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Out Beyond Forever

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 6, 2014

How do you know someone you never met Find a connection that passes any distance With no other purpose than divine Intervention guiding your soul and essence ...

I remember your fingerprints From eons passed in another lifetime When life was pure simplicity and innocence Touching only with white grace an unknown place...

In this enchanted benevolence Where the stars shone brighter Than any existence I have ever known Trust and knowing were given birth to...

Deep desire transcended Beyond time and space Touching our instinct Grounded in trust....

Years passed and... (more)

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Running Your Own Race

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 24, 2013

Ever had a big dream, huge aspirations to do something truly great, wanted to be “somebody” who is far out of the realm of your personal comfort zone, desired to leave your mark on the world for history to exhibit your legacy?

We all have them, deep inside, those hopes and dreams churning within. It’s great when we begin taking action: writing your first novel, blindly flying off to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, working hard for that next promotion, even going after the relationship you’ve always craved. We have but one life to live and should pursue what we truly want; whatever... (more)

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Nomadic nights

By JennyT, published on Sep 9, 2013

fingers splintering on bare wood the night, eyes closed ~ except through my third eye, the centre of my brows

early hours are silent, bar the tinkering ivories that draws me from unconscious sleep dreams will not be ReMembered when I wake yet still I wonder

violins draw close, like moths fluttering, movement; bow on strings music helps my flight, as I drift or am I deep in slumber now

wings circle overhead escaping from the birds hush morning do not come to soon I am in the woods, a far off place morning will enter, UNknowingly disturb

spin… SPin hallucinating?... (more)

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The Sound Of Sirens

By D. Sager, published on Jun 13, 2013

I woke with a sweat drenched pillow, the dreams that enthralled me were just out of reach but I could struggle and recall them if I didn't hesitant any longer and with that thought, I pulled back the sounds of voices, calling like the fine wind and string instruments of lyre and lute. The voices were right, wisdom echoed in their cadence as I found my ship drawn inextricably to their haunting direction. Have you ever smelled perfume? Not the cheap whorish variety that smelled like cotton candy but a subtle scent that lingered long after she left the room? That's how her voice seemed, a wafting... (more)

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What Is Your Life Mission?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 8, 2013

... something more important to me than money. Ask yourself what it is you really want to do with your life, and don't allow anyone or anything to stand in your way. Step out of your comfort zone, with courage and persistence you can reach your goals.

It is never too late to go for your dreams, to live in the fashion that brings you personal satisfaction. Finding a purpose in life goes much deeper than making a living. It means I commit to doing what I value in life. It comes from deep in my soul that I am compelled to pursue no matter the setbacks . It my case it was a burning... (more)

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By melanie jean juneau, published on Feb 19, 2013

Dreams and nightmares are elusive. They play hide and seek with our rational intellect because they rise up only when our cognitive brain shuts down. Dreams are one of the languages of the subconscious and our deepest soul but the language is not logical. It is intuitive, creative, and one of the languages of the Spirit, using imagery, symbolism and deep-rooted, strong emotions.

The right brain cannot be understood with our left-brain. We love our left-brained life because we can control and train it with our wills. Our right brain simply laughs at our feeble attempts to rein it in.... (more)

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When Dreams Come True

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 30, 2013

...luck. But, it can, and does happen if someone is willing to commit themselves to their goals.

We are increasingly living in a society where more and more are less willing to strive to succeed. Many have lost that certain drive, positive outlook, swagger, and work ethic it takes to turn dreams into reality. But, as many success stories throughout history have been told, including the one I’ve written about here, they all started with a vision, some talent, and a raw determination to make things happen.

As for now, here’s to all the Nicolas Sparks’ who are soon to be... (more)

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For YOU...

By Rahul, published on Jan 30, 2013

We sailed the rough seas in life, Chasing a dreamwhich seemed within reach, time was cruel nthrew us off boardSwept away by its strong currents.With shattered dreams,we drifted apart.Your friendship eased my pain, Those times we had nLaughs we shared;still stays afreshLike it was yesterday whereIt started with a ‘hello there'

But it seems I remind youof those hard times,you so long to leave behind.All my efforts to comfort you Seems to hurt you moreso I leave you herewith a heavy heart, hopingnew friends and timecan bring back those smile;I still cherishto remember you by.


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A Million TIMES

By Rahul, published on Jan 17, 2013

I'd talked to you a million times, and I knew you inside out. Yet when I came near you, Words betrayed me,My heart missed a beat and time slowed down; Never in those million times had this happened, thought my search was over.

Late I was as always, but my heart was content; for I found my voice amidst those mumbled words. ‘Special you are’ the one I talked to a million time. And still she asks,... (more)

Tags: love, dreams, lost, special, million times

My Love You Are Gone

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 4, 2013

... alone”

Your back, drew the big no and feet orchestrated the departure

“Oh! My love...Why? Why? Why you walked away”

With your back towards me, I ceased to exist

Come back my love...look back...Look at your man

Oh! I understood that now you won’t

You walked away with fanfare of arrogance

And I ,your man left alone on that sultry day

You drafted the gloom within me

You are gone for ever

As now, I look towards the distant sky

In the twilight zone of dreams I see my rainbow missing

My love you are gone


Tags: love, dreams, pain, lonliness, beloved, sorrows, parting

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