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By Steven Lane, published on Nov 21, 2006

Prague, Czechoslovakia was a pretty strange place to be in 1982. The communists were running the show and doing a dismal job. However, during the 5 or 6 months that I was working there, I never found a real communist. Oh sure, I met a lot of card carrying "party members". If you weren't a member of the "party", you couldn't succeed, and you certainly could not be put in a position to "deal" with people from the west, like myself. Everyone I met had two things in common, One, they hated the Russians, Two, they were absolutely intent on getting as many American dollars from me as possible. The... (more)


One or None, Pick your Poison

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 20, 2006

Shouldn't "fat free" milk cost less than whole milk? Someone or something got your fat, they didn't throw it away. That's just an example. There are tons of stuff that we pay more for to get less. Cholesterol free doesn't come cheap, sugar free cookies cost way more than regular cookies. Carbohydrate free is always more expensive. What do they do with all those extra carbs, is there a giant warehouse of stored carbohydrates? Organic vegetables are pesticide free and we know crop dusters aren't cheap. It seems "healthy" has become a marketing plan, take stuff out, give them less, charge them more.... (more)


God, Chalk Hill and a Theatre in the Round

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 18, 2006

Chalk hill was a rise on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, Ca., between Taft High School and St. Mel's Grade School. I just recently read that, a couple of years ago, the Jehovah Witnesses sold the big building at the base of the hill for $30 million bucks. Years ago, me and my friends used to ride our bikes around there, and you could have bought a COUPLE OF MILES in either direction for half that price. God is good to those who wait! Amen. I remember Chalk hill in all kinds of different ways but none on a spiritual basis. My first memory was that the bike climb was a bitch. It was one of those,... (more)

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Oh, boy. Mexican rental cars

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 17, 2006

I have always loved renting cars in Mexico. I get weak kneed just thinking about them. Rent a car there and you instantly have a off-road racing vehicle. I don't care who you rent it from, Avis, Budget, Hertz, it matters not. Just pick one up in any major Mexican city and you can take it anywhere you please. There are no restrictions. When I travel by car in Mexico I have a few basic rules. First, do not plan anything more than 12 hours ahead, and leave yourself ample time to return home ( I found a week after you were expected is a "good rule of thumb".) Second, if you see a side road... (more)


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