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Hospitality Means Keeping the Coffee Ready

By S. Vaughan, published on Dec 30, 2013

Believe it or not this is the third attempt I have made at trying to write this article. Maybe it's because I am at a loss for words that clearly express my exquisite delight in the family and friends in my life. This is due in part to just returning from a friend' party. Being in her home is very comfortable for me. I get a kick (not literally) from playing with one of her dogs who has one brown eye and one blue one. At first I thought it was the lighting in the room or maybe the liquid in my cup. But nope, it was Bruno's eyes!

To me, taking time to share wonderful times with family... (more)

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Floats Like A Butterfly

By S. Vaughan, published on Jan 4, 2010

Butterflies can be found from Africa to Wales. There are about 28,000 various types of butterflies worldwide according to the site, Facts About Butterflies. They are soft, lightweight acrobatic flying insects that come in a wide array of colors and sizes. Its lifecycle consists of the egg, the larva, the pupa and the adult.

For example, the Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing of New Guinea has a wing span up to one foot! Whereas the Western Pygmy blue from North and South America has a wing span of only about one half inch.

One of the best ways to find what species of butterfly are in... (more)


Flying High? No Thanks

By S. Vaughan, published on Aug 14, 2008

Satisfaction in my opinion is being able to look at oneself in a positive manner when challenges present a mountainlike structure and learning how to handle them.

For instance, take my fear of heights. Several people I know enjoy mountain climbing. One is a lady that has climbed Mt. Everest. Another is a man that along with two of his friends takes to the northeast trails high up in the mountains and enjoys camping along the way.

Personally, I’m not so inclined to be up that high. I don’t even like being up in a plane. I get dizzy just watching clips of people looking over the... (more)

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In Memory Of Sammy...

By S. Vaughan, published on Feb 29, 2008

In memory of Sammy…

The year is 1929…vaudeville is hopping!!!! The Nineteenth Amendment had just been passed nine years before. World War I has ended. The ‘roaring twenties’ are coming to an end. But for one little boy from Harlem, New York, a new era was dawning in the entertainment world.

The curtains go up!!!! Little Sammy Davis, Jr. makes his debut. What a thrilling time!!! Little Sammy will go on to perform for more than five decades! In 1933 he played a part in the movie, Rufus Jones for President. He also was Sportin’ Life in the 1959 movie, Porgy & Bess. The... (more)

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Seeing Red Will Cost You Green

By S. Vaughan, published on Feb 12, 2008

Just my opinion: I was musing over the origin of Valentine’s Day. Why the heart? Why the red heart? Why the arrow piercing the red heart? Why will people spend about $17.02 billion dollars to participate in this day? So because research is one of my great passions, I decided to allow the trusty mister www to take me down a walk through memory lane.

Truly, the Internet is a vast source of material. Even though my original intent was to research the origin of Valentine’s Day, I ended up going a little further to read about the symbols of that day.

Is it really romantic... (more)


Skin Cancer Among People Of Color

By S. Vaughan, published on Jan 22, 2008

According to the National Cancer Institute the definition of skin cancer is: cancer that forms in tissues of the skin (skin has various layers).

There are several types of skin cancer. One of the more common ones is: Basal Cell Carcinoma.

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma? According to The Skin Cancer Foundation it is the most common form of cancer. It's estimated that approximately one million new cases will arise in just the U.S. alone. Lining the deepest layer of skin are basal cells. If these cells become cancerous, they are considered malignant tumors. This type of... (more)


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