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Are You Seeing Elizabeth Taylor?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 9, 2014

It’s 2014 and guess what? The fact remains approximately one-half of all marriages still end in divorce.

That’s always a startling number and definitely causes many to evaluate their thinking when hiking and stumbling through the dating world.

However, what do you do if you meet someone you really believe is The One? The only catch or source for concern is they’ve been married before - several times.

Let me share with you some interesting statistics:

The divorce rates of people who have been married multiple times consistently rises as their number of marriages... (more)

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Living Like A Ferrari

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 15, 2013

This isn’t an article about a car, well, not really. Rather, it’s a discussion about how a Ferrari would feel if one were to be human. It’s about the type of emotions it would carry inside: the pain, sorrows, celebrations, respect and love it would show others. It’s about the power and confidence provided to those lucky enough to drive and appreciate being in its presence. It’s also about the overall image it would project to the world if made of blood, guts and true feelings.

A Ferrari is an amazing machine. It’s mostly hand made to razor-like specifications and precision by those gifted... (more)

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Beyond The Surface

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 14, 2012

When someone new comes into your life, do you use the time to really see them, or do you merely take what’s on the surface, give them their due, and move forward with whoever, and whatever else is included in your agenda? In other words, when was the last time you actually seized an opportunity to get to really know another human being? I ask this because in the fast-paced, super competitive world we live in; having healthy, supportive, emotional connections with others is becoming much rarer.

My last article discussed the new ways we communicate, and how all the electronic gizmos we... (more)

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Don’t Let Quirky Profiles Brew At Broowaha

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 11, 2011

...way accounts to child sexual abuse. I know the readers of this post would be wondering why the heck I keep on using the word ‘her’ to describe this bizarre person. That is because this comment was given by a female with a display name ‘Caio.’ She apparently created a fake profile on Broowaha a day back specifically to comment on my post. So the next thing I did was to check her profile to see if she was a new member on the site, or if she had written any article, or if she had shared something about herself. Guess what, there was nothing of that sort in her profile. This further... (more)

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Broo Writers Share Your Craft During National Poetry Month

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 6, 2011

To increase the appreciation of poetry in the U.S., National Poetry Month was introduced by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. In fact, former President Bill Clinton declared in a Presidential Proclamation that "we need more artists to imagine the best future for us and remind us what is good and constant in our past."

With this in mind, I encourage the great writers of Broo to bare their souls in poetic excellence. To begin with a bit of poetic inspiration, one of my favorite poems that reminds me of the unendless needs life requires of us is as follows:

Stopping by Woods... (more)

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The Audit of Broo: An Internal Dissection By Its Own Members

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 18, 2011

...his feedback soon and I may even have some of the information by the time this article is posted.

So, enjoy the findings of a SWOT analysis on Broo and be sure to stick around for some even more insightful information on Tony, one of the people behind the electronic curtain at Broowaha and find out some things you may have always wanted to know but never got around to asking!


The Definition of a SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an... (more)

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Ready To Turn Up 'The Broo?'

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 5, 2010

It's exciting to read so much chatter and talk about Broo, what it was, what it is and what is wanted from the talented pool of writers who share their stories, their thoughts, opinions and their hearts.

One thing is certain. With so much talk about increasing page views and site rankings for writers' blogs, it makes sense to work together to increase traffic for The Broo, passing along the readership to the writers who offer a plethora of materials and subject matter to keep even the most finicky reader clicking to view one article after another.

At the end of our efforts will... (more)

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The Evolution of Broo and You

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 13, 2010

A few months ago, BusinessLife posted a classified ad on the BrooWaha Back Page, titled "A New Business Plan Available & Customized for You." Being curious, I replied to her offer and just as she had promised, within a day I received a detailed message, laying out in a succinct manner, a clear path and vision for BrooWaha.

The valuable lesson, or take-away is that:

1-We are all connected at degrees far fewer than we may realize here at BrooWaha

2-"The Broo Community," is a smaller part of the larger Internet community giving you access to quality resources we, as a... (more)

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Breadcrumbs, Call Numbers and Just Average Joe

By Libdrone, published on Sep 26, 2010

...Hansel and Gretel the children leave a trail of breadcrumbs to enable themselves to find their way back through the forest. At the library, each and every item in the collection has a unique call number, which makes it possible to track and locate any item at any time.

The early BrooWaha participants clearly did not know much of anything about web publishing, nor the ways of Google which pretty much every web publisher MUST understand. No one who understands search engines would ever add a three type-written page comment to a year old article, rather than simply... (more)

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Welcome To The New BrooWaha

By Ariel, published on Nov 9, 2009

When I wrote the first line of code of BrooWaha about 3 years ago, I never expected this project to become what it is today. As a graduate student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, I was merely looking for a side project to apply what I had learned in school for the past 6 years and design my first website from scratch.

About a year after the launch, it became evident that the project had become more than a nerd's toy and needed more attention than I could give it in order to grow. David Cohn joined me in the adventure at this time and brought with him his experience in journalism and new... (more)

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