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The Oldest Newspaper in the World goes Web Only

By Steven Lane, published on Feb 8, 2007

Olav's dog "Swen" has been burning a trail back and forth from driveway to front door and he still can't find the paper. He can't find it because it just isn't there. No pickled herring treat for "Swen" today, or for that matter, any other day. According to an Associated Press report on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007, Sweden's newspaper, Post-och Inrikes Tidningar, will no longer be available in print but can be found on the Web. "The "Post-och" is recognized as the world's oldest paper still in circulation", says, Karl Ritter of The Associated Press. The paper was founded by Sweden's Queen Kristina... (more)

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Jack Daniels and Tennessee Williams

By Steven Lane, published on Feb 4, 2007

This is a short story in subject and substance. There just isn't that much to tell and it would only be common fodder or grist for the Tabloids, if it wasn't a totally true story. Let me begin by saying, that I do not suffer from any homophobic thoughts or beliefs. I have spent a good portion of my life working in the entertainment field, a field that "naturally" exposes one to a multitude of diversified sexual mores and beliefs. Simply put, what consenting adults choose to do in their personal lives simply is none of my business. I try to apply this philosophy to all things sexual, religious... (more)

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In 1953, She was the most famous woman in the world

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 28, 2007

Seconds after I rang the bell, Ramon Lence, the owner of a small theater chain in Los Angeles, quickly ushered me into his Marina del Rey apartment, his red satin robe flowing behind him like the train of a gown. “Come in, come in, sit down, this is so exciting.” I took a seat on a chair across from him, as he settled in on the couch somewhat like a Persian cat might. He put both of his hands on his knees and looked to the ceiling as though there was an expectation of communication with the almighty. Then, after a heavy sigh, Ramon glanced down at his hands for a moment before looking... (more)

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The College Journalism Professor and Citizen Newspapers

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 25, 2007

Professor Al Miller has taught Journalism, Screenwriting and Voice and Diction at Moorpark College, in Ventura County, for some 35 years. In the mid 60’s, his radio resume included stints as director of news operation and news editor for WILL-am and WIL-FM in Illinois and he also held positions as a newscaster at WGK Atlanta. He was a participant throughout the beginnings of cable broadcast and video, as we know it today, and also as we experienced it in the past. He is the holder of two A.B. (Artium Baccalaureus) degrees from the University of North Carolina. The first was earned... (more)

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letter to the editor; Re: AUSTRALIAN MEAT PIE Vs HOT DOG

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 12, 2007

Dear Editor, I am a strong believer in the First Amendment right which guarantees all individuals "freedom of speech". It is one of the basic tenets of which this country was birthed. However, there must be a point where responsible people draw a line in the sand. To say I am disappointed in the editorial staff of this newspaper would be a massive understatement, at the very least! I have emailed your circulation department a request, on my behalf, for an immediate refund in full for any remaining time left on my subscription. There will be no more "BrooWaha" with this readers morning coffee... (more)

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Children of Men

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 8, 2007

I am sure many will find this a difficult film to watch. I liken it to a horror film, sans werewolves or vampires, it's a story of the future (2027) in which our entire world is in chaos. A world where mankind has lost it's ability to procreate and the youngest person in the world was just murdered at the ripe age of 18 years old. London, England is the backdrop for the racist nationalistic Government's attempt to ethnically cleanse England of any "outside influences". Toss in the arrival of the first pregnant woman in almost two decades and we become witnesses to a classic cinematic struggle... (more)

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The Train Man of Ventura, California

By Steven Lane, published on Jan 4, 2007

Tom Cruise had his Rainman, the City of Ventura has it's own very distinct Train Man. Jerry Drapeau was born in Ventura, California in 1929. He has woken every day of his seventy-seven years in a house or an apartment in that fair city, that lays sandwiched, between Calabasas and Santa Barbara. Jerry has witnessed the population of Ventura explode from about 11,000 souls in 1930, to the over 104,000 reported in 2005. From the bawdy oilfield days of the past to the yuppified air of today, he is a living chronicle of all things past. Jerry told me his dad was in the Saving and Loan business beginning... (more)

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California's New and Improved Minimum Wage

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 30, 2006

On the first of January, the state of California will raise its minimum wage. Moving on up from $6.75 an hour, sixty minutes of your time will now earn you a minimum of $7.50 per. That's a 11.1% increase, as California offers up the highest wages in the nation. I wondered how people would be impacted by the mandated largess by our elected officials. I set out to seek wisdom.

First, I discussed it with a friend who is a co-owner of a small chain of seven very busy pizzerias in Ventura County. I asked, "Well, my friend, how will you and your company handle this increased cost? Will you... (more)

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Blood Diamond

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 26, 2006

This isn't a good film, this is a great film. When you drop your bum into that theater seat, you had better buckle up because you are about go on a visual ride of the likes you will never find at any amusement park. The film is first a story of mans values, or lack of them. Blood diamonds or Conflict diamonds, call them what you wish. Diamonds mined at the expense of human lives and misery. A good story that seems to scream the word "reality". You can be assured that no representative of the diamond cartel, De Beers is likely to be quoted, "Yes, this film accurately portrays the way we do business,... (more)

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The Brouhaha over Citizen Newspapers revealed

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 23, 2006

On Wednesday, December 20th The Los Angeles Times ran an article on the "new wave of citizen newspapers". The primary focus of the piece, written by Times writer, Mayrav Saar, was none other than this writers favorite online news site. That's right, we are talking BrooWaHa here. We get to know Ariel Vardi, founder and editor of this site. We even meet his beautiful girlfriend and their unnamed, but well photographed, pooch. There is discussion and revelations as to the whys and the hows Ariel started on this path. All interesting stuff. But, well, golly gee, it might just be me, but the first... (more)

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