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The rising standard of self-publishing

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 6, 2014

When the latest wave of self-publishing, assisted by print-on-demand technology, hit the streets at the dawn of the new millennium, it was quickly dismissed as low-grade soap opera. Established publishing houses shivered lest they fall victim to this new assault on their bastion. All sorts of labels were thrown at the new entrants: “vanity publishing,” “lacking in editorial integrity,” “selling to friends and relatives.” It was dismissed as a fad that would pass.

But this wave of self-publishing continued to grow and evolve. The sheer volume of books coming through the channel was daunting;... (more)

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Quantity vs. Quality in Writing

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 7, 2014

I received editorial feedback that two of my linked short stories would be better if combined and extended into a novel. Taking that feedback to heart, I began cranking out an average of ten pages a day over three weeks. And yes, the plot line was still intact, with plenty of room now for character development, sub-plot introduction, scene setting, musing, poetry, and other embellishments. But the pace flagged in places. How does one keep it up? In dismay, I wondered whether the original linked stories had better quality: short, sweet, and hitting the reader squarely between the eyes, leaving... (more)

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Your writer’s story – different to the one you imagined

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 25, 2014

Our times are generating many more writers than demand can bear. This is due to better education, improved health and longevity, technology, inflated egos in the age of “me first,” and due to our eternal quest for immortality. This ambition to be a writer begins in our formative years and is inspired by our favourite writers. As a teenager, I was greatly influenced by Greene, Steinbeck and Hemingway; I dreamed of sending manuscripts out into the world where they would become best-sellers and make me a reclusive millionaire. I would hide out in some remote island and submit more manuscripts... (more)

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The Drug Novel – a new sub-genre in fiction

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 27, 2014

I’m wondering if the time has come for us to classify the drug novel as a distinct sub-genre in fiction. In the absence of global wars (wars have gone local or regional these days) and other universal grist mills of human conflict, it seems that drug dependency has become a prevalent theme in our times, a state of being that many can identify with. All the ingredients for a gripping novel are here: premise, weapon...err...drug, hero, villain, and setting.

The Premise - The scientific-minded rationalize that we are made up of chemicals, and that sometimes we go out of balance, so we need... (more)

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Succession Planning for the Next Generation

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 10, 2014

I have written previously about the Echo Boomers (EB) and their challenges in our globalized, me-first, dog-eat-dog world. In my writing, I have castigated my generation, the Boomers, for insulating our offspring from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune through bailouts and inheritances. I have accused the EBs of hiding inside parental cocoons that have long passed their expiry dates. What I have failed to do, is ask the question whether the EBs even want to play a role in this world that we have created, or whether they have been pushed far enough to want to create their own from the... (more)

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A letter to a politician on the eve of the Ontario election

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 16, 2014

Dear Premier Candidate,

You are asking me for my vote. I am a jaded voter, one who once took pride in my regular visits to the ballot box during federal, provincial and municipal elections. One who used to push friends and family to exercise their right and vote, one who gave his employees time-off to go to the polling booth. I understood the importance of the democratic vote because I previously lived in countries where it was denied for a number of bogus reasons. But now I am jaded. Why? Let me tell you why…

But first, promise me that you will not act like Mike the golfer, who... (more)

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Maybe we need a third level of government

By Shane Joseph, published on May 28, 2014

Every time I listen to the radio and hear the announcement “gas prices at the pump are expected to go up by 5 cents a litre tonight,” I wonder if the oil companies are signalling each other to raise prices. How is it that when crude prices drop, prices at the pump often go in the reverse direction? How come all the refineries decide to do their maintenance at the same time and take dollops of capacity off the market to drive up prices? Higher pay for no work works here! How come the price controls that once existed for oil and gas and gave us some stability, have now been removed, and this... (more)

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The Selfie is another form of Narcissism

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 22, 2014

I got into an argument the other day when I made the bold statement that “selfie takers are modern-day narcissists.” I couldn’t understand why a person would take so many pictures of themselves, sometimes in the most unglamorous of states, and put them up on social media for all to see.

The barrage of protests that I got had a common thread. The protestors could not understand why it was so bad to indulge in this practice. Some did not know the meaning of the word “narcissism.” “Everybody is doing it, so why not I?” was a common protest; my counter, “And if everyone is jumping off a... (more)

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Whose invasion is just?

By Shane Joseph, published on Mar 30, 2014

There is brouhaha in the media these days about the Russian invasion of the Crimea and the subsequent referendum in that territory. Western governments call the invasion unjust, and the subsequent referendum invalid; Putin is labelled a blackguard - a throwback to Hitler, they say. By whose standards are these incursions into sovereign territories judged? By whose standards are referendums that are put together with obscure questions that deliver confused answers considered just?

I’m going to flip the coin to other “invasions”; Iraq by the USA and its allies on the hunt for mythical... (more)

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Flipping the Switch, or the Coin?

By Shane Joseph, published on Mar 6, 2014

Once upon a time, I lived in a country that was emerging from socialism into capitalism. Locals were highly educated and poorly paid, essential goods were rationed, industry was inefficient, bureaucracy bloated, tourists were awarded a higher rate of exchange, and the black market outperformed the official one.

Times in the old country were historical and hysterical: bullock carts, traffic-less streets, antique vehicles belching noxious black fumes, shared food, material envy, assistance from friends and relatives living abroad who gave a few scraps and achieved hero status.

Then... (more)

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