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How to Start & Manage Your Office in Budget

By Sophia Jones, published on Feb 8, 2018

The decision to start an office can be one of the most complex decisions that you will have to make. Here’s a complete guide that can help you through the process in office setup:

Budget For An Office

The most important task to ensure the success of an office setup is to start a budget and add up things which will make your office look professional. Unless you have enough supply of money.

Make a simple spreadsheet that details each one of the sections I have listed below that will help you calculate the total cost of starting your office. You can also have your office... (more)

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11 Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

By Sophia Jones, published on Apr 14, 2017

No matter whether you live alone or feed the whole family, food is something which always costs you a lot. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the third largest household expense in the world.

Another study of the USDA told that if you are a family of four people, the monthly average costs around $568 and if you are the kind of family who has high budget then it exceeds to $1,293.

There are ways which help you saving money on food shopping, you can save about 25%. In short, you can save from $1,700 to $3,900 by following the below money saving food shopping... (more)

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Some Signs Showing Stress Hormone Getting Affected

By Sophia Jones, published on Feb 20, 2017

From wanting to fit perfectly in THAT dress to just wanting to get done and over with THOSE deadlines, we’re so overwhelmed with the stress we’re living in that we often fail to realize it.

Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone. It’s important because it helps your body to meet excessive demands of energy by breaking down proteins and also counteracts inflammation. Too much of it is bad, because it breaks down your body too in that scenario. It’s an essential you can’t live without, but too much of is bad for you. So how do you know if you’re cortisol levels are off the charts and that... (more)

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You can certainly lose weight this way!

By Sophia Jones, published on Feb 9, 2017

You generally hear that you should drink a lot of water every day so that you don't get dehydrated. You may not know about it but the foods you eat daily also have fluids in them. However, were you aware of the fact that the fluid your body takes in can add to your weight? Water weight usually causes bloating because of too much salt present in your body. Your kidneys have a role to play over here, occasionally, when you eat a little more salt than usual your kidneys hold on to on to extra water from whatever you eat or drink. This is done in order to dilute the salt so that it may balance... (more)


Share everything about your health

By Sophia Jones, published on Feb 2, 2017

Back in the days when technology wasn’t around; medical and health records were nothing less than an ocean of papers - difficult to contain and even harder to filter for comparative analysis. Not to mention, they were even difficult to share across a number of channels – doctors to pharmacies, and doctors to other healthcare providers in different healthcare systems for that matter.

However, the amalgamation of the growing healthcare industry with information technology has made it possible to store medical information in the form of health records on a digital database accessible to... (more)

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Technological Advances Taking Healthcare To A New Level

By Sophia Jones, published on Jan 30, 2017

Healthcare in the recent years has seen a plethora of technological advances making it more accessible, efficient and affordable to a large majority of the population. Further developments in the field of medical technology will make the diagnosis; prevention and treatment of many conditions a dream come true and provide respite to many sufferers.

The society is being benefitted with the use of remote biometric monitoring devices which include:

·Invention of wearable gadgets and mobile phone apps for delivering real-time motivational messages, behavioral coaching and support... (more)

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Watch out for that Bed-bugs

By Sophia Jones, published on Jan 24, 2017

Are you observing bed bugs in your surrounding? There is no doubt anymore that bed bugs are everywhere. If you think that bed begs only settle in scamper cities like New York City then that’s not true: even the less traveled places in the US are infested with them. Bugs are not only found in your homes they might be sneaking in hotels, public transportation, changing rooms of retail stores, medical facilities, in movie theaters under the seats and anywhere they can find human blood to feed on. Even if there are no human victims at present these bugs can live without feeding for a couple... (more)


How Not To Dress To Impress On A First Date

By Sophia Jones, published on Sep 19, 2016

There’s an old proverb that goes like ‘first impressions are the last impressions.’ And this hold true or a number of situations like job interviews and first dates. Moving away from jobs and sticking to first dates, here’s a list of mistakes to avoid with your choice of clothes for the first date. Don’t do these, and you’ll pretty much land a good starting impression for him to call you up the next morning and take you out on another night.

Too tight, too uncomfortable

You’re probably feeling nervous on the first date anyway, why would you want to make yourself feel even more... (more)

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Information About Nutrition In An Emergency Situation

By Sophia Jones, published on Jun 23, 2016

In our everyday lives we give much thought to preparing healthy, nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. The planning of nutritious but delicious meals is in the aim of every good home maker. But have you ever paused to think about the importance of meals in a time of crisis? What if a disaster strikes? An earthquake or an environmental disaster? What then? Assuming such a situation takes place all your attention would be focused on survival and making it through the situation not preparing meals.

Since no one can predict when such a disaster might take place it makes... (more)

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