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Caught Up!

By Scented_Roses, published on Sep 28, 2009

So their is this girl and she met this guy online on one of those dating sites... They became good friends and decided they were going to meet. The guy called the girl up one day and told her some shocking news that he was married and the girl was like ok we can just be friends. The guy doesn't live in the same state as the girl and she figured they'd never meet. Time went on and they grew closer and closer talking on the phone everyday. Well guess what....They finally met and he came down to where she lived and stayed the weekend with her. They had a blast it was like they had knew each other... (more)

Tags: relationships, online dating, relationship dvice

Love Or Let Go

By Scented_Roses, published on Feb 16, 2009

I have been talking with this young lady that has been in a relationship with this man for five years. She is 22 and he is 25 their is a child involved that is 5 years of age but the guy is not the father. The biological father died when the child was 1 years of age. This woman is head over heels in love with this man and wants to be with him forever. They recently have been separated for 6 months but have been getting back together off and on. The guy continues to cheat and be with other women that aren't about anything and on welfare. The first lady however is doing well for herself. She... (more)

Tags: love, relationships, move on, separation, heart break

The Life Of One Who Doesn't Know How To Live!

By Scented_Roses, published on Jan 8, 2008

I ran into a girl who was no more than 21 years of age and I took a liking to her because she was an interesting person. Who would have known that her life was an unforgiving battle of things she couldn't change and heart aches she couldn't let go. Growing up she told me that she had a hard life and throughout it struggled trying to find herself and all at the same time when she thought she discovered herself she hadn't. There was no one available to guide her in the right direction and she didn't have anyone to look up to who she could model her life after seeing how her family was uneducated... (more)


What's going on with T.I.

By Scented_Roses, published on Oct 26, 2007

Well, It looks like Clifford Harris is still in jail. I wrote him a letter to see if he would respond for further updates and I am still waiting for him to respond. I feel that this isn't going to go away. I see this case as being long and hurting a lot of fans and family members in the process. It's going to take a damn good lawyer and a lot of faith to get him out of this slump. I have been checking the news to see any updates and there aren't any to my knowledge. I guess the judge is still deliberating on the proposal. Hopefully this misfortune will soon be a thing of the past. Anyways... (more)


Free The King of the South!

By Scented_Roses, published on Oct 23, 2007

As many of you already the know they got the king in the pen over alleged gun charges. T.I. was denied bail and is now sitting behind bars until his upcomming court date which will decide if he will receive a bond. Why is this happening? T.I. is not a flight risk and I seriouslsy doubt he will flee the country. This aspiring rapper needs to be free so that he can continue to make an impact on the community and help others. I have to say he was set up and its not fair to continue to look at a persons past and judge them for their future. He is not a killer. He is a citizen like everyone else... (more)


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