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The mistakes made in IELTS speaking

By Sandeep Kumar, published on Mar 7, 2018

Just warn yourself from making these common mistakes when it comes to IELTS speaking and improve your band score. 25% of the marks depend on how well you perform in writing and speaking section. By using appropriate grammar structures that are error free you can certainly aim for high band score.

The most common mistakes to be avoided are:

1.Silence: When some questions is put forward to you, you must never take more than 5 seconds to answer no matter you are gathering your thoughts to answer the same. Silences more than the said time always go down badly So when stuck, you must... (more)

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Tips to determining the actual cost of relocation service

By Sandeep Kumar, published on Jun 1, 2017

Are you planning to relocate yourself?

But are worried about the tasks and work that go along with it and tensed about the fees of packers and movers? Then take a back seat and relax as now you can determine actual cost of packers and movers with few easy tips:

Rates of movers and packers depend on various parameters like distance, volume of goods, experience, their credentials and the level of urgency of the user; so one specific answer is very difficult to table.

In fact there is no specific rate card but rates certainly vary as per the case. Here is how costs of movers... (more)

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Radon in Schools is Your Child Safe?

By Sandeep Kumar, published on Dec 29, 2015

Recently, a school district in Maryland has come under fire for not mitigating buildings that had tested high for radon gas. The district had originally done the test back in the 80’s but failed to take action in the buildings with radon levels over 4.0 pCi/L. Parents got word of the fact that their children’s school had the dangerously high levels and immediately summoned a school board meeting. This led to an investigation by local news channel and the ”radon scandal” was born. Twenty eight buildings in the district showed elevated radon concentrations. The public was outraged. The... (more)

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