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iFoneTips - Your Private Apple Specialist

By Vera Swift, published on Jul 6, 2017

If you're using an iPhone/iPad/iPod? What you will do when run into problems with your iOS devices like data loss, data transfer or iOS troubleshooting? At that moment, iFoneTips comes for help. As an Apple information provider, free solutions are always the priority. Why not take a further knowledge of iFoneTips?

Who are We? - An Apple Expert in Terms of iPhone/iPad/iPod/iOS

iFoneTips is a network startup founded in Los Angeles. US in 2016. Young as it is, iFoneTips is a professional company with a team of young and passionate people including editors, designers and developers... (more)

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How to Move Android Apps to an SD Card

By Vera Swift, published on May 18, 2017

Most Android phones don’t come with a big internal memory. Having so many files stored in the device, there is no space for other applications anymore. Luckily, some Android phones have a micro SD card slot, which is even up to 200GB. With a SD card inserted into the handset, you can expand your Android storage so that you can download new setups or move earlier applications to the external memory.

Before we start, please note that you must ensure that your Android phone is coupled with a SD card. And if your SD card is damaged, the phone will fail to detect it. Additionally, keep careful... (more)

Tags: space, android, apps, data recovery, sd card

How to Download Photos from iCloud

By Vera Swift, published on Jun 13, 2016

iCloud is a cloud storage service which keeps your mail, photos, contacts, calendars, documents, and other data stored in the cloud and synced to all your Apple devices. It provides free 5 GB of data storage for anyone who signs up for the service. Without much to say, many of us are using this great cloud service to back up photos taken with our iPhone/iPad/iPod.

But if you are a beginner of iCloud, it is easy to get confused and overwhelmed. For example, how to sync photos with iCloud? Is it possible to download iCloud photos? If the photo is lost, can it be recovered? Let's start... (more)

Tags: icloud photos, download icloud photos, recover iphone photos

How to Transfer Music from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod

By Vera Swift, published on May 30, 2016

If you have a large music collection on your computer and want to transfer music to your iPhone, iPod or ipad, an experienced iOS devices user will probably have no difficulties to transfer music from PC to iPhone with iTunes. However, if the songs on your computer are not purchased from iTunes Store, you cannot transfer those songs to iPhone/iPod/iPad via iTunes.

Fortunately, there is an easier solution to transfer your music collection from computer to iPhone without using iTunes with FonePaw iOS Transfer.

What iOS Transfer works for:

Transfer... (more)

Tags: ios transfer, transfer files, itunes alternative, data transfer, iphone transfer

The Best Video Sites Alternatives to YouTube

By Vera Swift, published on Mar 17, 2016

As we all know, YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world. But here are many sites you are supposed to upload and watch videos online too. Now YouTube is going downhill with its 10 minutes limit, so choosing a good YouTube alternative will be a good option which also supports you to share, upload and watch high quality videos. Let’s check them out.


First, when you enter the, the design of the whole website is very clean and beautiful. Sign up first when you enter the interface of website. Many good videos handpicked by the staffs of websites if... (more)


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