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By Uttam Gill, published on May 25, 2016

The whole period of solitude may goes as waste, as many may presume. I am afraid that’s not the truth…There are reasons to believe in your solitude, that you took time and with certain terms, you drew many contours of truth, to reaffirm your disposition. To fall apart from your belief in the intense scenario perhaps would be a death knell. Though strangulating circumstances conspires to obliterate your existence but you endure it with a hope that you will steer through rough times. We all draw strength from our perpetual hope to live another day.

No matter how life gives you a raw deal.... (more)

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This Is Me

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 2, 2015

This is me… cut out to be as no one tends to forget and millions tends to watch…As the carbonic caricature my existential belief acquires the matching hope to find a magic wand with one and one reason to be know about who I am and this is me…To me from the beginning, it never ends and from the end it refuse to begin because I wish to travel from the beginning till end…And as I have not begun yet- so end is certainly not the premature destination which I wish to reach without travelling the distance between and this is me …

All that world has created and destroyed knows the scripted existence... (more)

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Death Of An Invictus

By Uttam Gill, published on Oct 24, 2015

On to the gravel road many refuse to plough but she prefers walking on to that. The gravel underneath her feet rattles and the sound beseeches the silence. In silence, the existence of each and everything partakes to establish an eternal bond with the one who once lived with certainty that he is Invictus…Today Rosella after many years, would be meeting Roberto…Who believes that he is an Invictus…As Rosella leaves the gravel road and hit the main road…she feel the sense of loss…Something grips her mind to say that things are not same…not only life has changed but the lanes too which she was... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 19, 2015

Why so easily we barter our innocence with the dictates of life. Fill your mind with all those innocent queries by which you tried to decipher life. Yes try out and inhale the bygone time…from the fallen times retrieve yourself…you are lost somewhere…I know you have drifted and I see the delusion. You may not accept it but I know so truly you wish to be with that lost childhood of yours…Why can’t grown up behave life a child…why is that over him/her age is imposed with dictatorial dictions of life…Somebody has taken over you…there now in , an imposter resides. Why is that you don’t chill out... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 11, 2015

Time alienates us from the past and the memories take a back seat, I never felt that before, till I received the news of death of one of our course mate. He was the one, who toiled with us during pre-commission training at OTS Madras in 1981. Life does behave as we expect but it surely entraps us in uncompromising terms with a question that how can so easily we forget our own buddies. If life sucks, it still couldn’t hold the indomitable bonds and connection of the ones who shared their grief at the available forum by which they could convey their condolences. My Dear Friends, few of us with... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 4, 2015

No longer the small cluster have remained the same…no longer the billowing smoke dance over the shanties…no longer the sublime serenity of evening crafts the imagination of a young boy, to look beyond of his success and today he is back…Back from the tinsel town , where he earned his success…he remained confined to the world with thatched shanties all around…He wrestled his way to stardom see no longer the flickering dim light from the shanties…Everything has changed…But why he is here? He has come back…he is tired…he is looking for something…If that so, what’s that, he is looking for…Why fo... (more)

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Born To Live Another Day

By Uttam Gill, published on Jul 21, 2015

I love to preserve the wonder of my existence with each passing time and refuse to yield, to the incessant demand of ransom, from the unqualified quarters of conditions, which wish to tame me. And the conditions which give me wings, I always so love to embrace those conditions. Especially, when the cloud sings in its reverberating mode, raindrops in playful puddles of my courtyard and the wind mystically flows in exuberance, it is then, I assimilate, my intrinsic core to dance- and with this core, at command over my thoughts, body and soul, I profusely grow with intense passion.

With... (more)

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By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 16, 2015

In a mood, to redraft time, that has gone and with that many others too, who were part of my life…I am collecting them in my thoughts…They are no more here and from the fallen times, I am plucking the memories and placing each one to recreate life back, which time has taken away from me…They are no more here and I am left behind to go through the episodic orchestration of memories in its most eloquent urgency…I am breathing for space with time, which has gone. I am encountering memories with reasonable decency to accept that they are no more here with me…But still wish to partake with my memories... (more)

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You Are The One – Real You

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 4, 2014

When all that matters are subjected to scrutiny with no ill intentions, then it is all the more necessary, to behold the best reasons to answer your queries. The best holds the best and the best is to hold the best in you, at the worst time…There is no finale, for the journey of life you commenced with...Life itself is a grand finale... Entire creation of universe holds the truth, that your existence cannot be denied…In your existence lives your hope…your dreams. You are a truth, that can never be eliminated…that can never be destroyed…that can never be erased.

Unquestioningly, you... (more)

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Meads Club

By Uttam Gill, published on Sep 10, 2014

Those were the days, when in youthful exuberance, we indulged in certain reckless activities. It was not only reckless, but naughty too. Within the parameter of decency, we cultivated ourselves with utmost restraint. Let me take you on to the voyage of my youthful days. The year was 1982 and Indian youths were relishing the fresh lease of new found freedom.

I can still vividly recall one of the happenings and whenever I remember, it brings smile on my face. Oh! What a beautiful days those were…One of the episode, I would like to share, is that of year 1982 when I was doing Young Officer... (more)

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