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The Miracle Diet

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 29, 2014

In eleventh grade I decided it was time to make a change, it was time to go on a strict diet. Now don't get me wrong I've been on and off diets since I was 10. Although I was never obese I was always up and down with my weight and usually I was on the up side. One of my sister once explained to my other siblings “she's not fat, she is just pleasantly plump.” As a child I recall running away from the table because a sibling would call me fat repeatedly and my other siblings would laugh. As a teenager my other sister kindly pointed out that the only reason I wore a C bra was because I was fat,... (more)

Tags: medicine, diet, weight, korean

My Broken Wings

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 24, 2014

I no longer walk with broken wings on my back

because I glued back every feather

and painted over the tears with pearl white potential

and sewed up every tare with silver lining,

I untangled my dress and unraveled the lies,

I cradled my heart in my hands as I sang the softest lullaby

then I patched up every hole and removed every horned arrow,

I felt the rays of hope as it freed depression from my pores

my face is no longer endless shadows

my heart is no longer pumping poison into my veins

no I no longer walk with broken... (more)

Tags: growth, healing, hope, angel, self love, wings

The Claw Crane

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 19, 2011

The Devil slid a dollar into the claw crane, giving you permission to capture your prey. I felt your ‘hand’ hug me, while it lifted me towards you, ever so gently rescuing me from the pile of strange faces, identified as my family. Instantly your hand tightened its grip around me. I felt the cold metal of your fingers squeeze my body. My eyes caught a glimpse at what I thought was your hand but discovered it was a claw that held me. As if being woken by a dream, reality hit me slowly. I was not being rescued but rather captured.

When our lives intertwined I was approaching my 20th... (more)


The Love Monster

By taking off the mask, published on Jun 24, 2011

Egg shells will crack under the weight of my body

But my heart broke under the force of yours

230 pounds of flesh, fat, and a lot of muscle

My 105 figure was no match

My arms hint some strength

But they were too weak to push you away

Your sex hunger consumed you

Your teeth seemed sharper that night

And your eyes those of a crazy man

You desired the taste of young flesh

The word love was over used

Yet it didn’t seem to even exist

The kisses on my neck

Were used against me

My body responded

... (more)


Reuniting with Dylan

By taking off the mask, published on Jun 3, 2011

I missed him more than words could ever describe. I felt like a part of me was over seas, out of my reach, and nothing more than a fond memory. I needed to see his beautiful face again. I thought about him almost everyday, and the thought either left a smile on my face or left me on the verge of tears. When his mother emailed me, saying that if I wanted to visit and stay by them they'd be happy to host me. I booked my flight the next day. My destination of my trip is California but I had to make a week pit stop in New York to see Dylan.

Through out the flight I was nervous and couldn't... (more)


Herpes ruined my life, and I don’t even have one

By taking off the mask, published on May 14, 2011

Herpes ruined my life

And I don’t even have one

It ruined perfectly precious guys

And now I can’t have them

It totally cock blocked

All the fun of getting with strangers

Now you have to get a checkup

Before even pecking lips

How stupid I was to think

Diseases only transfer from a dick

I wish I knew that

Before making out with you

And you

Oh and you

How easily I could have gotten herpes

Just from lack of education

And misinformation

I can’t believe no one warned me

Of... (more)


Yom Hazikaron

By taking off the mask, published on May 9, 2011

While waiting for my bus (in Jerusalem) on King George St. I noticed some pretty flowers. I instantly grabbed out my point and shoot camera and started snapping away. I saw a kid in front of me standing still with his arms crossed and not moving or talking. I thought maybe he was just watching me but then I realized the person next to him was also standing still. I turned around to see people standing outside of their cars and even the bus which was down the street stopped. At first I thought maybe there was a car accident with one of the cars and the bus but it seemed to calm and quiet.... (more)


He Hates Me

By taking off the mask, published on May 6, 2011



He hates me

I swear it

He hasn’t called back in days

Maybe he moved on

Or was cheating all along



Maybe “we” never really existed



I fell for another “man”

With just another plan

Oh damn

I give up all hope

Love is nothing but cheap tricks

Oh wait…

What’s that?

My phone! Yay it’s him!

“Oh no worries boo,

I was very busy too,

And yes I love you!”



Good News

By taking off the mask, published on May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead




Man Plans, G-D Laughs

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 30, 2011

I pull on the blinds to peek out the window, a little cloudy but look like hope is near. I jump out of bed and start planning my outfit for the Sabbath lunch. I open the left side of my closet which is dedicated to Sabbath clothing and scan the colorful clothes before me. I spot my sister’s Juicy Couture baby blue dress with cute little gold buttons, perfect I think as I grab it out of the closet. I pair it with a white three quarter sleeve fitted shirt to wear under neither making the dress more modest. I then pull on some white heeled sandals and ponder which earrings I should finish the... (more)


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