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For the Love Women

By Guerrero21, published on Jun 2, 2014

...body, [2] present a dynamic, valiant ideal, and [3] convey a hopeful message. Love of women and lust for them is not incompatible. It is a hideous canard that sexual desire is evil or that it must be satisfied only under sanctified conditions in standardized ways. Women should revel in their beauty and reveal it as fully as they feel comfortable doing. I will never deny that I thrill to the sight of beautiful women and the more I see of them the better I think of them. No matter how captivating women's attire may be, no raiment is more becoming or alluring than their natural garb. Women,... (more)

Tags: courage, women, honor killings, freedom, support, beauty, equality, duty, fairness, defense, misogyny, patriarchy, gang rape

A Death Note

By Rahul, published on Apr 4, 2014

It’s been fun drifting through the uncharted terrains of life even if it was for a short while. This might be my last note to this beautiful world, the last trace of my existence that I wish may last long enough for someone to read and realize that I did exist. The devil that's been behind me from the very moment life touched the shapeless lump of me in my mother’s womb has caught up to me now. I can feel its frozen breath over my shoulders and its long fingers around my neck; it chokes me by sucking out the last ounce of hope.

The road in front has shrunk into a fine thread, so fine... (more)

Tags: death, life, world, beauty, rebirth


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 14, 2013

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all used this view when approaching the things that have been broken in our lives? Broken relationships, broken hearts, misunderstandings, you name it… If those things in life were repaired by every person with love, kindness, forgiveness, wouldn’t the world, wouldn’t we be better off for the repair? Wouldn’t we view our lives differently? Wouldn’t our values change in a heartbeat?


Tags: life, hope, beauty, cracked pot, kintsukuroi, strengthen

Cracked Pots

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 15, 2013

...smiled again,nodded and then managed to catch the eye of his novice before he responded, speaking slowly and softly

"Ah, yes, ...I do understand your frustration but.... did you notice that there are flowers on one side of the path, but not on the other side? That’s because I have always known about this flaw, so I planted flower seeds on one side of the path, and every day while you walk back, you water them. For a month now I have been able to pick beautiful flowers to decorate our wooden table. Without this broken pot there would not be this beauty to grace our hermitage."


Tags: creativity, water, energy, beauty, wisdom, holy man, inefficiency, novice

You are loved. You are beautiful. You belong. You are a Goddess.

By LifeCherries, published on Sep 7, 2013

... the most sexy curves you can imagine.

I thought I would share some of these words with you. I urge you to please send this out to every woman you know. Being sexy or beautiful has nothing to do looks. It has to do with a mindset and how you feel about yourself. So embrace your inner beauty!

"A mere five years ago (which now feels like five lifetimes ago) I was a little puddle of devastated sadness: Thirteen kilograms heavier than healthy, chain smoking and binge eating, lonely and bitter and tired. Oh SO tired.

I had just stepped out of my latest disastrous... (more)

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You Deserve Greatness...

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 9, 2012

...your core. Then step up and be YOURSELF. You deserve all your wishes and dreams to come true. Stand up and make it happen.

I have often told people, well, a few very special people, "I wish you could see yourself through my eyes." I said this because I somehow was able to see their beauty and gifts which they seemed to be blind to. Many years of negative feedback, from so called friends or family had killed their soul, leaving an empty shell. Please never allow anyone to speak to you this way or treat you in this fashion.

Dear Friend, I believe in your beauty.

... (more)

Tags: beauty, encouragement, greatness, new eyes, child of god...

Eternal Souls

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 24, 2012

Zdzislaw Beksinsk was an eminent polish painter. His paintings were true inspiration . His mastering of light is exceptional and reflects the genius hands behind these works.

There is something so incredibly beautiful in this that I could not stop studying it... allowing my mind to explore it's meaning...while doing so, the poet in me giving birth to this...I want to buy a print of love it...Eternal Souls When we are goneWill you still embrace my soulYou live within a place That death can not destroyA sacred ground of eternal truth Life and death are oneNeither having... (more)

Tags: love, death, life, art, beauty, joy, eternal souls

Android Illusions of Adroit

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 2, 2012

I have come so far, she thinks, as the cloud frame fades from the monitor and she lingers at theWorkstation with her gentle thoughts--far from where work plays its last card to fight the sky, where mist is more dead than alive, where fate-defying psycho vibes remain at bay, undelivered.

She hasn't, by any measure of photon or quantum, come far at all, not by the standards of the [green robot advertising sustainability politics="grasp"] systems of the global.

Reviewing her most recent data, she glances the harsh horizon through theWorkhouse window and thinks. It's true, when it... (more)

Tags: religion, politics, green, love, death, entertainment, creativity, culture, future, technology, history, beauty, cloud, loss, drama, birth, android, digital, stories

The Goddess of Instantiate

By p.d.adams, published on Feb 25, 2012

She scans theJungle as if an elderly woman watching silent from a rosewood staircase with focused concern, false power. She appears to herself, briefly, as one of the biobots positioned at theWorkstation.

Her monitors put on a show. It's the data that loves her the most. It always will.

Far into the future she will remain actively quiet, without prayer, authorized to run on her own with little interruption of self-instantiated loops and corrections--the most perfect of creatures.

Hers is the kind of data future generations will hold up to a celebrity light.

She amazes... (more)

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You Are Not - A poets revenge against cliche's

By D. Sager, published on Feb 15, 2012

You are not like every cliche repeated often till meaning dies You are like brilliant truth, revealing my weakness for your body You are not like a rose whose fragrance and guarded beauty is an honorable mention You are like the smell of a thousand pines calling and seducing me to lay in your arms You are not like an angel whose wings carried you to me from afar Your are like mischievous devils whose temptations take me from fantasy to reality You are not like a song, a tune sung over and over, children clapping their hands You are like the sounds of waves, crashing your sexuality over... (more)

Tags: poem, truth, poet, rose, lightning, beauty, space, angel, cliche, fragrance, wings, devils, pines, waves

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