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Declining Social Skills in the Corporate World

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 20, 2013

I’m guessing it was around 2008, when the financial meltdown crushed many corporations that a subtle shift in social skills exhibited in the workplace began to take place. When the survivors were tasked with “doing more with less,” to an intolerable degree, the little courtesies, the “nice to have’s” as they are termed, were the first to be sacrificed.

I made the exit from corporate life for saner pastures during the meltdown. When I returned to the corporation, intermittently, as a consultant in the post-meltdown, bailout-strapped stage, I began see these changes in behaviour. My observations... (more)

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Dating Game for Wannabe Skilled Immigrants

By Shane Joseph, published on Jan 5, 2013

When I read the recent headline in our national newspaper announcing that Canada was opening a website where prospective employers and skilled foreign workers could date each other, one side of me was heartened and the other side petrified.

I was heartened, because when I came to this country a quarter century ago under the category of “skilled worker,” lured by the first world, “Brand Canada” lifestyle that was on tap, there were no such dating sites. All the Canadian High Commission in my native homeland had to work from was an outdated, typed list of required skills, among them, Undertaker... (more)

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Lessons on Social Media From Two Guys on the Subway

By Shane Joseph, published on Dec 9, 2012

I overheard these two guys, Jim and Sam, talking on the subway.Jim: You’ve been on this social media kick for some time now. Is it working for you?Sam: Sure is, man. I’d be resenting talking to you right now if my iPad was getting a signal in this tunnel.Jim: I know, “Google it,” has killed asking a question and starting a conversation. The woman I last dated couldn’t keep her hands off her Blackberry. I finally got up and left midway during dinner and she didn’t even look up from her Facebook chat.Sam: That FB thing is a bit overrated, especially if you are trying to sell something. It’s like... (more)

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Surrendering Talents

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 22, 2012

I had a dream. An old man was dropping objects from a bag into a lake. I seemed to be able to read his mind. The first items to go in the water were a cricket bat and a ball; they eddied and floated away. “Goodbye little friends, and thank you for the joy you once gave me. My limbs are too stiff for you now.” A theatrical mask followed. I recognized it from when I played El Gallo in amateur theatre, years ago during my youth. “And my voice cannot hold that tenor anymore,” the old man said. “But it was a happy time. Thank you.”

I walked closer and there was an odd familiarity to this... (more)

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Just-in-time Trudeau

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 9, 2012

I was elated when young Justin took the podium recently and announced his candidacy for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. At last, new hope, a new face, and no baggage other than for a marquee name (with perhaps some old baggage). Now, let the young people try to make some sense of this mess that we Yuppies have created with our overflowing greed; as we stagger into our golden years, we can’t figure it out anymore, worried about diminishing pensions and healthcare, and wondering why we extended our lives so long but imperiled those very anchors that allow us to age gracefully.

Justin’s... (more)

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How to write the next literary novel

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 20, 2012

A fellow writer asked me what it would take to write the next literary novel. I searched through my notes, gathered after wondering for many years in literary wastelands, and came up with these Ten Commandments (caveat emptor: I take no responsibility for the success or failure of your novel):

1) Do away with plot. Plots are superfluous and distract from the language.

2) Create metaphors within metaphors within metaphors…

3) Deliberately obfuscate the flow of the narrative. Forget about beginnings, middles, and ends. Start at the end and go to the beginning. Or better... (more)

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Adventures of a wannabe writer

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 3, 2012

Jack had always wanted to be a writer, ever since he was a little boy and had read the children’s illustrated version of Moby Dick. When his fifty-something friends— many laid off in the last recession—took time out to write their novels, Jack did not want to be left behind. Besides, his back was hurting from playing golf on weekends and he needed a more sedentary pursuit

First, he was told that he needed a writing credential, an MFA or something. So he enrolled and went out for a three-week retreat with other writers, where he got drunk, swapped stories and slept with some of his fellow... (more)

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Dickens vs. Camelot

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 20, 2012

It saddened me to see top tennis players hit thirty and then retire at the US Open this year, their bodies giving way, their spirits no longer in the game, worn out and tired – at thirty! Like gladiators of old, albeit richer.

I wondered whether this is a harbinger for the world of work as well where super-productivity is the driver. The rhetoric seems to indicate otherwise: “seniors are returning to work,” “older workers are prized,” “more people are working beyond retirement age,” say the newspapers and magazines. The basis for these stories is that the boomer bulge is drying up and... (more)

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Revision – Author’s friend or foe?

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 31, 2012

Have you ever received a manuscript back from an agent or publisher saying, “We like this, BUT…” followed by a list of things that don’t work and need fixing? Do you feel as if they are talking about your children? “Your son is a nice lad, except that he has too much sex in him and he’s too violent and he can’t romance a girl to save his soul, and he comes across as an unsympathetic person…” The list goes on. What did I do wrong in raising these kids?

After the initial Shock, Anger, Denial and Sadness routine—and these are all important for you can’t short circuit the cycle of change,... (more)

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There will be no professional writers in future

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 10, 2012

“There will be no more professional writers in future” – read the headline of the arts section of one of our national newspapers last week, waking me up to my own dire predictions of the last few months, reminding me that I am not the only one having these nightmares. Change is coming, no matter how much we bury our heads in our ink and hope that it goes away.

The article went on to throw out some scary phrases—feudal economics of the 21st century (with Amazon and Huffington playing landlord to us poor hacks who are being relegated to serfs), 10 cents per 1000 reader clicks, and more... (more)

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