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Cokelore Claims Santa

By V, published on Dec 20, 2006

For a vast majority of the Western world, Santa Claus is an essential figure in our upbringing. I know that, as a child, I’d spend the wee hours of Christmas Eve in my pajamas, on the windowsill, nose pressed hard to the glass, inspired by holiday season, television viewing, desperate to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas clamoring around on our roof top (despite the fact that we did not have a chimney – like every other house nearly astride the Equator). But times have changed. My parents told me that Santa wasn’t real and half hearted, counter-corporate culture activists told me that... (more)

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God Gave Rock n Roll to Him

By V, published on Dec 19, 2006

It's 10:30 pm at the Hotel Cafe, tucked away down a back alley off Cahuenga in Hollywood. A back door opposite a concrete car park is being manned by an uncharacteristically approachable looking doorman. Inside, critically acclaimed, independent, Australian Singer/ Songwriter, Matt Ellis and his band are about to step on stage. It's such a dark, sexy, atmospheric room this one (the only thing thankfully missing is a smoke haze). The deep, wood-paneled walls arranged in that tasteful, art-deco fashion, floorboards underfoot and cast-iron, Moroccan, sculpted spheres - like jewelry hanging from the... (more)

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The Lights Go Down on the Emerald City

By V, published on Dec 15, 2006

Presiding over all this natural beauty, imagine, after dark, a modern, vertical and dense business district, its twinkling towers pushing themselves up into the stars, a famous harbor bridge ablaze and abuzz with thousands of cars and bustling trains, lights whizzing by. Imagine an opera house, its peaks like the sails of an expensive yacht, lit up like a majestic, white apparition, drifting in busy waters that support ferries, taxi boats, yachts, tall ships, cargo ships and cruise liners. Now shhh -- imagine somebody pulls the plug and the city plunges into darkness. At 7:30pm, on March... (more)

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The Giant and the Dolphins

By V, published on Dec 14, 2006

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, where the mountains are made of jade, the willows weep noodles, the rivers run with Jasmine tea and the winters snow rice, there lived the tallest man in the world. In this land, there also lived two happy dolphins, both of whom would spend their days, frolicking in the blue silk pools spun by their friend the silk worm. One day, as the dolphins splashed about, tug-o-warring with some plastic - that their friend, the human, left carelessly laying around - the plastic ripped in two and both dolphins swallowed the dangerous human substance. At home... (more)

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To Waltz Matilda: Setting the Story Straight

By V, published on Dec 14, 2006

Contrary to common, international belief and the demand of a large percentage of the Australian population, "Waltzing Matilda" is not the Australian national anthem. Australia is currently a constitutional monarchy. At a referendum on November 6th, 1999, Australians voted 55% to 45% against a proposed model to make the nation a republic. The Australian national anthem is currently "Advance Australia Fair," which replaced "God Save the Queen" in 1984. "Waltzing Matilda" is a much loved folk song, the lyrics penned in 1895 by famed Australian nationalist and poet, Banjo Patterson. "Waltzing... (more)

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Coup de Grace for Foie Gras Geese

By V, published on Dec 13, 2006

Last night I sat forward on my ever so soft leather dining chair, in the wine cellar of a dimly lit, expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills, whose decor evoked the spirit of a Free Mason’s get together at a Swedish sweat lodge, and I took in the culinary arrangement that a model/waiter had placed before me. It was at that moment that I was overcome with a plague of guilt. It wasn’t the fact that I was eating a $47 piece of one of the best Kobe beef fillet mignons I’ve ever had (cooked to perfection ‘blue’ as I ordered), when there are 20 billion people who live below the poverty line.... (more)

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Emails from Angkor

By V, published on Dec 10, 2006

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country and peoples on the mend, rebuilding their economy and morale after decades of civil war, violence, suffering and oppression. Sharing a boarder with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, 75% of its 69,900 square miles lies very close to below sea level. Like its neighbors in Asia's South East, Cambodia is subject to tropical Monsoons, wet season commencing in May and continuing through to October and dry season commencing in November and continuing through to March. Cambodia has changed hands and hats many times. Its boarders have (and continue to) ebb and flow like... (more)

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Riding Along in My Automobile, No Baby beside Me at the Wheel

By V, published on Dec 8, 2006

Since I can remember, wanderlust has coursed violently through my veins. So it was an aggressively adventurous seventeen year old girl who stepped aboard the Paris Metro for the first time, with no particular place to go. As the spider’s web network of the Parisian metro spun itself to the farthest reaches of the city, I let it deliver me to the threshold of experiences that would become the fabric of my life - a particular favorite was disembarking at Montmartre at dusk, bottle of wine in hand, with a short meander up the hill to sit atop the steps of Sacré CÅ“ur, and watch the sun set over... (more)

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From Electro Punk to Electric Cars in 90291

By V, published on Dec 6, 2006

I am sitting in a dark backyard in Venice on a warm autumn night, my hands turned unnaturally up, so as not to get the remnants of my first ever crawfish boil on my clothes. Someone from the Brian Jonestown Massacre has just finished spinning some tunes and I am licking my fingers and watching as a fellow arranges a motley collection of wooden crates, hub caps, number plates and other debris in what can only be described as a sort of drum kit. This, as it turns out, is seriously infectious, hip shaking, swamp stomping, local electro-punk band, "Restaurant." I am standing on the corner of... (more)

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The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

By V, published on Dec 3, 2006

I ride my beloved beach cruiser Mathilda, most everywhere these days. When I am riding her, I feel free and cheerful. The wind on my face and in my ears lifts my spirits completely. I also love that the street scape perspective that riding a bicycle provides (and driving in a car does not), allows me to relate to my environment as both an observer and an active participant but at a greater velocity than that of a pedestrian. In fact, my new favorite method of movement has influenced me so greatly, that I now get 'bike legs' like the boating set get 'sea legs'. I walk about my house with paces... (more)

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