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China bans Ramadan fasting

By rosemaryrose, published on Jul 11, 2014

At present it is very difficult to find anything positive about China’s excessive control over its society. Some critics are also of the opinion that this very controlling nature has fueled protests in Xinjiang region. This province has been known as a home for Uighur Muslims. Recently, china had made every effort o curb every extremist activity in the region by cracking down on terrorist outfits. In the wake of killing civilians in a bombing, China had also ordered taking down of any information from the internet which could aid in the development of any terrorist material.

It... (more)

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A Stock Market Break? These Indices Say No

By michael lombardi, published on Jun 12, 2014

...the comeback trail and so are Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO), The Priceline Group Inc. (PCLN), Oracle Corporation (ORCL), Apple Inc. (AAPL), and Google Inc. (GOOG).

The stock market has been digesting continued mediocrity in domestic economic data and slightly more positive numbers from China. Institutional investors are buying. I think that, in the absence of some kind of shock or new catalyst, the stock market can slowly keep grinding higher. It could very well turn out to be another good year.

A considerable number of Street analysts estimate that the U.S. economy will ... (more)

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What a Loan Officer Would Say to the U.S. Government

By michael lombardi, published on Apr 1, 2014

...(GDP), and Japan’s not broke yet. (Our national debt-to-GDP stands at 105%.) I guess that, according to the Japanese example, the size of a country’s national debt, or its relationship to GDP, really doesn’t matter anymore.

I am skeptical. What happens when one day the Japanese and China, which have already cut back on buying U.S. Treasuries, say “We want our money back”? Oh, that’s right. That won’t be a big deal because the Federal Reserve will just get the printing presses going again and buy all the new U.S. bonds coming on the market with newly printed money. Yeah, ... (more)

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China and Japan on the brink of Third World War as World holds its breath

By Shaun Gibson, published on Mar 3, 2014

The World today holds it's breath as several nations, the most powerful ones are at the edge of War that could take us all to our greatest fear. EVERYONE on Earth is effected as the USA, Russia, China the UK and France have war ports all over Earth from Australia, all over Europe and the Middle East and also South America. Ukraine has been taken over by Russia, now the BIG one has raised it's head. The World truly stands on the brink, people must step back and talk. Anyone alive during the Cuban missile crisis will know this fear, this is now on two fronts. Pray, everyone, Man know... (more)

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Dalian Fortune Research Announce Opening

By dalianfortuneresearc, published on Oct 28, 2013

Dalian Fortune Research's brand new"International Client Desk" an extension of its existing overseas client desk, is now in service. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of international customers, high net-worth customers in particular,and will provide a comprehensive range of professional and premier financial Management services.

Featuring unique and contemporary design, the 'desk' offers a cosy and pleasant environment equipped with advanced trading technologies, including electronic access to data interchanges and state of the art communication for conducting transactions. These... (more)

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Dalian Fortune Research Announces Expansion Program

By dalianfortuneresearc, published on Sep 13, 2013

Dalian Fortune Research is expanding its role as a leading financial services advisor to overseas clients. The company is launching a host of new services aimed at targeting small to medium sized investors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Australia and New Zealand. The new services available will be specifically tailored to investors looking for overseas opportunities in diverse markets, including.

·On-line Account Services

·Mobile App Development for Droid, Windows and Apple

·International Transfer Facilities

·Advisory (Broker Assisted), Execution Only and Fully Managed... (more)

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China Building Ghost Cities In Africa, why?

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jul 30, 2013

...has 750 eight-storey blocks of flats, a dozen schools and more than 100 shop units.

But, crucially, it has no residents, and many of the nearby slum-dwellers cannot afford the £75,000 price-tag to move in.

This has sparked fears the £2.2billion project, a fraction of the cash China has poured into Africa in recent years, could lay abandoned for years to come.

It has also highlighted the increasing 'colonisation' of Africa by China, seen to be wanting the resource-rich continent as a 'satellite state', in recent years.

It is said to be reminiscent of the... (more)

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Travel Like you mean it!

By Steve Gillick, published on Apr 17, 2013

... can smile, you can use body language, you can use a phrase book or a picture book. But you will be able to communicate and will most likely come away from the destination with insight and understanding that other travellers were not able to find.

My best example was on a visit to China. I was alone in Beijing and decided on a restaurant for lunch. When I entered, it was like a scene from one of those Hollywood Westerns where the ‘stranger’ comes into the bar and everyone stops talking and stares at the newcomer. Total silence. Well, that’s exactly what happened when I... (more)

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Nuclear Words and Face Jobs

By Anastasia , published on Jan 28, 2013

...No test, no missile, and no words, just as long as the price is right. After all, this is a country that can build weapons but can’t feed its own people.

The biggest threat North Korea presents is not its weapons arsenal but itself, and the greatest threat is not to the US but to China, its ostensible ally. The Chinese, infinitely patient, are beginning to lose patience. They have had enough of their blustering and adolescent neighbour. But there is only so far they can go in expressing disapproval, least the baby starts howling and throwing his toys out of his pram.

... (more)

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A New Ancien Régime

By Anastasia , published on Jan 20, 2013

Last August, in China’s Hunan province, a woman by the name of Tang Hui was sent to a labour camp, sentenced to eighteen months‘re-education’ for “seriously disturbing the social order and exerting a negative impact on society.” Why, you may wonder, what was her crime? Simply that she had repeatedly petitioned officials, saying that the sentences passed against the men who had kidnapped, raped and forced her eleven-year-old daughter into prostitution should have been more severe.

Times have changed, even in China. In times past Tang Hui would simply have vanished into night and fog.... (more)

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