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Changing Publishing Models

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 1, 2011

I’ve begun to see the “small publisher” (SP) value proposition diminish. In cutting back on editing and marketing support, in losing ground to technology that makes it possible to go direct from author to reader today (i.e. e-books), in having no better alternative to online distribution offered by the likes of Amazon, and in still sticking to an outdated compensation model that pays an author only 10% in royalties despite its diminishing contribution, the small publishing house has to go the way of the dodo. Sure, some arts subsidies may hold SP aloft for awhile, but shrinking government support... (more)

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Can a Government run like a Corporation?

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 29, 2011

The global shift to the right has resulted in governments of countries trying to run themselves like corporations; Dubai and Singapore are examples that come to mind. Privatization, less government, less taxes, and less social benefits are in fashion. And yet some governments are on the verge of bankruptcy, if not broke already. Is this due to the cause of “more government” or the effect of “less government”? Let’s look at these two entities a bit closer…

A corporation is organized to run an economic activity that provides a return to its shareholders. Beyond this important but narrow... (more)

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The Burden of the Echo Boomers

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 27, 2011

They bear many names: Echo Boomers, Millennials, Gen Y, Boomerang Generation, Trophy Kids—our kids—born circa 1980-2000. They have been characterized as left-leaning team-workers (counterbalancing their parental neoliberal inheritance), technologically adept multi-taskers, cultural liberals, and social conservatives with high aspirations towards work and career. They are also classified as possessing delayed maturity for taking longer to leave the nest.

And they face the highest youth unemployment in the workplace in decades and low entry level wages that force them back into the nest... (more)

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Caught between Fear and Greed

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 25, 2011

It seems that fear and greed have taken firm hold of the world. Aided by instant communications that keep us up-to-the minute on everyone else’s fear and greed, we are able to spread this contagion everywhere. In good times, we want more: greed (or in stock market parlance “buy, buy, buy, borrow and buy some more”), in bad times we want to hang on to what we have: fear (or in stock market lingo, “sell, sell, sell, bail me out and sell more”). The Herd mentality takes over. I thought that bulls moved in droves and bears in litters but their owners seem to move in herds.

Now we are heading... (more)

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Is the e-book going to stall without standards?

By Shane Joseph, published on Oct 24, 2011

Let’s see, a hard cover is a hard cover no matter which bookstore you buy it from, and a trade paperback is the same. But an e-book? At the technology end, there are formats as diverse as Kindles and .epubs and PDFs and PDPs. On the distribution side, separate distribution agreements are required for Nook, Apple and B&N, and of course Amazon is an enclave unto itself. On the device end, e-readers have already ceded to tablets and the innovation of non-glitter screens are losing out to the old laptop-style back-lit screen variety

How does one find an e-book that is readable on any... (more)

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