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Who is reading our blog posts?

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 16, 2015

My work is syndicated on a few blog sites;, and on those that provide statistics of readership, it’s great to see the number of “reads” soar from time to time when an article catches the zeitgeist.

I tried to analyze these numbers and soon discovered that except in a few cases, where a geographic breakdown is provided as to where these reads are coming from, all you get is a flat number of reads per article. Since these sites are also heavily into banner advertizing to earn their income, one never knows whether the reader is reading your article or the banner ad, especially when there... (more)

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I guess we need to talk about the refugees at some point

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 2, 2015

With Europe being flooded by refugees, and other wealthy countries like the US and Canada hemming and hawing about whether they should take in the displaced ones, and if so, in what numbers, one wonders how this all came to pass. I have some theories and recommendations, but these are mine alone.

Once upon a time, Western Europe was geographically insulated from the hungry hordes in the Third World by the Iron Curtain countries and by a string of dictators in the Middle East and North Africa. And of course North America had the vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as buffers, and the US... (more)

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Obama and the Pope are leading the way to a new epoch

By Shane Joseph, published on Sep 9, 2015

What an odd combination: a lame-duck president in his last year and a soon-to-be-octogenarian with a weak lung taking on Big Business capitalists at home and abroad. There are many scorecards out there that measure these two leaders’ progress over their terms in office but let’s distill them down to a Top Five accomplishments list each.

Let’s see, Obama has done the following:

a) Restored America to its economic powerhouse status from the Bush legacy of a collapsed economy in 2008.

b) Provided Healthcare to those without it in the richest nation on earth.

c) Ended... (more)

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CEO Pay - a board-made monster

By Shane Joseph, published on Aug 17, 2015

Much has been touted about the runaway compensation of the Chief Executive Officer. But haven’t we created this monster ourselves, by placing more power in the head—or the figurehead—than what is required?

The Corporation, and by extension the CEO, is governed by a board of directors, but in recent years this august body has tended to abdicate responsibility by delegating it all to their “man” or “woman” in the hot seat, bribing the CEO with ludicrous perks, while pocketing fat cheques themselves for only showing up at obligatory meetings and nodding contentedly at their chosen one’s... (more)

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The Artist's Career Progression

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 26, 2015

There is a progression in a successful artist’s career. First, the toil (of several years, sometimes) in the trenches to reach base camp, then the beginning of the climb up the mountain of fame, then reaching a point on the gradient where a magic elevator suddenly appears and creates a tipping point that starts to hurtle the artist to the pinnacle with no further effort required on his part. Finally, a period of success-building-upon-success, of walking on clouds, until disability or death intervenes to close that chapter. The last period is the posthumous one, when the artist’s work in enshrined... (more)

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Does the Corporation own our personal life?

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 8, 2015

There was a time when bosses used to say to employees who were having a hard day at work, “Don’t bring your personal life to the office,” or “I don’t want to know about your personal life, get on with the job I’m paying you to do.” That message has changed over the years, and now reads, “Get on with the job of doing more with less, and also lead the life I expect of you.”

Somewhere at the end of the last century, employers realized that they needed to embrace the whole person at work, that the private life of an individual influenced his professional life and vice versa, and that they... (more)

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Our Contributions to Literature

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 12, 2015

When I think about all the hours that I have put into writing, all the novels and stories published, and an equal amount unpublished and probably never to see the light of day, I wonder whether it has made one dint of difference to the oceans of literature that surround us and keep increasing exponentially every day.

Let’s face it, we all circle around universal plots, which Wikipedia describes in the following article: The Seven Basic Plots

And we keep re-hashing the same plot, albeit from our experience, in our voice, hoping that it has enough novelty to stick out from the rest.... (more)

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Manuscript Auctions are anti-literature

By Shane Joseph, published on May 20, 2015

As publishers narrow the number of titles they select to put their promotional dollars behind, there is a disturbing phenomenon that is distorting the allocations of funds in book marketing, and consequently, influencing what we read. Let’s talk about the manuscript auction.

Typically literary agents resort to an auction if more than one publisher is interested in a particular manuscript. This front-end loading process can get hot and expensive (the price tags are now in the $millions for the most prized books) if the participating publishers get into a bidding war that is fuelled by... (more)

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Peru Revisited

By Shane Joseph, published on May 6, 2015

I wrote a novel in 2007 based on a trip I took to Peru in 2002. The country had intrigued me; emerging from a revolution that had recently ended and that still showed traces in bombed-out buildings, the underlying vein of poverty that intruded despite the bright colours of the clothes and ponchos worn by locals, the daunting heights of the Andes and the threat of altitude sickness that lurked with every painful step along the rugged Inca trail, and the magnificent ruin that awaited us at the end of the road: Machu Picchu. There were unpleasant sights too: favelas that encroached on historic... (more)

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Beyond the Hype

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 13, 2015

“Sell yourself or die,” is the mantra in these times. Whether it be for a new job, or to merely survive in your existing one, or when promoting one’s latest book or new product, running for election, finding a partner, getting noticed amidst the myriad of media distractions; even the dead have coffin styles from “pauper” to “well heeled” for their final self-promotional ride in a hearse to the graveyard.

When I grew up in the Third World, as it was then called (not any more – the Asian Tigers are now calling for their spots at the table of global heavyweights), we were trained not to... (more)

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