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Your Life, Your Choice

By Shari G, published on Nov 2, 2011

I'm sitting at home watching mindless television and I can't seem to get these thoughts out of my head so I just decided to start writing. Sometimes I want to shake people and just get the world to understand that so much of our lives is in OUR control. That living a life of joy and happiness comes from YOUR soul. From YOUR heart. From YOUR choices. Nobody is just naturally happy or joyful. Like anything else, it takes work. Yes, life will absolutely throw you curveballs and life will absolutely make you question things some days but at the end of the day, your life is a gift and if... (more)

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When To Let Go

By Shari G, published on Oct 19, 2011

Dear Shari...

My sister is 21 and dependent on her mother for everything. Her mother and my father have voiced their thoughts on her and hoped that I could get through to her. It backfired and she told me to "back off" and that she "doesn't want motherly advice from me". I want to just let her be and sit back and watch her hit "rock bottom" but something in my gut tells me not to back off till she cuts me off. HELP!!!!!

--Sisterly Love

Dear Sisterly Love,

Its hard to watch anyone you know hit rock bottom. My experience has been that you can try and try to... (more)

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The Voice

By Shari G, published on Oct 5, 2011

Have you noticed that no matter what you do in life, there has been one constant nagging voice in your head that always shows up at certain times in your life? It’s the same voice that has been with you since you were a child. You know, the one that dreamt your dream for the first time. The one that if you had no obstacles, you’d drop everything to do it. I know you know what I mean. That voice keeps coming back because that voice wants to stop being ignored. That voice is your spirit that wants to express itself and until you truly let your spirit do the walking in your life, you will continue... (more)

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Delusions of Grandeur

By Shari G, published on Sep 28, 2011

I recently sat down with a friend whom I respect greatly, and as in a lot of conversations with my friends, it always leads to teasing me about my “sunshine and rainbows” attitude towards life. After he got the “jokes” out of the way, he mentioned to me how he respects what I post on Facebook , however, believes that I give people the wrong impression. He went on to say that he believes that by telling people to recognize their own greatness and perfection, that I am encouraging people to “be lazy” and to not do any self analysis or self-work. More specifically, “your posts reinforce lazy... (more)

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Lonely Vs Alone

By Shari G, published on Sep 24, 2011

Dear Shari...

If I'm unhappy in my relationship, why do I feel more miserable over the prospect of ending it?

--Unhappily Committed

Dear Unhappily Committed,

The same reason most people stay in relationships longer than they should. They are afraid to be alone. It's very likely that you feel that you might not find another relationship or honestly, even that you're worthy of having a good one. If perhaps you felt more self-worth, you would not only know that you are deserving of being happy, but you'd also realize that being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely.... (more)


Poor Me, Poor Me!

By Shari G, published on Sep 21, 2011

My parents divorced when I was 2. I was sexually abused at 7. I had a tumultuous relationship with my sister growing up. I was a fat kid who got made fun of. I have had several knee surgeries and constantly have issues. I don't have a lot of money. I've been working at my career forever. I never get the acting roles I want. I got cheated on by my ex-fiance. I was single for over 15 years. I was in several unhealthy relationships. I had weight loss surgery and almost died due to complications. I've lost hair.

And...................................... ???! We ALL have... (more)

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Sisterly Love

By Shari G, published on Sep 16, 2011

Dear Shari...

I’m having a hard time keeping the relationship I have with my sister together. She used to be so funny, kind-hearted and happy, and my absolute best friend in the whole world. In the last five years she’s turned in to an extremely negative person who is hard to be around. She did go through a rough patch in her life, and I thought if I was supportive and understanding she’d come around. A few years have passed since then, and I’ve drawn the conclusion that she simply doesn’t want to do the work it takes to be happy. I’ve tried being patient, talking to her calmly, giving... (more)

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You'll Never Know...

By Shari G, published on Sep 14, 2011

(Please forgive the repost of a former article as I've been on vacation. Hope you enjoy it the second time around.)

You’ll never know how something so simple as your smile can influence or change someone’s life. You’ll never know, until you’re told. I was and now I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve never been one to hold back a smile. It’s just always been a part of who I am. My mom always had one plastered on her face and its probably where I learned it from. I never TRULY knew how a smile can really change someone’s attitude until I started working in the restaurant industry... (more)

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A Life of Pain?

By Shari G, published on Sep 10, 2011

Dear Shari...

I met an amazing person about 5 years ago. I cannot believe how lucky that I have been, but since last November we fell in love with each other. Since then we have had a truly wonderful time, I have never known such a person as her, she is sooo different from anyone that I have ever known and I am sure that I will never meet another person like her, nor do I want to. The issue: she is married. I can see why she was subconsciously looking for a new love, as he isn't a good person for her. I can also see how much she has changed in the past 9 months, she is much... (more)

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The Fear of Fear

By Shari G, published on Sep 7, 2011

“How am I going to pay my rent this month?” “I hope my car doesn’t break down!” “I wonder if I’m ever going to find my soul mate?” “I wonder if I’m always going to be alone?” “Will I ever be rich?”

Does any of this sound familiar? I know some of it sounds all too familiar to me. It’s called worry. It’s that single thing that can keep you from sleep, from moving forward in your life, that can make you physically ill and/or even kill you, can make you miserable to be around, and can basically keep you from truly living. It’s also that single thing, that over ninety percent of the time,... (more)

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