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And I remain as it is

By Uttam Gill, published on Aug 2, 2012

Fear envelops my mind

Hope tragically seems to wean

Silken thoughts are roughed up

Running out of thoughts as I assume

On to the window sparrow refuses to sit

Titles of my pain can be seen, boldly written

Mourners too have left…no more mourning

Inconsequential queue of my long emotions

Patterns of miseries are getting too predictable

Piling burden of setbacks raise no more siren

To fall or rise has lost its relevance

Gladiators of life do not cry…Oh! It’s a terrible lie

Looking around seeing people smiling

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Tags: dreams, life, pain, thoughts, time

This is my life

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 29, 2012

Starvation raises the siren and from the load of conventions, she struggles to surface. In dilemma, she grapples with truth and lies. She refuses to tie down and with stoic defiance; she enlists herself, to the cadre of die hard dreamers. People raise eyebrows; question the validity of her disposition and refuse to give space for her to buy any peace with life.

She knows that her happiness cannot be borrowed on imposing terms of conventional belief. She is firm and that’s how, she sets on a journey to realize her dream.

Today, she decided to cross the bridge, which she always... (more)

Tags: life, rain, happiness, freedom, dance, clouds, song

Let's Celebrate

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 17, 2012

Those who wish to resign to fate perhaps lacks will to accept the truth of hope. They wait with dwindling hope and many doubts create havoc in their mind. And there are others, who are not willing to give up; they wait with prayer on their lips. The apprehension dramatically entangles some and few escapes.

At times an intimidating and wicked emotions try to outrage the modesty of your sane belief; when it happens then for god sake, don’t let those emotions belittle you and others. You have to find reasons to negotiate with eroding thoughts and while doing so, create for yourself and... (more)

Tags: life, emotions, soul, happiness, hope, celebration, void

Freedom Never Dies

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 11, 2012

Why do we admonish the one, who wish to take a course, which is perhaps not as per the conventional norms? The matters of life are designed and one is expected to live in the given frame work of rules, tradition, customs and belief. My foot, it’s incredibly depressing; no freedom defines any parameters and if it does, then perhaps the freedom itself, as we perceive, is flawed.

The so called, crusader of freedom loudly proclaim from the citadel of their make believe rampart, that we all need to live freely. Oh! God it’s a blatant lie. Nobody is free to choose. Time and again, I have been... (more)

Tags: love, life, belief, freedom, kindness, affection, care

Go Ahead...You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 22, 2012

When I was there you never saw me and when you found me you created pause of functional constraints. From the crowd, a face is picked up and the lane took me to the destination. When I knock the door, I just don’t get any answer and for long, I wait. When at sweet will, door is opened; the matter of familiarity becomes burden. I am not perplexed and neither confused. I know your clarification is not meant for my solace but rather sub consciously you address your own fear. Fear is not the key in this case; fear is a probing in most uncertain terms, not even knowing that why you are doing so.... (more)

Tags: dreams, life, inspiration, soul, hope, identity, expectations

To Kiss With Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 14, 2012

I won’t forget my first kiss when I was 13 year old...It was an experience, I found very distasteful…I felt so awful when girl of my equal age asked me to close eyes and open my mouth…I never knew then what is coming instead I was forcibly kissed and that left me stunned…Not knowing of what is happening then. First time experience was awful. However with the passage of time I graduated gradually to passionate kissing and that and I understood the power of kiss.

An amazing experience...nothing is as fulfilling as kissing...using your tongue to caress the tongue of your girl ... (In my... (more)

Tags: love, soul, passion, intimacy, kiss, experience, body

Honor Killing: Why They Kill People In Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 9, 2012

Many so extensively and loosely talks about love, as nuisance. They do it without any remorse and they act as if, they only hold the divine right, to say so. I just can’t believe that how obnoxiously they try to overload their baggage of setbacks over others. They just don’t have any clue about love. They very loudly claim their place of righteousness by picking up the practices of centuries old, which has outlived its utility. I am aghast to see that many holds such archaic practices as sacred. Where these people are heading to? They collectively connive and demonstrate their outrageous act... (more)

Tags: love, society, crime, honor, kill, custom, practices

Can We Afford World War III

By Uttam Gill, published on May 30, 2012

Intriguing part of the functional democracies of the world can be seen in macabre display of resenting outburst of politicians. Such outbursts never go unnoticed. These are alarming signals. In the multiplicity of outrageous behavior, somewhere deep seated impatience is transiting, to unleash anger. It is not only in functional democracies but also, where, dictators/despots/regimes are governing. Their, subject’s aspirations are taken as threat by them. The destabilizing turn of events round the globe, graphically points the emerging uneasiness between the subjects and rulers.

In the... (more)


Emergence of Dangerous World

By Uttam Gill, published on May 23, 2012

What kind of people they are, who just get together to loath an ordinary citizen of country. Do they have the divine right to impose their wisdom? From the filthy episodes of rampant corruption, we are picking up reason to question the validity of system. System which needs to preserve the sanctity of governance is rather facilitating crimes, in unimaginable way. It is not only happening in my country but rather entire world is engulfed in this malignant vice of non- governance. The mass agitations are turning into bloody quagmire. People aspirations are tossed upon disdainfully. Where we are... (more)

Tags: world, corruption, governance, agitation, uprising, masses

Watch Out! Hollywood I am Coming

By Uttam Gill, published on May 15, 2012

When the wind is going to sing, dust will surely dance. Well, right now, as I comprehend, my spirit in its intense mood, swirling me up. I am awakening to my dreams.

Watch out; I am on a flight… from boots to wings. Common people are common and those who made their names were also very common. They attained celebrity because someone picked them up, with their spark and packaged the brilliance with awesome strokes of cinematic direction.

You all must be wondering that what I am into. Well, today, my ancient sense of lost tenderness has returned and makes me cry, as a toddler to... (more)

Tags: movie, hollywood, dreams, director, actor, star, oscar

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