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All I Want for Christmas is my Holiday Spirit!

By sanjanakumar, published on Dec 14, 2009

This year my holiday spirit is definitely not up to par. I don’t know if my lack of enthusiasm can be attributed to the economy this past year or if I am suffering from holiday blues. I have tried to get myself into the holiday spirit in a number of different ways. I have watched my favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story, at least 5 times since Thanksgiving. I have been drinking lots of hot cocoa and eggnog (with Bailey’s, so surely the alcohol would have bolstered my spirits) and while doing my holiday shopping, my ears have perked up hearing the Little Drummer Boy playing in the stores... (more)


Right-sizing My Social Networks

By sanjanakumar, published on May 25, 2009

About a week ago I was at an event that we had held for our customers where we were discussing new technology that we will be releasing in the near future. During lunch, the topic at my table was social networking sites. One of my customers suggested that we create a group on Facebook. I then turned to him and said oh, you are on facebook? (being entrenched in technology, I am not sure why I was surprised). We mentioned something about linking to each other and then the topic turned to the fact that you need to be careful who you link to and what you post on your wall, etc. Someone... (more)

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Are NYC Women Jaded?

By sanjanakumar, published on Jan 17, 2009

I have heard too many stories from my girlfriends and have been exposed to some really incredulous behavior from the male species.Example #1. My friend met a guy at the local gym near our office. He was "unhappily" married at the time so they just became friends but there was definitely flirting going on. This continued for well over a year and during this time, the guy separated from his wife. Guy contacts lawyer and starts the divorce process. A year and some odd months later, guy informs my friend that he is officially divorced and he wants to move in with her. The entire relationship... (more)

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If 40 Is The New 30, Are Women The New Men?

By sanjanakumar, published on Oct 21, 2008

Over the past year or so I have noticed a significant shift in the way men and women are in personal relationships. It appears as though the men have become the female in the relationship. The men that my friends and I have met and developed personal relationships with over the past year or so have become the antithesis of what they were 10 years ago.

For example, last year St. Patick’s Day, my friends and I went out to the bars to celebrate the holiday. We happened to meet a few guys and ended up hanging out with them for the rest of the evening. One of my friends ended up going... (more)


The Art Of Condescension

By sanjanakumar, published on Oct 16, 2008

Last week I was in a meeting where the phrase Ivory Tower was used. While the phrase was used in a particular context, I have found another context in which the words Ivory Tower are applicable. I was catching up on The Big Bang Theory last night and there was an scene involving one of the characters of the show. The character I am referring to is Sheldon. He continuously makes comments that can only be described as condescending. On the tv show, Sheldon has intelligence far superior to genius and is socially inept. His myopic point of view doesn't enable him to realize when he is being condescending.... (more)


Snail Mail

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 20, 2008

Around Memorial Day my buddy Matt asked for my mailing address. I thought to myself, why the heck does he need my mailing address? He lives 10 blocks away from me and although he hadn't been to my apartment yet, he know the approximate address (in typical NYC fashion, he had my two cross streets) which gave him a general sense of my humble abode. I repeatedly questioned him as to why he needed my address but he chose to ignore my questions. A few days later I found out why he needed my address---he sent me a postcard from NC! About a week ago I received another postcard in the mail... (more)

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When Is A Text Message Cheaper Than A Phone Call?

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 15, 2008

Lately I have noticed that I have begun using text messaging as my primary form of communication with my friends. I will text message them prior to calling to see if they are available to actually speak on the phone. I prefer to text message as I feel this is slightly less invasive than the phone ringing and let's be honest, how many people actually check their voicemail and listen to the message?

I have a friend who we will call Maggie. Maggie really doesn't like to receive text messages. She will not engage in a text message conversation. She especially doesn't like to receive text... (more)


Taxi = Take Adventure Xpect Insults

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 12, 2008

I have been holding back all of my negative comments about public transportation but I cannot hold back any longer...

This past Saturday, I took a little adventure to Jersey.

Idecided to take a cab from my apt to the NY Waterways ( so I could catch the ferry to Weehawken Port Imperial. When Ilooked upthe address to the Pier it was just listed as W39th Street. But for some reason when I looked at it quickly, I thought it had said Pier 11. Well APPARENTLY that wasn't correct, so that earned me one bad strike against me from the cab driver. I IMMEdiately pulled... (more)

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Why I Don't Need A Man...

By sanjanakumar, published on Jul 11, 2008

So today I came home from work and heard my toilet running...clearly not a good sign.

I lift off the lid of the tank to see what exactly is going on in my toilet..because clearly I have graduated from Plumber's School... try flushing the handle a couple of times..nothing happens. Lift up the black round thing because that's usually what stops the water, right? nothing happens. Flush the handle again and notice that this other black rubber thing moves when I push down on the handle. Further investigate the black rubber looks very corroded (if thats possible... (more)


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