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The World of Tomorrow

By DKIdea, published on May 7, 2014

...just around the corner. Everyone thinks about it in some way. I’ve blogged about it in some form, many times, because like everyone else…I wonder about it. What type of technology will emerge? How long will we allow degradation through government? What kind of world are we leaving our children? Better yet, what kind of children are we giving the world to?

I think that’s the most important question about the future. Parenting today is shaping the world of tomorrow so we have to ask ourselves, what kind of parents are we? Everything about the future is connected to our... (more)

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The Opposite of Love is Not Hate

By melanie jean juneau, published on Apr 14, 2014

Love really has blinded me

I try to protect

instead control,

breaking out- unfinished painting by mary casset

betraying trust.

Control, an ugly word,

worse that hate;

it steals another’s sense of self, undermines confidence, stunts growth, kills the individual’s spirit and creativity


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Let Me Guess: Daddy Dressed Her

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 18, 2014

When a writing prompt asked what was the weirdest thing about my health, the question stumped me until I realized that my good health is weird; I mean, I had nine kids but I am tiny with the best good cholesterol my doctor has ever seen and such low blood pressure that if it was any lower I would drop dead. not one but three doctors have repeated the same words. This good health is a pure gift.

My husband and I halfheartedly followed natural family planning but I am a rare case; I have conceived 5 DAYS before ovulation. As my wonderful doctor once said,

“Ah yes, there was a woman... (more)

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Coming Around Full Circle

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 1, 2014

...large vegetable garden.

Surprisingly, mothering a large family has challenged me, forcing me to learn, change, heal and mature.

The unexpected bonus of embracing this unusual lifestyle

is hundreds of hilarious experiences that could only happen

when you raise nine children on a small, family farm.

My life is diametrically opposed to anything I could have imagined as a teenager.

Ironically, this strange life,

focused on motherhood, has brought me more fulfillment and joy than I ever could have imagined.

Now I have come around full... (more)

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Family: Closer Than You Think

By DKIdea, published on Feb 17, 2014

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I view family as the most important establishment today. There is no unit of measure more important to our wealth, health and well being than family. You can’t choose them, but they wouldn’t be that special unit if you could. Where you come from is an important component to where you’re going, and how you’re getting there. Those that turn their back on their past, risk depriving themselves and their future generations access to the sources of the very codes that define who they are. See, family isn’t just those people that congregate in your home with what... (more)

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Why social activities are important for kids?

By dollieandme, published on Feb 13, 2014 they like to be treated and how they should treat others. They learn to express their feelings; for example, if they are shoved by another child at the playground, they voice out their feelings, telling the other kid that it was not a nice thing to do. They also see and hear how other children interact with others and this helps them understand how to socialize with different personalities and accept others for who they are.

How self-expression can be promoted at home

The following are ways that parents can encourage and improve their child’s self-expression at... (more)


Autumn Days

By Jack Bates, published on Feb 8, 2014

Brisk, crisp, crackly air drying Sweet smelling moldy leaves Brilliant color swept trees Raining fall down upon us all

Cutting wind out of the Northwest Flowing through their woolen coats To chill the bones of happy children Raging against Life's oppression

Armed with fervent laughter They bombard aging time With playful smiles, warm embraces And limitless, unconditional love

Naive of worldly worries And their slow fall from graces Eventually, all brilliant leaves fall Leaving forests of colorless trees


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Children Learn From Riddles

By Amy White, published on Dec 20, 2013

It's therefore not surprising that Internet is very important for children and young adults. This is why it's crucial for all parents, teachers and guardians to do everything they can to make children interested in other, more valuable and productive forms of entertainment.

Making children focus on things beyond Internet will also help parents and guardians form deeper bonds with children and will encourage critical thinking among kids. A great way to achieve this is through riddles.

Once a popular form of entertainment and an educational tool, kids riddles are being neglected... (more)

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Are You a Secret Cynic?

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 9, 2013

...Christmas morning?

When we are secretly cynical, we will not receive a thing, not a pinpoint of Light and we will cement our cynicism in place for another year.

As we wait, secretly longing for the dark, empty places within us to be flooded with His light, we should look to our children to teach us how to wait for the Christ Child to be born anew in our hearts. They trust and believe the words of both their earthly and heavenly fathers. Think of a young child, eyes twinkling, barely able to sit still and contain his excitement because he knows that his dad will never give him ... (more)

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By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 25, 2013


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