened at this year’s festival, among them 1 international premiere, 1 U.S. Premiere, 1 West Coast Premiere. See for a list and schedule of films and... (more)

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Watch Out! Hollywood I am Coming

By Uttam Gill, published on May 15, 2012

... no inhibitions to claim that certainly, I wish to be an exhibitionist and perfectionist of dreams.

I am at the age, when many may not tread to venture out in highly disappointing arena, where failure rate is alarmingly very high. I wish to leap into the most happening place and that is Hollywood. Not with sense of bravado but as an aspiring claimant to be a Hollywood Star and also with a sense, to be what I am and what I should be.

I am under the spell and that is, to be or not to be. I say to myself, YES TO BE…Now you can read my mind. Tell me one thing; if suppose,... (more)

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Mission accomplished!

By Gregory John Smith, published on Dec 18, 2011

It was all over the news in Singapore and everyone at school was talking about it; Hayley Mills and Trevor Howard were staying at the Raffles Hotel for the filming of “Pretty Polly”. Obviously this was nothing new for the already famous Raffles, which had hosted celebrities like Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne and Ava Gardner, as well as other personalities such as Somerset Maugham, Pablo Neruda and James Mitchener. The hotel had been the setting for innumerable film productions and was now to set the scene for Hayley’s latest film, so as a teenage fan of the then 21-year old actress, I simply... (more)

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Hello is much more than a simple greeting

By MsExec, published on Sep 30, 2010


What I will say is that Hello is a rollercoaster of emotions that does not need special affects, elaborate set decorations, or a large acting troop to deliver such an entertainingly thought filled and emotion provoking event.

Beth and Stefan are absolutely worth the drive into Hollywood with chemistry is that is unconventionally captivating. Everything from the sound and lighting adds to the overall excellence that is HELLO.

I won't deny you the opportunity to read other reviews about the event which can be found on their facebook page:... (more)

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Wilmington NC To Be The Next Hollywood?

By SanityCheck2, published on Nov 30, 2009

Well, the news here in North Carolina is that Wilmington is about to be the next Hollywood, only with state liquor stores, tens of thousands of devout Baptists and a series of social institutions right out of the middle ages. There is a language barrier as most folks in Wilmington speak Southern and only use English as a second Language.

There no doubt are some advantages to being on the opposite end of Interstate 40 but frankly, it doesn’t appear the powers that be in La La land have given this enough serious thought. To be polite, the benefits of filming in Wilmington, N.C. simply... (more)

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Resistance Then, Resist Now! @ Arlington West, Oct. 25th

By T. Conboy, published on Oct 10, 2009

...draft with historian and unionist Gordon Alexandre.   CSULA student Anitra Wetzel will speak of problems facing students in today’s skewed economy, and a public health advocate will address “It’s Healthcare or Warfare.”  

The Ash Grove (1958 – 1973) on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood was a pioneering musical and political venue.   The performance standards and creative interplay among musicians, young and old, produced many great artists, enriched the lives of audiences, and gave the club a leading role in the culture of a generation.   Archived Ash Grove concerts... (more)

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2009 Inglewood Celebrates The Arts Market Street Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 7, 2009

...Carter- guitar, Eric Williams- bass, and Jerry Olsen holding down the beat on drums. Zola belted out one blues tune after another for their scheduled time slot. The group performed “Sweet Pea,” “Piece of my Heart,” “Bad Dog Fight,” “Hollywood to the Hood,” “Hot Texas Sun,” “Tore Down” and concluded with a song made famous by Etta James “Tell Mama.”

Vocalist Alana returned to the festival to wow the audience once again as she so superbly did last year. Elliott Cane and his band... (more)

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