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All Hell Let Loose

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 23, 2013

The part of my country is reeling under extreme difficulties… part of my country for last seven days the people are dying due to incessant rain and the resultant landslide and flash flood… The land where the holy shrine of Kedarnath and Hemkunt Sahib are located has turned into a killing field…The part of my country is yelling for aid…The part of my country is torn beyond human sufferings…The corpses are littered everywhere…Town, villages and small hamlets are obliterated from the ground… The devastation and destruction is of unimaginable scale; which, in their living memories people of that... (more)

Tags: death, rain, disaster, rescue, calamity, flood, himalayas, kedarnath, uttrakhand, evacuation, landslide, deluge

Earnings Of My Life

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 17, 2013

Today let me share with you about the journey of life which, I undertook years back, after I left the school gate in 1976. Thirty eight years have certainly brought in lot many changes. I am just looking back and trying to assimilate the bygone days.

With dream in our eyes and innocence in our heart we leaped into this world not knowing that these 38 years would brazenly wipe the tender look. Well that’s how the life is…No complaints…life is too short to complain …The more it hits, more we get seasoned…and I know it costs…Cost is not, what we measure…The cost is about the casualty... (more)


That Evening

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 9, 2013

The years have passed by and the matter of extreme pleasures took a beating; with no alarm, sensual desires retreats to silent burial. The subversive equation of life, took erotic senses as its first casualty. In the disarming calculations of life, he got subtracted to reality of life. Fallen away from the time and self, he drifts into the silence of death and with no passion to reach out to life. Life many a times gives a false sense of convictions too and that’s how, one gets drifted to unknown territory of thoughts, not knowing that, drift is construing a vicious web of complete annihilation... (more)


Take me into the world of noise

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 31, 2013

In the wings of my thought, I awaken

Awaken to the truth of somebody’s existence

Oblivious, so far of the one, who is real

Sobriety in its element claims familiarity

I step into the long forbidden corridors

The silence of the precinct, stares at me

I call “Is anybody out here”

Whisper of silence calls back “Yes I am”

She appears with radiant smile

Close she comes and touches my chin

She says, “Take me into the world of noise”


Tags: life, isolation, silence, noise, thoughhts

With rain they draft their fable

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 28, 2013

The rain and the momentous timeRain drops falling onto the roof topThe evening with rain, drafts a rhymeWind makes a parley of loving abodeUnder the heavenly charm they residesWith fine tune of love in their heartMoments of life, that solemnly binds The eternal love and that will lastVerandah in its space builds up moreFrom the cloud the lightening callsHe looks at her with loving adoreShe feels the comfort as night further falls In the enchanting aura they took the handsFor them, the life is a gift and a dreamTheir passion just not know any amendsThey immerses in each other with soul so cleanIn... (more)

Tags: love, night, rain, fable, dream, eternal

On the moon beam they saw them traveling

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 18, 2013

Moon has risen for not to be eclipsed

In the velvety thoughts, their life breaths

Far away into the time they bury the pain

As they resuscitate into the glory of peace

The realization resurge the hope

They pick up every bit of emotion to build

In the oneness of creation the fate smiles

They have now the life as they thought of

The days into weeks and months to years

They lived the trial and the fear

At every new dawn they woke up hand in hand

The days into weeks and months to years

They lived for ever with no... (more)


Poverty And Hunger

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 15, 2013

Those who are living in absolute poverty, life can be so villainous. Millions of people die, due to hunger. There is no need of concentration camps and no need of gas chambers...They will vanish due to hunger. They are everywhere...They are strewn all over; on pavements...footpaths...subways...near the gutter...under the open ground... in mountains. They are out there with no one to take care. They are rotting...they are dying over there, in those killing fields, where people in abject poverty trying hard to live. The hungry masses in scorching... (more)


Forgotten Genocide

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 24, 2013

Why is that, when we celebrate victory over the evils, we tend to overlook the worse carnage undertaken by the victorious army. Many disturbing facts of the history kept concealed from the public glare. Why that brutality of conquerors over the conquered did not find mention in the print and electronic media…Why it was not considered then, as a matter of prime concern, when thousands of people, of specific ethnic group, were hounded, massacred, tortured and their women raped. Where were the champions of peace, then? I must say, they were all so busy in celebrating the victory. In the close... (more)


The Crowning Glory of Dance

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 19, 2013

Come on, those who are at the edges, join here. No matter what you are, where you are, who you are; the time is now to rejoice. Unwind and let loose, give space to yourself. Can you hear the thunderous applause from invading clouds? Hold on rain is following. Just don’t wait, surrender yourself to the natures blessing…Here comes the rain, now is the perfect time to blaze the dance floor.

The woman in silk walks up to the center; looks up and raises her hand and circles her body. Yes, the lady, the first one to lead to occupy a space in the center, as the shower drenches her completely,... (more)


Hold on my love, I am coming

By Uttam Gill, published on Feb 13, 2013

She looks deep into the desert Wind and dust taunts the sight She pray no harm comes to him She is restless, he has not returned Desert and life claims the victim in its own way Sensing the bad omen, as dog barks Brushing the fear, she mumbles “God Keep him safe” She is restless, he has not returned Time stands still as he is nowhere at sight He looks at the sky and her hands The Hands which he kissed, when he left She is restless, he has not returned As sun sets in and the fear knocks her senses She brush aside the fear and say “I know he is safe” She trembles and prays more She is restless,... (more)


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