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Unholy Nexus

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 7, 2012

Anything which is conceivable to divert, to lie, and to suppress, with an aim to make a headline, is the emerging doctrine that shows up in our headlines.

This perceptible shift in the investigative journalism is certainly alarming. What is perhaps even more horiffying is to watch the reaction of ordinary people.

The dramatic tendency of their reaction indicates a calamity of thoughts that over time appears to typically degenerate to extreme subservience, to faceless accussations, yet powerful lobbies of corruption.

The captivated audience of this great nation, who... (more)

Tags: journalism, corruption, rights, story, nation, deception, nexus

Empowered Women

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 30, 2012

The woman who holds a dignified posture to carry on with her head high has to go through stressful and strangulating events of life. Many may borrow clichés to sustain the deafening assault of male chauvinism and if you ask the women you would get to know their harrowing tales.

Such women don’t shed tears over their miseries; rather they draw strength from them to build their lives with dignity, with grace or whatever they do to makes sense and move ahead. These women exist, they are real. They are not celebrity, they are ordinary women but with extraordinary resolve to cultivate... (more)

Tags: domestic violence, woman, empowerment, male chavinism, ampathy

Be always there

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 26, 2012

She called him and said “Be always there”…and he did not understan why she said this. He lived at the surface of his emotion, but beneath the surface, surprisingly, he with acquiescence in its inquisitive mode permitted a thought to be there. But "why does he need to be there?", he asked himself.

The chaotic life in its own way stifles the tender heart and he knew that the denial is the only way to avoid unjust trampling of the heart later. She called him again and said “Be always there” He wondered again, "where does he have to be and why? What is it that she is referring to?"

... (more)

Tags: life, heart break, tears, heart, passion, hope, crying, aspiration, emotion, compose, expectations

He is not alone

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 23, 2012

From the oblivion, the transcript of existence appears in its most complete form and he at the very first sight understood the depth of creation. He is calm and knowing now the purpose of his existence. He is composed; knows now, that no one can belittle him; no one can traumatize him with unjust accusation of irrelevance. He is thinking that how come he is given a raw deal from the quarters of expectation and he realizes that it was bound to happen. No reason or any answers are required from smoldering destruction; he pulls out his soul smeared with scars. Tears in its own time always help... (more)

Tags: peace, life, world, truth, soul, realization

They don't destroy...They create

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 5, 2012

Have you ever come across a person of exceptional passion…If you have, then surely you are lucky and mark my word and that would make you feels so complete and contented… People with passion are different, they create...they build…they nurture…they nourish. Selflessly and unconditionally, they infuse life in others. What ever they do, they do it elegantly, and they do it with grace. Passion is not a borrowed terms of sympathy or pity…It is the ultimate emotion of love and care. My humble suggestion, if anyone come across such person; please thank your stars, that you are blessed….you encountered... (more)

Tags: love, life, trust, faith, passion

I Have My Spring with Me

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 1, 2012

To me it appears, as if life is dancing… yes life is dancing for those who are in unrelenting mood to give up smile. Those who are not willing to smile, I beg them, to borrow smile with reasons…If they don’t have any, invent the reason….find the reason…Life cannot be wasted.

Umpteenth time the salacious moments transgressed into my life but I could always go pass such turbulent phase. And now also, I don’t need to fasten my belt, I would tread through. No matter what happens, I know now that, I have the repertoire of experience and unfazed, wish to take a course, which many with their... (more)

Tags: love, life, happiness, spring, smile

Love is eternal

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 23, 2012

Compulsion is not a bad word, rather over a time it is very liberally used as synonym to limitation. Compulsion as I read, is a very passionate need, it articulate our thoughts which in turn motivates us. The myriad setbacks in life cannot be potent enough, to subvert the instinctive feelings of love. To extricate from the arduous trail of debacles, one needs to liberate the mind from the shackles of stifling customs and belief.

Liberation is an elemental core of our existence. Always question the validity of tortuous happening and remember that no question ever chokes; it facilitates... (more)

Tags: love, trust, faith, hope

On that bed I see my mother...

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 22, 2012

She is on a bed…she moves her eyes restlessly…Why she is restless? Yes, no one looks at her… A lady comes out of a kitchen carrying a lunch pack and she loudly calls, “where are you Robin, come down immediately, you are getting late, you are going to miss your bus...come down my son.” “I am coming mom”…a boyish voice fills the room. An old lady on bed turns her face to...wards the room, from where the boy answered. And there, young boy comes out tucking his shirt…adjusting the neck tie and yells at his mother, “Come on mother…just see, today also you made me late, it’s your fault…Mama, you... (more)


The body and soul is on fire

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 15, 2012

Dance is a visual feast to the onlookers but in contrary, to those who wish to let loose, it’s the most exhilarating moment. They dance with absolute sincerity. The instinctive urge makes them to dance with perfection. The eroticism of grace, in its multifaceted moves, turns the transient ambience of mood into seductive charm. And once the seduction envelops …it raises the passion and the aroma that sets in, it then untie two bodies and soul. Unbridled they acquire space… the sensuality takes over, elegance acquires an erotic moves of perfection and from the amalgamation of all this, erupts... (more)


Life is Beautiful

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 11, 2012

Why is that we don’t tend to agree on the issues of life, which are so important and crucial for the ones happiness. At times differences makes two persons drift and they close all the doors for any sane views to mend the relations. Uncompromisingly they refuse to yield any ground for any rapprochement. They simmer…they crib…they insult each other…and they drift to point of no return. They certainly don’t realize about the loss of precious time and relation. They remain timid and in the bargain life becomes hell.

No words can compensate the real time losses with real time gains, but... (more)


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