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Never Give Up

By Uttam Gill, published on May 12, 2012

My friend when chips are down

Never give up and never frown

Life has its meaning so as you

Steer firmly so that you are through

Life is not difficult, neither you

You may grope in dark without clue

Dark hours may tear you apart

Hold on and never lose your heart

When going gets tough, you get tough

Be soft and kind but never rough

Invasive shadows may haunt

Never let fear to play truant

When hit with scathing remark

Hold the emotions and not to go amok

With your wisdom you build, never destroy

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The Sancta Sanctorum of Sacred Belief

By Uttam Gill, published on May 8, 2012

Time has kept me engrossed with triviality of life and in the bargain; I could not generously ponder over the fragile creations. From nowhere I tried hard to create and in this journey, many walked along with me, few carried on, few stayed for a while and left later. Few left unannounced, few made it conditional and few defined me as garbage and few find me as indifferent. Few very thoughtfully created their own world and at times they came back with placards on their face saying that I am not forgotten…In the calamity of forgotten promises, the dreary spell of my loneliness was never considered... (more)


New Story Line of Hope

By Uttam Gill, published on May 6, 2012

Everyday in story of our life pages are added. In unwritten columns these pages are piling. Where ever we are, it is a fact each moment is contributing to build a story. Moment tells the story…In desert storms are meant to shift dunes. The storming winds have the enormous power to change the contours of the desert. Over the changing moments, story builds….

In my storming session of thoughts too, I wish to add another page to my story. It is certain that wind and so as the writers have the power to bring in desire change. The barren moments of life have the power to obliterate anybody’s... (more)


“Hey man you are too cool”

By Uttam Gill, published on May 1, 2012

Woman looks at me and says “hey man you are cool.” Her saying took me off guard. I look around with my half cool and half backed perplexity and scratches my head. Do I have to believe this? I walk farther and my eyes pop out, seeing a beautiful damsel.

Hey, what I’m doing? I just can’t afford to let such feeling comes in. My God what’s going on… me, the creepy looking man, galloping with wild imagination? I certainly must, stop imagining this but I don’t have an impaired vision. How can I escape from the spelling charm of such curvaceous beauty? I ask myself and from within a voice... (more)


They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012

The pretensions of many is not the truth and we instinctively feel that; in spite of this, we shut our expression by masking the denial and this in turn puts the seal of approval. You know what happened there after, when masses accept this; it creates a world, in which truth becomes the first casualty. The articulated world of denial acquires the centrality. It unleashes rejection, brings disillusionment and negates permanence of sane thoughts. The appearances of life in lesser creative mode cease to expand beyond the world of restricted outlook. In the dominance of satanic forces world cry.

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Let’s face the music and dance

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 22, 2012

When you get confined to dictates of monotonous state of life, then you ask yourself that now, what to do. You grapple with answers, you are restless. You certainly don’t wish to be confined. All that boring times, tells you to do something, to infuse thrill in your life. In a bloody boring time, you wish to break out from the tyrannical monotony. And how you do that? The brush of gentle breeze, rustling leaves, thunderous clouds chirping birds creates an acoustic aura of dazzling sound. Magically within us in silence, we create our own music and that’s how you unshackle your self from dreary... (more)

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Your Identity

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 20, 2012

From the ashes, people rise and into the ashes, they merge. Into the timeless frame, when I put canvass of my life, I shudder. I shudder not with regrets but by the contesting lies, which carve my will of bequeath. The legitimate existence had been questioned many times but I carried on and withstood the assaulting questions.

Many a time life is orchestrated by the factors, which are beyond our control. And that’s where, one need to sensitize the environment, which permits the aggression of corrosive elements. When it succeeds, it rips of the rational existence of any individual.

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Death of a baby girl

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 17, 2012

I have been restraining myself to confront the argument, put forth by an individual about women, which was in very bad taste. I decided to maintain distance from the outrageous commentary. However that shocking piece of incongruous write up kept me very restless. The content of belligerence, in its most expletive expose, wrecked my heart with revulsion. His audacious and repugnant views on women dragged my patience to the edges. I just wondered that how he could say such obnoxious things about women. And then with horror I read the news of death of three month old baby girl Neha Afreen. I... (more)


Dimensions of Fashion

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 12, 2012

With the exclusive blend of subtle serenity and the dynamic crave for design, the fashion designer holds the rainbow of colors and that facilitates him/her to design. Fashion is a passion which dresses our body to reflect our mind. Go anywhere; you would see the dazzling display of riotous color, with varied textures. Interestingly, if we look into the history and the pictorial remains of past, we would see the stark similarity in the construction of costumes and other accessories of dress, with that of today. May it be footwear; ornament, headgear or loose drape, one can see equanimity of... (more)

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Beware of a Common Man

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 10, 2012

This is him… cut out, as no one tends to forget and millions tends to watch. As the carbonic caricature, his existential belief, acquires the matching hope and that’s to find a magic wand; with one and only reason to know about himself and that’s a common man. To him from the beginning it never ends and from the end it refuses to begin, because he wishes to travel from the beginning till end. And as he has not begun yet, so end is certainly not the premature destination, which he wishes to reach without traveling the distance between and that’s a common man.

The existence of success... (more)

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