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Dear Facebook…

By DKIdea, published on May 12, 2014

...when using it. Understand that this post is going to be purely opinion driven, but if people can use social media to vent…then I can use this blog to share my critique of their observed venting.

Now I’m not going to spend too much time talking about those folks that have turned Facebook into their own platform to rant about the one thing that bothers them most in life…with…every…single…post. I suppose a need is met as I’ve observed these soapbox face bookers with audiences that participate in every discussion as if something new were being discussed, instead of the... (more)

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Trying to imagine life without social media

By Shane Joseph, published on Feb 3, 2013 there is no going back, we are the social media generation, suck it up and get on with it. But there needs to be some “information firewall behavior” called for; the confidence to switch on and off when needed, without the pressure to be “always on” in order to be relevant, despite Facebook and Twitter sending you those “How are you doing?” messages when you are minding your own business, or Klout warning you that your score is dropping because you have been silent for awhile. Taking social media-less vacations is a good idea, and retreats from “always on” to just read a... (more)

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Lessons on Social Media From Two Guys on the Subway

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 9, 2012 if my iPad was getting a signal in this tunnel.Jim: I know, “Google it,” has killed asking a question and starting a conversation. The woman I last dated couldn’t keep her hands off her Blackberry. I finally got up and left midway during dinner and she didn’t even look up from her Facebook chat.Sam: That FB thing is a bit overrated, especially if you are trying to sell something. It’s like preaching to the choir – “The Mutual Admiration Society” I call it. Everyone is shouting “Like me, like me.” I get on only to post snarky comments about us little guys getting... (more)

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Keeping Professional & Personal Social Media Accounts Apart

By Miguel Salcido, published on Jul 11, 2012

Nowadays, it’s difficult to explore the Internet and not encounter a social networking or sharing function. With the added factor that many business professionals have a Facebook account, Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, and so on, individuals continue to grow connected online. With the use of social media becoming more and more prolific, the distinction between the professional and personal remains blurry. Stories of the two clashing constantly emerge, whether from managers asking for Facebook passwords or companies monitoring employee Internet use. How do you make sure that your personal life,... (more)

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For get the logic, we are marketing for!

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jul 3, 2012

... we can market our products, we have a marketing funds for advertising and how to utilise it very effective. All businesses are faced with this problem. Not enough days in the hour, and many of them being non productive in the office you will see.

Many of your workers around you are on facebook, yet it is a numbers game within the marketing. If the contacts on facebook for employees of massive companies have there own ability to lead generate, communicate with there potential clients.

These the sales team, yet within warehouses many people have facebook. This total push on... (more)

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Peevish Social Media

By evidentlyblog, published on Jul 3, 2012

After writing a blog for over six years and being on Facebook for five, you start to consider yourself a connoisseur of user generated/social media--especially being able to distinguish between what is “within the norm” versus “cringe-worthy.” I have learned from bloggers before me that obscurity is a protection from ridicule until the moment it’s not--in other words, once you are found to be interesting in either a good or bad way, you’re anonymity can be erased by one well-followed tweet or blog entry with a hyperlink. Bolder bloggers than I have fallen upon their own words and found this... (more)

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Talin's Wish.....a little sick boy in Australia.

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 24, 2012

...create a wonderful YOU.

A little about Talin's treatment. Where you can join in and see the vast help and awareness one some boy with some exceptional parents has brought together. Join with them the fundraiser where the ultimate gain is to support precious life it'self.

Just from the Mum herself explaining what's happening.In Bear Cottage Sydney Australia it is about what the children want and need in this time of their lives. It is not about the parents, siblings or extended families and carers. This does make if very difficult as the... (more)

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Social Marketing = Viral Book Sales? Think again!

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 15, 2012

...or else others in my situation are keeping mum.Here are some of my observations on book marketing in the social media universe (and I would welcome any thoughts to the contrary):

1) We have generated too much “noise” in the FB and Twitter universes. People are Twittered-out, or Facebook-whacked. The more followers you have, the more perishable your messages. If you don’t get a “like” or “re-tweet” within two minutes of your post, that post is history. Even keeping personal favourite lists ends up in clutter after awhile.2) Expansion and Targeting is difficult. FB... (more)

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Internet Marketing is a challenging world where to start

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 4, 2012

For most people they will think about working for themselves, going through the motions this is a dream for many to work from home or for themselves with a luxury lifestyle.

I come across many people who are looking for this one thing, lifestyle. How to start.

Marketing, it is so under estimated. We have to work out the product, where we are going to sell it? Who will buy it?

The internet marketing is a new era, where people can be millionaires working in the middle of nowhere. That's right, they have had a dream, put a strategy together and working towards it for awhile... (more)

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Is Facebook Losing the Key

By TonyBerkman, published on May 31, 2012

Facebook and its 900 million users may be losing interest amongst a vital demographic. Teens according to the Los Angeles Times say that "THE" social network no longer possesses that all evasive "cool factor;"

"Facebook is just not the big fad anymore," said a 15-year-old. Twitter, Tumblr, texting, and other mobile apps are kicking Zuckerberg's site. One of the key appealing aspects of other networks , according to these teens, is more privacy from their parents.

Facebook is huge with baby boomers. Facebook's proportion of 50- to 64-year-old members is second... (more)

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